Friday, February 24, 2017

Home Schooling Jami

I remember when I was starting school, computers and gadgets are out of way, my Mom would teach me the alphabets, ABAKADA, vowels, consonants. She thought me how to read and write at home while she was sewing some clothes. Though I didn't have all good memories while being taught at home, I owe everything to my Mom, brother and sisters. They taught me well, I just don't have the focus. See, I wasn't really good at school. I mean, So-so. :p

It's been a week since I started teaching Jami the alphabet. I want him to become familiar to the basics before he goes to school in the coming months. I know it's kinda late, I didn't realize he's still not familiar to it until I noticed that he's being too focused in playing mobile games than the educational apps that I downloaded on my phone.

So couple of nights ago, I introduced him to STUDY TIME. Meaning, we will discourage the use of gadgets and will learn the basics (alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes on our own).

We started with Alphabets. I had no trouble with letter A to H because he often sees them in one of his educational apps. Unfortunately, the app needs me to purchase the second half of the alphabet set. I didn't buy them because I know there were a lot more cheaper version like teaching him myself.

Anyhow, I had a hard time making him focus during our first day. I had to scold him once because he's trying to trick me by making stories away from what we were doing.

After 4 days of having at least 30 minutes of "Study Time", he was able to get himself familiarize with 23 out of 26 letters. I was looking forward to ace it in a week's time and we still have 3 more days! Yey!

Screen Shot with one of our video session
So how did I manage to teach him the alphabets? I specifically would want to apply this tips to myself because I know that I can be very forgetful at times. Just like any first time moms, these are the things that I have noticed in the past couple of days that Jami and I started our Study Time. I may add more in the future but these are the basics that I could think of.

1.) Focus. How could a child focus on the task if you aren't focus on what you are teaching him as well. Kids nowadays are very intelligent. They will try their best to get your attention away from the task so they can get away with it. You have to show them that your are focused in your "new game". Put the phone down and give your full attention.

2.) Patience. Given that they are very tricky, they will also show you that they are bored. You have to make the "study time" more fun by thinking about a style of teaching that would look interesting to them. First couple of days will be really hard because they will incur a lot of mistakes, or you have to repeat yourself for more than 10 times for them to get it but then, that's the purpose of your study time.

3.) Be Creative. Internet offers a lot of ideas on how to make your study time colorful and fun. Look at Pinterest to get some inspirations, DIYs, etc. It will caught their attention and would likely to remember what you are teaching them. What I was doing is to take videos while he's memorizing the letters. Why? Because he loves watching videos. When I tried it once, he tried his best to answer again when the letters are shown in the video. I realized that it is more likely for him to retain the lesson when we do it his way.

4.) Do it Habitually. You can't make them memorize or learn things in one sitting so you always have to make sure to spend time to teach them. It can be a very good bonding experience for both of you when enjoyed. You just have to make sure that your study time would not make an impression that it's dull or scary. Don't make your kids feel that they are inferior. Compliment if they did something good towards your lessons or if they behave well. The key to making sure that study time is successful is to make a habit of studying. It's a good jumpstart for when they start to go to school.

5.) Don't Compare. NO PRESSURE. Our child grows up on their own timeline. You don't have to compare them to another child who knows the alphabet or basic things ahead than your kids. They learn and retain information differently. I, for example retains lessons or information visually rather than just being told. Study your child's habit and the way they learn. Follow their cue and they would lead you to success.

Being a teacher can be a real challenge but being the teacher and the Mom is a lot more challenging. You don't settle for less as you want your kids to be successful, intelligent, with good study habit etc. We all want that but you have to accept that there are different factors affecting the child so you have to make sure that you study your kids' way of learning things. As I said, study time is a very good bonding moment. It's more fulfilling that you were able to teach them your own rather than letting them learn thru gadgets.

P.S We have yet to buy stuff like pencils, crayons, papers etc to support our growing needs of studying at home. I hope we could pull this of. =)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Amal and George Clooney: Pregnant with Twins!

Joining the bandwagon for this year’s twin pregnancy after BeyoncĂ© and Madonna are Amal and George Clooney. Wow! This year must be a year of twins for people in the limelight. I wonder who’s next?

Rumors don't seem to leave the Clooney duo since forever. Last year, they were rumored to be having marital problems to getting a divorce and sometimes to getting pregnant. This time, let’s hope it’s real. It does seem like it is since the source was Julie Chen herself.

The TV personality, news anchor and CBS producer broke the exciting news on The Talk. She said:  "BeyoncĂ© is not the only superstar expecting twins. Congratulations are in order for George and Amal Clooney. The Talk has confirmed that the 55-year-old superstar and his highly accomplished 39-year-old attorney wife are expecting twins. Give her the armrest, by the way, she's pregnant!"

I bet the couple is excited about the pregnancy, especially that this is their first (and second) child. These babies seem to have waited for many years, right? Finally, the baby’s on the way! Who wouldn’t be excited for that? 

The lovely couple has been married for two and a half years now since their wedding ceremony in September 2014 in Venice, Italy. Let’s send our best wishes for the lovely couple.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jose Mari L. Yupangco of Yamaha to promote the Philippines at Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate

On March 30, 2017 from 10AM to 3PM, another Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate will be launched in Davao this time with the collaboration between Yupangco Electronics Corporation (Distributor of Yamaha Sound and Audio Technology) headed by Jose Mari L. Yupangco and TAG Media and Public Relations headed by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas. Just last month, January 31, 2017 at Misono Japanese Restaurant in Makati, the first of its series for this year under Asia Leaders Forum has been launched with speakers that includes Dr. Elton Tan of E-Hotels, Robert L. Yupangco of Zoomanity Group, Engr. Ben Co of BSC Construction, Mario Berta of Flyspaces, Congressman Prospero "Butch" Pichay of Surigao Del Sur, Koo Kwan Kon of Global Morning City Development among others. Attended also by representatives from SMDC, ProFriends, DMCI, DibZ and Megaworld.

For this year of ASEAN 50th Anniversary and the chairmanship of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, all eyes are focus to the Philippines as the hosting country, it's time to showcase the skills of the Filipinos and the Philippines products and services. Asia Leaders Forum is just one way to promote the backbone of any organizations and our world class infrastructures and talents.

The objective of the forum is to promote the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and to share to participants the updates with regards to the real estate landscapes in the Philippines & beyond, technology & digital marketing and the government mandates and initiatives to improve the real estate sector in the country. For more information, please contact or call 09166299381. #Yamaha #TAGmedia #AsiaLeadersForum #RealEstate #Yupangco

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 and More Update

Hi everyone, how's your Valentine's Day so far? I know a lot of couple who are having their best time today because of their posts on social media sites. Let's spread Love! :)

So how's mine?

Ayun, I am at work at the moment. I know right? Hahaha! I am going out at 10:30pm so there's really nothing  much that Daryl and I could do. No movies, no flowers, no chocolates, no eat outs - just like the way I want it to be. Actually I am not fond of Valentine's Day being celebrated. If Daryl will give something for me, I will appreciate it with my whole heart but if not, it won't cause a fight. Unlike courting age where you'll somehow feel sad of not having anything given to you, adulthood is something different. I saw some of Mommy Bloggers on Facebook who aren't as eager to celebrate this day too. Why? Because we have different priorities now. We are very conscious of spending money on flowers that will wither over time, or chocolates that will only harm your body.

Wow, lolang - lola lang?? Hahahah!

But yeah, I don't feel bad at all. I am happy with my friends getting special treatments or getting special gifts but for me, bago mo ko ibili ng gift could we make sure we have savings? Lol. #beingpractical101

Anyway, I have some update about my goals that I have written here.

Exactly a week ago, I have decided to start loosing weight. Although it was really written as one of my goals this year, I didn't focus on it until last week. I realized how much weight I have gained for half a year and I have to shed some weight for a month. Last year's Annual Physical Exam that's required from work said I was 62-63kgs. Surprisingly, I weigh 65kgs last week!! Could you imagine that? Instead of weight loss, I am gaining them. It appeared that I am overweight for my height and my Body Mass index was screaming at me. Given my height, I should only weight 45kgs - 60kgs so I am 5kgs over. It was a really sad realization. =(

What I did was to download and application on my phone to let me know how much calorie I am taking for a day. Before I go on crunches and exercise, I have to work on my diet as well. It is recommended that I'll take 1200cal/day for me to loose weight so I used the My FitnessPal App and it was really user friendly. Given the millions of food that's on their database, I am surprised they have Filipino food listed along with their calories and other nutrients included in it. 

The screenshots were the first two days that I am eating 1,200 calories. I also ditched rice for 3 days and ate at least a cup per day on a weekend. I am into the program only for a week so I don't have a stable background to let you know if this works or not.

I know I have to do something about my weight and make sure I won't gain anymore unwanted pounds. My goal is just to get my weight proportioned to height so that gives me 5kgs to take off. I am giving myself a month to work on that 5kgs and would set more goals in the future. Just one target at a time so not to make things complicated or very hard to achieve. It's been a week since I started my diet and hopefully, I'll be able to eliminate some and not gain more.

I'll update you in the future so don't worry. =)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Jami's Milestone at Three

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. From conception to birth, to taking care of them until they are ready to conquer the world on their own. Just like any first time Moms, I am enjoying this phase that Jami is on. He's 3 years old and is very talkative. I am being surprised with what he knows and amused by what he could say at his age. Looking back on my blog, I realized that in the past months, I haven't been able to write anything about Jami's milestone which somehow makes me sad kasi hindi ko na maaala exactly how it happened.

Anyhow, I'll write about those that I could still remember.

Since he was over 1 year old, Jami started speaking one to two words. To date, I didn't realize that he can now tell a story! He says so many things, laging meron gustong sabihin! There are times that you'll get annoyed because he's talking too much on days that you want to have a peace of mind. Lol! There were days that you are too busy but he keeps on asking questions like

"Mommy anong ginagawa ng feet ko?"
"Mommy bakit sya nagtakbo?"
"Mommy bakit sya nag grumpy?"

and just everything that he notices, he'll ask questions. We'll I can't be any happier because I know that he's being observant of his surroundings. Yun nga lang, endless talaga ang questions. I can't help not to answer his questions naman because I can see myself on him. Manang - mana sakin yan eh. Even to date, ganyan ako magtanong sa mga bagay na hindi ko naiintindihan, lagi pang may follow up questions hahaha! I remember I watched a video on facebook where the kid kept on asking questions but the mother was too busy. Later on when her kid became a grown up, she notices that something is wrong with her kid so she asked if they could talk pero ang sagot ng kid was NO. She's old enough to handle things. Sad diba? I know that most parents realized how time flies really fast so it's important to be on our kids' side. =) So the moral of the story? Just answer the damn question regardless how silly it is.

I remember once when Jami was watching Lion Guard on Disney Junior.

Jami: Mommy anong color ng water? (sea water)
Me:  Blue, Anak.
Jami: Blue? Bakit hindi Pink?
Me: Ahmmmmmmmmm.......... mental blocked.

Hahahaha! Well, he's actually referring to a color white. He's confused with Pink and White and he often says, "Mommy bakit pink?" but he was looking at a white short.

I am amazed everyday with all the things that he says. I can't believe that at this stage, he could make sense of the things around him. I am just so proud!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sharp Fully Auto Washing Machine: Laundry Day will never be the same

Weekends are set to do household chores for most homes. It is a perfect time to do the laundry or a general cleaning. While we wanted to make sure that we give time to our loved ones on non-working days, there were chores that you could say no to - laundry.

Yes! I could relate on that for sure and those who wear uniforms in school or offices. Even those who doesn't require one, you want to make sure that your clothes are washed before the new week starts.

Personally speaking, doing the laundry is one of the hardest chore in the house.. ever! I am so conscious with washing the clothes separately (office wear, house clothes like Sando, shirts etc are washed in the tub alone, same goes to underwear, shorts, pants etc) I am also very keen not to include Jami's clothes from ours. I always make sure that his clothes are washed separately.

While some household prefer the old fashion way of washing clothes (manually), millennial now has a perfect assistant to get the job done easily and timely. Given the fast-pacing life we have now, a good companion will always be a great help.

Sharp's Fully Automatic Washing Machine is revolutionary with a stainless steel holeless tub that prevents mold build up and helps preserve the quality of your clothes. Without any holes for fabric threads or exterior black molds to go through, the Fully Automatic Washing Machine ensures that your clothes will only get to experience thorough washing without the tough treatment and the bad elements.

Also with an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator and Auto Tub Clean, the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine offers a hygienic and sanitary washing. The tub is also eco-friendly and saves up to 30% on water compared to traditional tubs with holes. And with its megamouth opening, you can easily load your laundry items including those thick, heavy blankets and towels.

The built-in Fabric Softener Dispenser also allows you to properly and safely pour liquid detergents or softeners without harming or damaging the fabric of your clothes and ensures that the detergent will be evenly distributed to all items during the wash. The Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine provides complete care for your clothes so you can spend more time with the family or your favorite hobby. Let this smart washing machine do all the hard work for you as you allow yourself to have that much-needed break and relaxation.

With the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machines' innovations and different features, washing clothes is now easy, safe and convenient. Anyone's laundry day will never be the same again.

Visit, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, or on Instagram to know more about the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine. You can also go to an authorized Sharp dealer near you to see more of Sharp's washing machine offerings.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Derma Visit

Last weekend we were able to visit a Dermatologist for the first time. I was really worried that me and Jami had a "Ringworm".

Check nyo si google what the ringworm is.

Kita nyo na?

Yeah, exactly like that. The appearance is similar to mine and Jami so I got worried! Mine looked really serious and itchy. I have to postpone the visit until last weekend because I have to work on weekdays. I also noticed that it got 100% bigger on Jami's arm so we really have to go.

On the day of our visit, mine looked healed. Natanggal na yung skin but still gets very itchy. So I have decided to get Jami checked instead of us both.

We went to SM Southmall in the afternoon and decided to have our late lunch there.

While waiting for our food

We ate at Mang Inasal na lang para unlimited Rice :D
Wag kayo mag alala, si Daryl lang ang nag unli rice. Pramis! Hahaha.

We headed straight to Casa Medica Inc and waited for the doctor to arrive. We realized that she was running late and we were at number 11 so we decided to roam around at Cyberzone. I was trying to check how much yung mejo cheap na tablet for Jami but found out na even Huawei costs Php5,000. Grabe ang mahal na ng bilihin nowadays. Lol! We checked some phones too like Oppo F1s and it looked really nice, I mean the Camera.

After around 30 minutes, we went back to the clinic and was delighted that the Dermatologist have arrived. We had some bonding moments while waiting for our turn. If you wish to check it, follow me @its_mommy_jen on instagram.

When we were called, I showed Jami's alleged "ringworm" and was told that it wasn't a ringworm. It was a bacterial infection so she prescribed a soap and a cream that we should use for 5 to 7 days. I was also told that if it got worse after 3-4 days, we should bring Jami back to her.

I was so surprised with the amount of the cream and soap! Grabe lang. Hahaha! Although I somehow expected it that it will be expensive, na shock pa din ako. Lol! It costs Php595 for both but then, if it's for our wellness naman diba, then it's nothing. I was asked to put the same cream to cure the wound.

I am so glad to report that's it's getting better (dapat lang!). I am hoping mine won't leave a scar kasi obvious eh. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Blast

Last weekend was our first swim for 2017. Heheh! Makigaya lang sa mga post ng mga tao sa FB about their firsts for this year. =P

Daryl and I decided to have a sleepover at Mama Belen's condo just so Jami will get the chance to go out that week. He was left in the house with Nanay so to ease the boredom and mejo maka refresh lang sa kanya, it was a great escape.

Hahahah! Please disregard Daryl, I didn't have an idea na naka nganga sya, until I saw the photo! Hehe wacky kung wacky talaga. Angelo was there too. He was the kid beside Jami. Super BFF silang dalawa.

We had some fun using an app Boomerang as well. I just don't know how to share it here in the blog but if you wish to check the videos, go follow me at @its_mommy_jen on instagram.

 Since we arrived late in the afternoon, we decided to skip the night and swim the next morning instead. Given the very cold weather today, ang hirap maligo without hot water. Hehe.

The next day, we woke up around 10am, had some bread and off to a nearby karinderya. Daryl wanted to bring me here since last year. He kept on telling me na okay daw dito, maganda daw etc. So I guess I'll give him this day to bring me to this karinderya. Hehe. Although madalas na namin nadadaanan to, I never get the chance to try their menus and hang out there at all. I think he and his friends ate there couple of times and they loved that there was a videoke and very small airconditioned room for those who wishes to sing their heart out.

We were able to buy our ulam the night before from this Karinderya so I pretty much got familiar with the place. It was maaliwalas so it's a really good start. We dined in for lunch time so well ventilated ang place. We ordered Sinigang na Buto-buto for me and Jami, Bagnet with Rice for Daryl and Hotsilog for Angelo. We decided to sit inside their airconditoned (very small) room for Jami's convenience. 

I would say their ulam is just normal. Mas masarap pa luto ng byenan ko but I was thrilled with their Mango Shake. Daryl insisted that I'll try their shake so I ordered one. 

Mango Shake for 55 pesos!
I was amazed. It has whipped cream kaya mejo nag iba ang lasa. I was amazed in a sense na with this serving, it's 55 pesos only! Hehe. Although if they could just make a longer straw to come with it, mas okay. Mejo malalim kasi yung lalagyan so it's better if they have a longer straw.

After we ate, we went swimming na agad. Mga excited lang talaga. 

I was so glad to see Jami swimming in the water kahit malamig ang weather. Mahangin that time but look at him, he's smiling and all. I kept on asking if he's feeling cold so we can stop na but he said he wasn't until I noticed that he's starting to chill so I said stop na talaga kami and he didn't throw tantrums at all. Ayan lang naman ang maganda sa batang yan, he knows how to compromise. Lol! =)

We had a 3 days weekend last week and I was hoping we could spend time in the mall - watch movies, dine out and shop but I guess, simple weekends like these do matter a lot. Just as long as everyone is happy, it's all worth it. =)