Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mutual Fund by Sun Life

One of the things that I am looking forward to experience is investing. I have been reading quite a few number of books and online articles/blogs related to money management and all of it says something about investing. However, before you step into investments, it requires knowledge and patience as it doesn't offer a huge profit for a short period of time unless you have studied stocks and trading in great heights.

Anyway, when I saw a promo posted on TipidMommy's facebook page regarding Sun Life's Mutual Fund, I have contacted her agent and inquired about it. I have then met Ms. Che Gernandizo who answered all my questions. Believe me, I had a LOT of questions and have been communicating with her almost everyday. Hahah! I am just so thankful that she's so patient with me until I am contented with all her answers and fully understood mutual fund.

Although I have some basic knowledge prior to this, I still would want to confirm everything that I know specially the ins and outs of the company where I will put my hard-earned money. Sun Life has a great track record and has been in business for a very long time so I didn't hesitate. Besides, having a dedicated financial advisor helped me trust the company more.

When I had finally set a goal as to why I am investing in Mutual Fund, fully decided, we set an appointment near our office so I could submit the forms she sent thru my email ahead of time. I filled it out, deposited the required minimum amount, signed the papers and submitted it to her personally. I just waited for roughly 2 weeks since the company received a lot of application and had backlogs due to their ongoing promo.

The offered promotion of Sun life was for money market fund which is an investment vehicle for conservative type of investors and has a track record of up to 2% per annum. Instead of Php5,000 initial amount required to invest, it was lowered to only Php500.


Since my goal is long term investment, I was hoping to transfer my fund to Equity or Index Fund which is for aggressive type of investor as soon as possible. I know that time is on my side so I have to maximize this investment. Remember, the higher the risk, the higher the returns.

Everyday has been so exciting watching my first passive income. Although it was a very, very, very small gains, I feel happy because you cannot get Php5 pesos just parking your money on your wallets nor putting it on a savings account in a bank. I mean, you can get 5 pesos in a bank after 6 months probably depending on the amount of money kept. Every payouts, I did some top ups until I got a go signal to switch my portfolio to Index Fund which has a track record of up 21% per annum.


Since I am a very agitated and excited type of person, I downloaded the Sunlife App on my phone so I could watch it closely. Although it is recommended to let it do its magic for a long period of time, there's something about checking it everyday regardless if the NAVPS (net asset value per share) is up or down. It motivates and reminds me of my goals. 

When I reached Php5,000 on my money market portfolio, I transferred my fund to Index immediately. Why Index? Well, the amount per share is quite low at the time so I will be able to buy a lot of shares. How did I transferred my fund? I did all my transactions thru their app in a breeze. It was a user friendly app plus an attentive financial advisor made me so happy I made the right decision. 


What I initially did is to go to the nearest BPI and deposit the money on SLAMCI's account. Take picture of my deposit slip then fill out the order form thru the Sunlife App. After some time, I asked my advisor if I could skip going to the banks and just transfer the fund thru BPI mobile app. I am so glad it worked fine. All I have to do was to transfer the fund to SLAMCI's bank account just like a normal fund transfer, take a screenshot of the confirmation, fill out the form on Sunlife's app and wait for the confirmation of additional shares bought the next day. 

Here's a step by step guide on how you could submit an order ticket form thru SunLife App.

1.) Download the SunLife Portal on your phone. 

Sunlife Portal Landing Page
2.) Upon sign up, it will ask you to nominate your PIN for you additional security. 

3.) This page will show up after you key in your PIN. It contains your account number, number of shares you have, the NAVPS from the previous day and the total fund value. To submit an order ticket form, tap on the fund name to bring you to the next screen.

4.)To be able to submit an order form, tap on the + button which will offer you to either REDEEM FUND, SWITCH FUND or ADD FUND. Select Add fund to see the form. This is where I also switched my fund from Money Market to Index Fund.

5.) The form should look like below. Fill out the form according to which bank and how much top up you did. Upload the screen shot of the bank confirmation for transfer fund or take a photo of your deposit slip for over the counter payment.

 After submitting the form, an order ticket number will be given to you. You may take note of it if you wish. A separate email will be sent to you to confirm the transaction has been received and once processed (which could take 24hours), another email will be sent to confirm the total number of shares bought and the amount per share according to the NAVPS. They also send text messages and a letter to confirm subscription in the mail.

Should you wish, you can also arrange an auto debit from your payroll or savings account to automatically fund your portfolio. To do so, please contact your financial advisor. Cut off for top ups is at 12noon. Additional funds processed before cut off time will buy the closing NAVPS from previous day (5pm) while anything after cut off will buy today's closing NAVPS. For any questions, please contact your financial advisor.


I have waited two years before I finally had the chance to try Mutual Fund. Reading a lot of blogs/books/articles and joining facebook groups about money management somehow prepared me to this date. There was a time when I switched to Index Fund where I had paper loss. As I check it everyday, all I could say was, "down pa rin ang market" then shake it off. I kept reminding myself of my long term goal and there's nothing to worry about. True enough, the market bounced back, returned my paper loss and even added more. Since I am on Index Fund, means it mirrors PSEi, I could check the market's performance and expect the same gain or loss on my portfolio. 

It's been a month since the last time I added fund to my account. This is because I could see that the market is on green and is consistently going up for the last couple of days. I intend to add funds when the market goes down. Besides, I have other goals that I have to prioritize at this time. This portfolio is intended for our Retirement fund and thinking about it gives me fuel to continue working hard everyday. 

All I can say is, before you get yourself into investing, make sure that you prepared yourself to any changes as NAVPU could go up and down everyday. Being emotional in investing is never a good thing along with trading as it can cost you a lot of money if you're not fully knowledgeable. It will be best to set your goal for long term (5years and up) to maximize your gains. You can also do PESO-COST AVERAGING meaning putting the same amount (or more) money consistently (every salary or monthly). There are days where market is up which could buy you lesser number of shares and vice versa and can buy you more when market is down. Read a lot or ask questions until you fully understand the risks.

While every Mom's wish was to give out the best to our kids, we also have to make sure that all our hard work are not put to waste. Make your money work for you, not the other way around. We will not be young or strong forever, so while you can spare some amount for your future self, please do it now.


If you are born poor, it's not your mistake, but if you die poor, it's your mistake. - Bill Gates

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Look back at 2017

This 2018 felt good! It is said to be a year of the Earth Dog based on Chinese Calendar. There's something in this year that I felt I should be looking forward to.

I know this will be another year to continue reaching for our goals. I have written some on my old planner just so I could polish them before writing it down to my new planner. I was kind of unsure at this point since we have a lot of things planned for the year. I have to consistently communicate with Daryl to make sure that we are both in line with our mission this year.

I have decided to write this year down as #Amazing2018. I can't wait to become close to those goals and it's very exciting to actually think about achieving them. I will blog about our goals as soon as I am satisfied with it. It wasn't just a simple dreams that I write about. I want to have a game plan and a strategy on how we could achieve them. Hindi na kasi pwede yung SANA SANA lang or the dreaming stage lang and wait until we achieve them without a concrete plan of the HOW diba?

Anyway, I want to look back on our 2017. Not just what happened to the goals but also the good and the bad that happened last year.


  • I had trials at work specially that I felt a superior doesn't like me. What made me happy was I finally got hold of my dream phone! Lol! Pero hindi brand new although in good condition naman. What's important is I got it fully paid in time. =) 


  • We had our annual physical exam in the office which made me realize that I am gaining weight from the previous APE. This was the same month when I decided to push myself to the limit and go on a strict diet. I blogged about it here



  • I was meant to be promoted at work. I had an existing memo until mid-March. A day after the memo was lifted, I applied for a position and yes, I was hired by the end of the month! :D
  • I joined the new team's outing in Calaguas Island. It was free for us while I paid extra for Daryl. I tagged along Jami and Daryl since they allowed family members to join us on this trip! :) 


  • Daryl's birthday month. We celebrated at home since we just came from Calaguas the day before. 
  • Weight loss became noticeable by 2-3 people. 
  • I was able to secure my SSS loan by applying in their amnesty or SSS Reconstructing Program which I blogged about here.


  • We had a quick getaway at Stilts Calatagan for Mother's Day with Daryl's side of the family.
  • I stopped going on a diet at 57kgs. My initial target was 60kgs but people missed me in my chubby self hahah! Anyway, I was happy with 57kgs although it's 2kgs more than my average weight for my height.


  • My birth month. We had a short celebration, just the three of us in Shakey's Mall of Asia. We were looking to claim gift sana for birthday celebrant kaso you have to have a membership card which will cost Php400. Okay sana however, the freebie also cost the same amount. I thought about it for a while and decided not to get the card because we won't use it often. 
  • Jami started going to school. He was enrolled in a small school around the area and so far, I am glad with how he's performing. 
  • Daryl started his new career. I was so glad for him he gets to work in the airport which somehow co-related to his college degree. He was also happy and contented with work which was a lot important. 
  • We struggled financially this month since Daryl and Jami were both starting. We don't have fund to support the additional expenses which ended up taking loans left and right. 
  • Gigantes Island - Guimaras - Bacolod trip with Jami. 


  • I started accepting baking orders again to help us cope up with finances.



  •  I manage to get a new business partner and very active re-seller of my baked goods. 
  • Finally had the chance to experience Dreamplay for my nephews 7th birthday. 



  • I started my Mutual Fund with Sunlife Asset Management (SLAMCI). I saw an online promo from Tipid Mommy's facebook page where you could start investing for only Php500 rather than Php5,000. I met a financial advisor na sobrang maasikaso and very helpful. Should you need one in the future, please let me know. =) 



  • I finally had the feeling of having passive income! hahaha! Although super duper small, it felt good thinking that it will grow big in the long run. 
  • Jami's birthday celebration in school. 
  • Took a life insurance from Pru Life UK which I will blog about separately. 



  • Approval of my Life insurance application.
  • Started building our Emergency Fund. 
  • Renewed my passport.



  • Successfully saved coins from July to mid-December. Jami was able to save around 2,000+ including monetary gifts while I had less than Php3,000 of 10s and 5s coins. =) I intended to use the money for our New Year's eve budget while Jami bought a new toy and saved 50%. 
  • For the first time, I celebrated my NYE away from home. =)
You know somehow I felt that we had a good 2017. I mean it was surely a roller coaster ride but nevertheless, it gave us a lot of things to learn and that we were able to start on something new. My personal goal was to become a wiser version of myself and I felt I was able to pull it off. Anyway, I believe naman that the most important thing is that you learn and ready to start again. New year never fails to replenish my hopes that I am one step closer to my goals. I somehow felt na nag mature ako. Ganito pala ang feeling, Lol! #Adulting101. Hahahah! Tita na talaga.

It's day 10 of 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

#GreenTeam for #Amazing2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Re-visiting Goals 2017 Part 2

So it's 2018! Just like that!

Grabe sobrang bilis ano?! I didn't even realize that December is about to end.

Hay nakooo!

Anyway, I had a wonderful 2017 and I always wanted to look back by writing them. Good thing I discovered the use of a planner because reading everything that I have written down in the last 12 months give me so much satisfaction with the year that passed. I have realized sooo many things and even remembered some at that instant which I completely forgot happening. Weird feeling actually. Hehe.

Well, I said I had a satisfactory feeling after 2017 being able to accomplish so many things. I had a go-go energy as per my Chinese calendar prediction and I guess that was true. I did a lot of new things, gained new friends, acquired new skills and learned new stuff. It was a roller coaster ride but I really feel contented. I even reviewed my goals in August to check if I am in line with my goals. Part of it was great and some were not. I intentionally not complete all of them based on my priorities.

Should you wish to look back, click here for my 2017 goals and an update here in August 2017.

I was able to still complete some before the year ends and that made my goals for last year at 70% done. I'll write down those that I wasn't able to complete na lang to make it short. The rest that aren't on the list are completed.

Personal Goals

  • Attend Workshops - No, I didn't attend a workshop still. Although this could enhance my baking skills which I use for earning extra money, I wasn't ready financially since my extra income helped us get back on our feet when things got rough in mid-2017. I am looking to at least do this in 2018 and save money for it. 
  • Vaccine - No vaccine for us in the entire year. Good thing we only caught colds twice a year and no health issues far more than that. Thank you Lord!
  • Loose Weight - I was able to maintain it until last month where I gained 2kg. I let it be since it's the holidays where there were food left and right. Sweets are my weakness! I don't crave rice, bread etc. But sweets?? Please! Let there be peace on Earth. Hahaha! Nag uubos na lang talaga ako ng food from New Year's Eve tapos I'll go back on dieting.

Family Goals

  • Staycation & Photoshoot - are the very least in our priority this year so I intentionally didn't put an effort to it. Maybe in the coming years na lang.

Relationship Goals

  • Eat Out/Date Night/Movie together/Spa Together - Yes we had some eat outs with just the two of us and we used it to talk about some things and you know, just reminisce the old time. Hehe! Hope we could have one at least once every month or every 2 weeks. I am looking for a movie or spa together which weren't completed.

Financial Goals

  • Beef up Emergency Fund - Hay nako etong Emergency Fund na ito, taon-taon na lang. hahaha! But hey, we had some improvement before the year ended. I was able to save some although really small lang compare sa aming goal but at least, we had something saved. It's a big leap of adjustment but we were there. Tuloy-tuloy na ito! Wala na ng SANA, para magkatotoo naman. Hahahah!
  • School Fund -  No school fund yet but this is included on our 2018 goal.
  • Travel Fund - No travel fund yet since we had other much more important goal to achieve like the first two above.
  • More Sideline/Additional Income - compared to last year, the holidays of 2017 gave me lesser orders but I am not complaining. The money helped us cope up faster than expected so it was a really big help. Besides, I didn't do a lot of marketing this year since I felt I need a lot of sleep at times. 

So there you have it guys! I didn't write down those that I was able to complete just so I could completely tick them off. Although I had some that are not completed, I felt happy with 2017 for being a #WiserMe version. I can't wait to start my #Amazing2018 and to see what's in store for me and my Family.

Thank you for your continued support guys! We may have a prosperous 2018! =)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Nursery School Activities

Couple of months ago, we joined several school activities including Buwan ng Wika and Nutrition month. I felt this was a milestone for the both of us being me as the official Mommy of a school boy while Jami was a real school boy. Hahah!

May masabi lang. =D

Anyway, let me share with you our Nutrition Month celebration. They were asked to come on a costume based on the category given to their classroom or on P.E uniform with hat while mommies wear a color coded shirts like red for nurseries and yellow for kindergarten.

I had a hard time looking for a costume while too lazy to make one. Alam nyo naman I wasn't a very artistic type or person at wala talaga akong ka art art sa katawan. It wasn't also a competition na may mananalo so I didn't exert to much effort. We ended up buying a hat and added fresh vegetables on top. Hat costs Php 50 then Php10 for the veggie. Our classroom was to represent the Glow food which was mainly the veggies and fruits.

We had a short parade around the subdivision. This was our first event for this school year and I think was such a good experience after all. The kids were all sweaty after the walk but their teachers prepared some refreshments.

Nagulat lang ako since some students had a donut for grow food. I wonder if donut was really part of nutritious food ha?! Lol.

Couple of weeks later, we were then asked to wear a costume for their celebration of Buwan ng Wika plus school foundation day. The kids had a short dance presentation to perform in front of the crowd which mainly were the parents and students.

Since it was Nanay who accompanies Jami to school, I don't have an idea which music piece neither the dance steps that they are to perform. Nanalig na lang talaga ako na alam ni Jami ang sayaw nila. I was asking him to dance in front of me and show me the steps pero hindi ko magets yung sayaw talaga. Lol! I ended up letting it go and just wait for the day of performance.

To my surprise, sumayaw naman si Jami. The only thing was, poker face lang talaga at walang ka giliw-giliw sa pagsasayaw. Hahaha! It was fun watching him dancing. I was so proud kahit gulo-gulo ang steps ng sayaw nya. I have accepted that he wasn't really good in dancing because his Daddy wasn't anyway. Hahaha! By the way, if you wish to watch the video of their dance, you may check my IG feed on the left side of the blog or search @its_mommy_jen.

Our costume was borrowed from my nephew. I just bought a camisa de chino for Php120 in Baclaran. I bought size 10 since his undershirt was a little bigger for him, naisip ko baka sakto lang. Wrong! It was too small. I went back to the stall and had it exchanged to a size bigger than what I bought originally. It fits perfectly this time and could still be used next year in case we need it again.

We also joined our first field trip which I will share on a separate post in the coming days. Sobrang dami ko na kasing backlogs. I hope I can finish them all as a fresh start in 2018! Can't wait for the new year. =)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2018

We have 3 more days remaining before saying goodbye to year 2017.

I personally liked this year, somehow I wish it won't end but yeah, we always have to move forward.

There are a lot of things happened this year. Some I didn't actually remember! I was surprised to read about it on my 2017 planner which I bought from National Bookstore.

This year, I have found the trending Mercury Drug Suki Day book in social media particularly in Facebook. It went viral due to it's nice cover colors and interesting additional features and articles inside. I have also found out that it only requires 30 points to claim one as long as you have a Mercury Drug Suki Card. I had one years ago so I only waited until the end of December to get one.

Why now? Ayaw ko kasi ma over excite sa kakasulat eh. Lol!

Anyway, I finally paid attention to social media posts from Mommy Pehpot Blog on Facebook about buying packs of Kotex which will give you instant 10 points. I have mistakenly bought 2 kinds of Kotex that aren't included on their item of the month so no additional points on that. I initially have 14 points on my card so I only needed 16 to get the day book. I bought two packs of Kotex so I have 34 points in total before claiming.

Today, I called several Mercury Drug branches along Pasay and Makati hoping they still have some in stock! Sobrang trending nya, laging out of stock. I was even told by a lady in the cashier that their allocation of the planner has been consumed so there are chances not to have some delivered to their branch anymore.

I tried calling 6 Mercury Drug branches and was only told they will 'hopefully' restock in January third week. Sad! The 7th branch I called which was Mercury Drug Malibay branch (Pasay along Edsa) came out positive! I tried to immediately reserve one pero madami naman daw stock and all colors are available pa so no need for reservation.

I took my lunch and went there agad! Claiming one was easy, just need to present your suki card.

Some people came inquiring about it while I was there so I suggest to call the branches before going there to see if they have the daybook in stock. Sayang kasi effort eh.

The daybook is available in three colors: Green, Blue and Peach Blossom.

From Mercury Drug Facebook Page
I like the Pink Blossom but I loved the Green! I also realized that 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog so very timely sa color Green! :D Pwede din naman blue, I just like how the Green looks papansin. Heheh!

You can check Nheng's wonderland vlog about unboxing of Mercury Drug planner here.


Seriously, Mercury Drug did a good job this year since the colors of the daybook are very millenial so it caught a lot of attention. I also loved the cover, the designs are embossed so may texture. As mentioned, it has colorful articles and minimal activities like sleep tracking, eating habit, water intake etc. There are plenty of space to write down your thoughts too. 

The only thing that disappoints me was, it has no calendar. I meant it has no usual dates on each pages like most planners. I was expecting it to have one and felt sad for 1 minute. 

However, I realized hindi naman ako araw araw nagsusulat. Some days are just plain boring and has nothing to write about so I guess I could work with that. I just have to write down the day or even allocate the pages month per month to make it more organized. 

Nevertheless, the planner was really nice for the price of Php125. Some even said they only have to spend Php50 for it. Not bad at all right?! I am just happy with it plus I got the color I was eyeing for so I felt complete now that the year is about to change! 

Happy New year guys!!