Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Hi everyone!

How did your Mother's day went?

So sorry for not blogging that much. Minsan wala lang talaga akong time o minsan, I don't know what to share. Haha!

Anyway, I tried reading back to see what we did for Mother's day in the last couple of years. I found out that I only started blogging about it since 2015, missed blogging about 2016 then had a wonderful and memorable 2017. This time, I want to make sure to blog about every special event that happened and will happen to us since it feels so nice reading back. I always feel surprise reading them all up. =)

So our Mother's day was nothing special this year. We stayed at home all day. Nakakatamad kasi maglalabas ngayon, super init talaga ng weather! Ang bilis pa naman makainit ng ulo when it's really hot!

I woke up at around 5:30 in the morning and found Daryl sweeping the floor. I realized nagbaha pala sa loob ng bahay namin! There were water everywhere! Sa sala until sa kitchen! Buti na lang, it didn't reach our room pa. We found out that the water pipe broke again. We had a water pipe going inside the house under our kitchen cabinets. There's a small hole in the cabinet where the pipe goes and that's the one that's leaking. We just had one fixed earlier that week. We thought that the pipe broke due to our ref being pushed to close to the wall. Later on we realized, that it was a rat whose actually causing the trouble! Could you imagine that? I actually spent Php800 just to fix the water pipe twice already in less than 7 days?!

Daryl said that there's a rat living in our kitchen cabinet whom might got bigger and was trying to get out in the same hole. Since he can no longer fit, yung way out is to break the water pipe! Grabe sobrang hassle! I was mad thinking how can a rat be so selfish! hahaha! Anyway, we had Dudut, the cat staying inside the house so at least she could trouble the mouse while working on the pipe again. I am hoping he would stop doing so dahil wala na akong budget to get it fix for the third time. =|

After the pipe repair, I cannot believe I was sweating a lot yesterday! I don't sweat so much even if I'm working out not unless yung mga tipong Aerobics talaga or dancing. I was wondering ganun ba kainit yesterday that I sweat this much when I wasn't in front of the fan.

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We ended the day with an impromptu family post dinner na kanin pa din! hahaha! My sister and I met for paper works and treated us in Jollibee.

We had some take homes for Daryl because he didn't go with us anymore.

Anyway, our day was quite common but at least we prevent ourselves from spending so much on days like this. It was not in our budget for the month which I intentionally did. I didn't foresee the water pipe fix so our eat out budget has been used. We don't go out often these days to be honest because we are preparing for something big. Lols! Kidding.

So how did you get to celebrate our day, Momsh?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

SnapCart - A Mom's Helpful App

Doing grocery is a chore I usually do once a week, preferably on a weekend during my off. Some days, I do it almost everyday since Puregold is just around the corner. Our grocery usually consists of toiletries, meat, bread, spread and snacks for Jami.

Couple of months ago, I was introduced in Snapcart from the group I joined that tackles about budgeting and savings. It was a cashback app which can be downloaded on Android or IOS system. I have seen people using the app and earning cashback thru grocery receipt. Since we usually do groceries too, I decided to try this one and see if it really works.

The question is, do you really get a cashback by snapping your grocery receipt?

Answer is YES. A really big YES! This app was a tried and tested app for me and I was able to get cashback twice, directly deposited on my bank account. Before you get excited, let me tell you how this app works.

How do you use this app?
  •  First things first, download the app by searching for "Snapcart". It works on ios and android system as mentioned above. Once downloaded, you have to create a profile and start snapping your receipts.

  • What's inside the Snapcart App?

This is Snapcart's landing page after you register/sign in.

By playing around the app, it'll give you much more information that you should know. I have listed down some for some basic things you have to see but you can also tap the three lines on the upper left hand side of the screen to show you the help center.

  • Every time you snap your receipt, your level will be upgraded. This means that the multiplier of your cashback gets bigger the more you snap receipts. You will start with regular which is x1.0 of cashback amount per receipt. 

  •  Each receipts merit a corresponding amount as shown below. Grocery, drug store, convenient store, department store (make up's purchases only) can be accepted. You may look into the FAQs for further details.

  • When you snap a receipt, it will go on receipt history where you can find all the receipts you submitted. As you can see, I had a lot of rejected receipts before I got used in snapping. There are several reasons why receipts are being rejected. It can either be blurred, incomplete (since you have to snap from top to bottom) etc. Just find a well lit area or turn on your phone's flash to capture everything. Those receipts under "Sent" are for approval.

  •  I know you might be wondering if this app is actually legit! Yes it is! As you can see below, I was able to cash out twice which was sent directly to my bank account. You can also use it as a prepaid load. Minimum amount to cash out is Php200 with additional fee of Php20 for bank fees. 

  •  Always keep snapping to make sure your status won't get downgraded. In this part, you'll be able to see the previous weeks status and see the date of coverage per week. 

  •  Lastly, this app have bonus games where you are asked to answer surveys, watch videos, or take pictures of things you are asked. In this page, you'll earn coins which can be used in a spin game where you could earn more coins or cashback. I always like the cashback. =D

You may thought that Php200 isn't much but it can actually pile up to a huge savings later on. Could you imagine I got Php400 pesos in total by just snapping my receipt? I used to throw my receipts away or leave it in the counter without realizing that these small pieces could also bring extra cash. =) So Momshies, next time you do your grocery, take care of your receipts because it means cash. Haha! Happy Snapping! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Jami's Nursery Moving Up and Recognition Day

Jami finally finished his Nursery year. He graduated on March 22nd, held at Cecile's Restaurant in Las Pinas. The school he went to was a small pre-school in our community so they don't have grounds/auditorium to held the event to. Their graduation fee was Php 1,900 inclusive of the kids meal after the event. I found it really steep actually since I don't remember paying this much during my time. Syempre nga naman, sa public school ako all my life. Anyway, I was told by a friend that she paid the same amount for her son during graduation so baka yun nga ang standard for private schools.

I took a leave from work just to witness this special day! It was a good thing that it was Daryl's off from work too so we had the chance to go together with no problem. I intended to arrive early since it's our fist time. The invitation stated that the event will start by 1pm, ni hindi man lang kami nakapag lunch. We bought one meal from a fast food nearby and waited for the event to start.

I am glad there were seats allocated for parents. Hindi nagkakagulo in finding a seat plus, walang mawawalan ng chairs. Each student were given two seats for their parents so if they brought additional person, they will be standing in the back unless there were seats that the venue could provide pa.

The ceremony started 30 minutes after everyone else settled down. Kids were seated in front while us parents were at the back. Kakatawa lang, I told Daryl na hindi ako sanay na nakaupo sa likod or middle because I am so used on my last name being letter A so I am always in front. Hahah! While waiting for the program to start, the teachers allowed the parents to take pictures on the stage.

I realized na mejo mahirap pala if you're a family of three no? It's either me and Jami on a photo, or Daryl and Jami. Challenging ang pag take ng photo with us 3 in it.

With teacher Jess

With Ms. Anne
The graduation ceremony started, giving out special awards and diplomas. I wasn't really expecting Jami to be the class first honor because he's really playful. During their practice days na sinamahan ko sya, I noticed that the teacher often calls him because he's playing with his seatmates. I think he somehow needs improvement on being quiet and focused haha! Kaya okay na okay na sa akin ang pagiging top 2 nya.

It was also a surprise to me and Daryl that he managed to get the 'Best in Mathematics' on their batch. Most of the time kasi, madalas kong ma ituro ang reading and language subject than Science and Math. I came to a realization that he wasn't that interested in Science as of yet. Maybe in the future I could review him more in Science especially in Math if dun pala sya mas nag eexcel.

Class' Salutatorian

Accepted his first diploma

One of the happiest day!

After the ceremony, the kids had one set of meal. Then off we went to SM Southmall to celebrate this special day. We decided to eat in Classic Savory and ordered their family meal. Super filling and budget friendly. We even had take home food after.

Family Picture muna bago kumain.

Set Meal 1 - Half Chicken, Corn and Crab Soup, Sweet and sour Fish Fillet, Pancit and 4 iced drinks.

I didn't know the feeling until I was there. Ganito pala ang makapag pa graduate ng anak. Super sarap ng pakiramdam. I was joking Daryl na nakapag patapos na kami. Hahahah! One year down, 17 years to go! Whew! Kelangan pa ng madaming madaming pasensya at pera.

Dear Jami,

Anak! Congratulations! You made it! Pa bonus mo na lang sa amin ni Daddy that you graduated with flying colors! I am the happiest Mommy and for sure Daddy feels the same. This is the result of our late night study time. When Mommy gets home from work, tayo naman ang maghaharap to check what you did at school and if you have assignments, or if exam/long quizzes, nag rereview tayo. Bale wala ang puyat and pagod. Pinalitan mo ng dalawang medal anak. Thank you and I hope you study well in the future. It wasn't your medals that defines you for who you are so don't feel the pressure. Just as long as I know you're doing your best, okay tayo jan, anak. We love you so much and we promise to work even harder. May God bless you and hear your prayers, my lovey! 

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

Last month, Jami and I was invited to join the launch of Bambini Baby Cologne in Glorietta Activity Center. It was the first blog event that I went to after a year or so, which made me really excited.

Since this was a family boot camp, I decided to bring Jami with me. It was a really long time since the last time I brought him with me to events so I am not quite sure how everything will work out. I noticed later on that Jami is on a stage na hindi na ganun ka kulit. He behaves well and make friends with other kids his age or older. Good thing also that my mommy blogger friends were there so it was a mini get together of sort because it's been a while since the last time we joined an event.

We arrived just before 11am which gave us ample amount of time to look for a seat and roam around. The registration booth was already open and there were families inside the activity center. They also had activity booths for the kids and parents to try. 

Our first activity. Mejo shy pa si Jami. Haha.

Looking for the pictures hidden on these plastic balls.

Find their mommies!
 The buffet was opened and had our filling lunch before Iya Villania-Arellano and baby Primo came out and joined the fun.

The new brand ambassadors!

Iya shared how she manages to take care of Primo at home and how she's dealing with her second pregnancy. She and baby primo has been officially welcomed as the new brand ambassador for Bambini Baby Cologne.

“We love Sunny Playtime. It's just the scent I prefer on Primo. It has a nice, mild, yummy scent that makes Primo nakakagigil even more! I also love how playful and inviting the packaging is. We actually have to hide the bottles from Primo because he likes to point to the mom and baby animals on the sticker front, then open the bottle to put some cologne on. Baka maligo na sa cologne eh,” Iya laughs.

After Iya's talk, there were games for parents and their kids. It was unexpected to be invited up on stage to join the game, mejo nahiya ako ng slight and was hesitant at first but I did it for the sake of Jami. Hehe! Eventually hindi mo na yan mahihila sa mga ganyan so habang kaya pa, go lang ng go. It's always the experience that matters.

Thank you Mama Coi for the photos :)
Jami's turn on the game.
It was funny since I am not sure if we're going to win the game. The host will mention/sing a song which they have to fill in. For example, "twinkle, twinkle little ___." I am not that familiar with all of the nursery song to be honest! hahah. I am glad Jami did it wholeheartedly at hindi naman nahiya. =D

We won the first game. =)
Jami and I found the event really exciting since we get to try the games and was able to take home a small token from Bambini after winning the first game. As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be part of every parent and child’s small moments and big adventures. Available in three sizes — 25ml, 50ml and 125ml — and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, the Bambini Baby Cologne lets parents and children enjoy life’s little surprises anytime, anywhere.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Your Checklist in Finding your Dream Family Car

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Some family see a car as a necessity nowadays. Why not? Having your own car gives you comfort on long road trips. It's easier for moms too since younger kids will be seated on a car seat and being able to attend to their demanding needs.

Now there can be a lot of car in the market that offers different capabilities and benefits, not to mention the prices. As we all now, it varies relatively on how the car functions. Today, I would like to share my insights on how to decide in choosing the perfect family car for your family. You may be looking online for information on what to look out for in a car that fits to a family of three and up.

As a parent, we have a lot more requirement when choosing the brand and functionality of almost all the things that we buy. Of course you shouldn't miss the opportunity to look for that great car that could make your life easier while traveling with your kids. We were lucky to be able to borrow Daryl's mom's car at some point two years ago which gave us a lot of coziness and pleasant experience. So below are the things that you should look out for before you say yes to the car!

1. COMFORT - This is definitely on the top list. Being on the road most of the time makes you feel that your car is your second home. You even put things 'just in case' you need them like a pair of slippers, or different type of shoes maybe? So you don't have to be worrying that your shoe doesn't match with the event you're going to, right? Happens to me all the time being so busy with mommy-thingy. Do you feel happy while sitting down and not having the anxiety because the seat is too small or too bumpy? Does the air conditioning unit of the car on the right place? You don't want the kids sweating at the back which may cause a lot of whining later on specially on a very hot day on the road. You should always consider the level of comfort that your family car could give you.

2. AMPLE SPACE and FEATURES -  Some car had enough space to rest your legs while on the road while some don't. You have to consider these as kids could get bored sitting on a car for 5 minutes. You don't want to stress yourself not being able to attend to their whining because you can't move around. Does the compartment of your car big enough to carry those overnight bags? not to mention that bulky stroller for your new born. I bet you don't like to be seated next to your massive luggage while traveling. Is your car kid friendly? Does it have a better cup/bottle holder? You don't wish to grab for your diaper bags every so often just to meet your baby's need of milk, don't you? Always examine the space and the feature of that car your buying just so you won't feel bad paying for your auto loan eventually because it doesn't fit your needs.

3. PRICE - Being the budget queen of the household, you don't want to wreck havoc to your finances just because you took a car loan way more than what you can pay monthly. Aside from all the comfort or features that your family car can give, you also want it to be budget-friendly. Before buying that car, why don't you look around to see if car dealers could give you an acceptable discounts or maybe freebies? You could also go online and check your monthly amortization if you buy this brand of car. There are tons of auto loan calculator on the web which could give you an idea and even plan for your future finances.

Every family has different needs but I believe these three would always make it to the top list in finding your family car. On this age where information is just one click away, I am sure you'll be able to get your hands on your dream car easily.