Thursday, April 20, 2017

Calaguas Island 2017: Part 1

I never mentioned here in the blog that I recently got promoted. Well, slightly lang naman. Not really promotion levels because I was transferred to another line of business or we call it LOB in call center term. It was the same company and business but it's a different scope of work from when I started. I consider myself so lucky that finally, after 3 years of hoping to join the team, it came true on an unexpected way. :)

Anyhow, I was informed that the team is having an outing in Calaguas. I really got excited since my kumares have been planning to go there sometime ago but it didn't push through. When I received the notice of passing the final interview. Nag happy dance ako! Heheh. It's as if hitting two birds at once. Calaguas and Promotion! Woooo. =D A L A G U A S !!!


It made me happier to know that we were allowed to bring our families with us. Alam nyo naman ang motto ng family namin. "We all go together or we don't go at all." Hahah. But yeah, I always wanted to bring them with me when I travel. Hindi complete and #travelgoals pag wala ang mag-ama.

Going back, we left Cubao at around 9:30pm riding a first class bus of Superlines. I could say that the seat were really comfy with matching leg rest, socket for charging, really cold AC units and a clean portable restroom. We paid 650 pesos/head and I would say na sulit naman talaga. We decided not to pay for Jami's seat and just make him sit on our lap. However, since the trip to Daet would take 8 long hours, hindi ko naman kaya buhatin ng ganon katagal so we shared my seat and occupied some of Daryl's too. It was really uncomfortable especially if you are trying to sleep so if you are willing to pay extra for your kid's seat, please do so to avoid the hassle of trying to squeeze yourselves into one seat. Hahaha.

Waiting to depart

You will be assigned your seat number as first class buses requires early reservations. Just go to their terminal and pay your seats to avoid the hassle.

It only takes an hour and we were all sleeping. I would say that the bus ride was a breeze until we reached a zigzag road. Over talaga sa pagka zigzag that made me woke up. I was a having a very uncomfortable-shared seat with Jami tapos may ganong daan pa. Naloka ako ng very light but it was surprisingly shorter than Baguio or Baler, Aurora so thank God for that.

We arrived in Daet at around 4:30am. We waited in the terminal since we have an officemate and his family that we left behind. They didn't make a reservation so they have to ride a regular or a deluxe bus that would take a 10 hour drive because of stops along the way. When the sun has risen, the kuya who will drive us to Vinzon arrived. We rode a jeepney and thought it was all for ourselves pero hindi pala, we waited for some group in a Jollibee along the way but that's fine. It was a little masikip but you'll get along kasi it's a really short ride lang naman.

After around 20 minutes of jeepney ride, we arrived at what looked like a port kasi madaming bangka. Heheh. But before that, we bought breakfast in one of the local store. There were a lot of local kids who are selling plastic bags. Akala ko para talaga sa used clothes so I wasn't planning to buy kasi 16 pesos each eh pero gave in later on. Yun pala, the purpose of it is to put your bags inside the plastic to avoid it being wet while riding the banca. It took us about an hour before we left Vinzon because of the coast guards approval. They asked us to fill out a paper form with our names, address and emergency contact person in 3 copies. Hindi uso ang carbon paper so we have to manually fill out 3 papers which took a while. We left Vinzon past 8am.

Our boat ride took 2 hours to get to Calaguas Island so we had time to nap. The sea was calm  as well so it was a smooth sailing. I could say that this was the longest boat ride that I ever took in my entire life. After a while, we saw wonderful islands and I am surprised to see that the sands were white and fine. It didn't last long until we docked in the island.

I was so glad to see Calaguas finally!

The sand is as fine as Boracay but the water is a lot better.

We will be sleeping on tents that day which was one of our many firsts as a family and what made our trip more exciting. I always wanted to try to sleep on a tent. Hehehe! It was kinda humid that day so we dragged the tents under the small trees around. The ones on your right are our group's tents.

To ease out the hot weather, we decided to swim immediately.

Could you see the cabanas and tables over there? That is where our tour guides/organizers serve our meals (included in our package are full board meal breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Stand by for the continuation of our Calaguas Trip. =D

Monday, April 17, 2017

Break Free by Don Soriano : A Review

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and financial freedom is my long term goal. I know I mentioned here in the blog about me reading a book or two about finances and how to improve them. I even wrote down my short term and yearly goals. However, most of the books that I have read so far mainly focus on how to manage finances and only mentioned about starting a business is a good idea too but didn't dwell on the How’s. When I found out about Break Free by Don Soriano, I got interested and sign up for it.

One thing that caught my attention in the cover was "Principle # 1 Don’t quit your job". If I didn't love the new department I am on, it's one of the choices I have in mind - to quit and focus on my small time business. Just like the book says, I want to become an employer in the future.

So how did I find the book helpful? I have read some of the things written to the previous' financial books I came upon with. However, I also found new information that is helpful to those who are aspiring to establish a business in the long run. I guess all books have their own strengths right?

To begin with, this book is really short. It can be read in an hour or two depending on how fast you read a book. I for example tend to read books longer because I kept on reading a part that wasn't clear before going on to the next page. I make sure that I have my full understanding and saw what the writers are pointing out.

Two, the book mentioned about the "Power of Leverage" that I think I haven't encountered before. The book discussed about how to smartly use other people's money, time, experience and knowledge and lastly, other people's risk to get to your goal of financial freedom faster. I tried to internalize what Don meant with all these and if I am unconsciously using them. I realized that OPM or other people's money isn't a new concept to me. I have been borrowing money from my sister and using it as a capital on my small business. I think as of this point, I am not into using other people's time, knowledge and experience most especially other people risk so I have to look into that too. I like the concept anyway.

Three, Don wrote about choosing the right people. I personally have friends whom I would say have a negative impact on my small business as they weren't as open minded on ideas as I am. He was right in saying that when you discuss a business idea in a pool of businessman, they would most likely to encourage you as they have the same mindset - which is business. Try to discuss it to someone who is scared to start up a business because of the thought of being bankrupt, they would definitely see the negative side of the idea and would drag you down. Looking back, I have ideas that was turned down because the people who surrounds me doesn't have the experience and mindset the same as I am.  Although they remained as friends, I am trying to limit the communication of business ideas to them and talk to those whom I know can give me a thing or two beneficial advises and feedback.

Four, and my favorite part was when he shared his strategy on how he managed to raise from debt to having a self-sustaining businesses. I guess it's for you to find out when you buy the book and this is what made me fall in love to it. Besides, if you really want to establish a business and become an entrepreneur, you have to invest in yourself by reading books etc.

Fifth and the last strong point of the book was the proper mindset. I for example has not realized I can bake until I had the proper mindset of learning how to. Now it has been my small time business and brings extra money to the family. Aside from that, since it's a hobby that I enjoyed the most, I don't feel like trying hard to make for a living. When we have the proper mindset, we can achieve whatever we have in mind.

Now I suggest if you think you are into business and want to achieve financial freedom, this book is a steal. I just hope that Don Soriano elaborated more on the part where he shared about a secret. I would love to read how he managed to come up with business plans and ideas along with the ups and downs of it. I know I could learn a lot from that just like I did on this book. At this time, you can order this book thru Don Soriano's Facebook Page at

Let's spread the word and make more people achieve their financial freedom. :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Completely Potty Trained

As far as I know, I blogged about Jami being semi-potty trained last year. He's able to pee during the day and some nights where we don't use diaper at all. However, he still uses one whenever he poops and I had quite a hard time making him use the toilet back then. I accepted the fact that he might not be ready yet so I have to wait for the perfect timing.

Wait no more! I am glad to write about his new milestone!

He now knows how to use the comfort room. He can sleep at night without wearing one and won't pee on our bed. Just to make sure, I always ask him to clean himself up (brush his teeth, change his clothes, and pee) and remind him not to pee while sleeping. Although there were days that I would still make him wear a diaper especially if he feels tired with a whole day activity, or if he fell asleep without having to pee first. On some days, meron din syang presence of mind when he feels that he's peeing on his shorts, he will wake up and would ask me to accompany him sa restroom. During our most recent trip in Calaguas Island, I made him wear diapers while we're in the bus as it's a very long ride.

I am so impressed that he started using the comfort room for when he feels the need to poop. It started when he's having a tummy ache couple of weeks ago. Instead of making him wear a diaper, which if I may add, quite expensive tapos konti lang naman ang i-poop nya, I asked her to go to the bathroom and use the toilet bowl. He was resisting at first but since he really needs to get the poop out, he didn't get a choice. That's when he realized the use of the toilet bowl and how convenient it will be for him. You see, when he does number 2, he would hide himself in our bedroom or anywhere na walang tao. I am glad he found the comfort room the perfect place to use for his number 2 activities. Lol! =D

It was really timely since I am planning to make him start a summer school this month. I know it will be easier and economical for his teacher to help him use their toilet than make him wear diapers. Haha! =) There was a time when I came home and he told that he used the comfort room to poop. I talked to him about Mommy being happy with what he did. I was surprised to see him delighted knowing that his done a good job!

I can't wait to witness more milestones specially this coming months when he start going to school. I made an inquiry in a small school near our house for a start and I can't wait to tell you that new challenge too. =)

My selfie/video buddy. :D

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weight Loss Journey: 65kgs down to 60kgs in 8 weeks

You all know that loosing weight was a real pain in the ass for me. Back in the day, before Jami came, I was at 54kgs. I was actually in the boundary of my body mass index but I am quite happy with it. I have a normal weight for my height, I may not get a flat tummy but I could always tuck them in if necessary.

I tried morning jog in the past but it didn't work because my mind was not in to it. I could kill myself going on cardio but if I didn't change my diet, I will accumulate more weight for sure. So in February, after our Annual Physical Exam here in the office, I realized that I gained more weight compared to last year's result. I was 63kgs in 2016 to 65kgs in 2017. Sad isn't it? That's where I decided to officially start going on a diet.

Baler 2016

Initially, I was planning to go on a no-rice diet. That's the easiest that I could go I think. When I got used to it for about 1 week, I downloaded an app on my phone "My FitnessPal" where it could help you track the amount of calorie intake everyday. It also has a recommendation of 1,200kcal/day for me to achieve my goal. With this app and some more research, counting calories became easier. Cooking and preparing meal did matter as well. Although I wasn't tracking my intake for about 4 weeks now because we don't have internet in the office, I am still mindful of the things and the amount of serving that I eat.

I also tried to go on a military diet that I found online, which I would love to share with you too in the coming days. While working on the military diet, I am still tracking the calorie intake on the app and realized that there were days I am going below 1,000kcal which is unhealthy so I have to add some food not included or double the food indicated on military diet. I'll explain this on a separate post too for a more detailed information and how did it go for me.

The struggle of preparing a healthy food is real. When I ran out of ideas, I started ordering the Calorie counted meal which I will tell you all about on another post too. :)

Calaguas 2017 wearing the same Rash guard

Pardon the photo. I am banging my head in the wall now for not taking photos of before and after. The first photo was our Baler trip in March 2016 while the last photo was our recent Calaguas trip. Notice that there's a difference in the belly area? I am trying to find a much decent photo and a close up one but I really can't find one. Why? I stopped taking photos of my body because I felt I am too fat. Due to this change, my lost confidence is starting to go back and hopefully, I could also improve my arms and legs and my tummy part further. 

Anyway, as of this writing (04/05/2017) I am weighing 60kgs so I mainly lost 5kgs in 8 weeks. I just noticed that my weight loss is getting slower now that my body has adjusted with the amount of food that I eat so I have to add workouts to my routine. I felt I need more of a cardio to remove excess fat then tone the muscles later on. At this time, I can't still find the time to do it because my body clock is adjusting to my new forever schedule of 8am-5pm. I am giving myself at least 2 weeks to adjust then I could include the workout.

In total, I am so proud of myself for finally pulling this all together and making a progress. From 65kgs (143lbs) to 60kgs (132lbs), that was 5kgs (11lbs). It was really amazing! I have to give up sodas, sweets, junk food (chips), fast food etc. Although I don't deprive myself too much. I still get the chance to eat fast food when family goes out but I always make sure that I eat on a minimum. It's been 8 weeks since the last time I drank a soda and from time to time, I eat cakes (one small serving). I realized that the more you starve yourself, the harder you'll gain weight. The truth is you have to make sure you are consuming the right amount of healthy food, healthy snack while avoiding those fancy food. I learned so much in the past weeks and I will share it with you in the coming days.

My new target is at 57kgs (125lbs) and that hopefully can include routine cardio to help my body adjust. I don't want to impose a harder goal just yet because I want to take it one step at a time. Lol!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lazada 5th year Anniversary Sale

Everyone loves a word S-A-L-E!

Who wouldn't? The items that you're eyeing for the longest time will have that very precious red tag and finally, you are happy to buy it without the guilty feeling of spending fortune for it. 

Now who wants to shop on a website that has everything that you need? One single transaction for gadgets, baby's things like baby bottles, diapers and now even milk?! Crazy isn't it? Fret no more mommies because Lazada is celebrating it's 5th Birthday and has a lot in store for everyone!

Lazada's Birthday Sale is not only for tech enthusiasts and beauty junkies, but for moms and dads as well. Nestle and MamyPoko will both be offering discounts on their products during the Birthday Sale which runs from March 21 to March 23, 2017.

It will all start at midnight of March 21 with Nestle offering a 10% discount on Nestle Nido 3 + Pre-School Powdered Milk Drink With Free Storage Box 1.6kg. From it's original price of P770, it will be priced lower at P693. Another Nestle product which will be having a 10% discount is the the 3-Pack 50g Nestle Cerelac Nutripuffs Banana & Orange which is priced down at P201. Nido FortiChoco and Nido Fortigrow will also both get a 10% price reduction during the 3-day sale. The set of 6 Nido FortiChoco 150g-pack will only cost P679 while the set of 6 Nido Fortigrow 160g-pack will be priced at P757.

MamyPoko will be offering discounts of up to 50% off starting midnight of March 21. At 40% discount, MamyPoko Extra Dry Diaper Newborn, Pack of 28+2 will be priced at P181. MamyPoko Easy to Wear Diaper Panta Medium 20's, Pack of 6, on the other hand, will only cost P507. That's less than P4.25 pesos for every diaper! On top of these flash sale products, MamyPoko will be applying a 30% discount on many of its products for the 3-day sale as well so make sure that you visit the MamyPoko website.

Many more brands for your kids will go on sale during the 3-day Birthday Sale. Philips Avent Baby bottles will go on flash sale at midnight of March 22 with a 38% discount as well as a Chicco Sterilizer  offered at 62% off on March 22. Visit to check out Lazada's amazing deals for all of its product categories. Lazada offers both CASH ON DELIVERY as well as FREE DELIVERY so shopping is effortless especially for parents who have limited time to go shopping outside for their children's needs.

Here are the schedule of the Lazada Flash Sale Day 1!

DAY 1, Lazada Birthday Sale
Tuesday March 21, 2017
 Flash Sale Price
2 PM
Mobiles & Tablets
2 PM
Health & Beauty
2 PM
Health & Beauty
2 PM
Home Appliances
2 PM
TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables
2 PM
2 PM
Electronics Accessories
2 PM
Travel & Luggage
4 PM
Computers & Laptops
4 PM
Home Appliances
4 PM
TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables
4 PM
Electronics Accessories
4 PM
6 PM
TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables
8 PM
Health & Beauty
8 PM
TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables
10 PM
Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries
10 PM
Home & Living
10 PM
TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables

DAY 2, Lazada Birthday Sale
Wednesday March 22, 2017
Timeslot Category Description SRP Flash Sale Price Discount
12 MN TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Ace Suround Sound Home Theater Soundbar with Bluetooth BT-K008(Black) 3,999.00 2,599.00 35%
12 MN Baby & Toddler Avent Natural Feeding Bottle 9oz Twin Pack  999.00 619.00 38%
12 MN Fashion Levi's 505 Regular Fit Cool Max Jeans (Multiple Sizes) 3,399.50 1,899.00 44%
12 MN Baby & Toddler Philips Avent SCF694/27 Feeding Bottle 9oz Twin Pack (Pink) 1,100.00 699.00 36%
12 MN Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries Titan Classic Watch for Women 2,390.00 995.00 58%
12 MN Cameras W110 HD DV 1080p 5MP Sports Action Camera (Black) 1,999.00 799.00 60%
6 AM Computers & Laptops Acer One 10 Intel Atom 10.1" QC Z3735F 1.33Ghz M500GB 32GB 2GBDarkSilver Window 10 with Microsoft Office 365  17,640.00 10,795.00 39%
6 AM Home & Living Bosch GSB 550 Impact Drill Electrician's Kit 5,145.00 2,599.00 49%
6 AM Health & Beauty Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette for Men 125ml 4,600.00 1,199.00 74%
6 AM Electronics Accessories Decibel Technology Riverter Bluetooth Headphone (3 Colors Available) 2,999.00 1,499.00 50%
6 AM Travel & Luggage Delsey Maubourg Back Pack (Antracite) 3,828.00 1,149.00 70%
6 AM Fashion New Balance Unisex Q117 LFS 373 T3 Sneakers (Various Sizes and Colors) 2,995.00 1,555.00 48%
6 AM Mobiles & Tablets Samsung Galaxy On7 16GB (Black) 8,995.00 6,295.00 30%
6 AM Home Appliances Sinbo Juicer SBJ-3018 High Performance Juice Extractor  2,599.00 1,249.00 52%
6 AM Health & Beauty St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Face Scrub 10oz 249.00 124.50 50%
6 AM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Techno Tamashi P-377 Garnet II 2.1 Multimedia System (Black) 2,399.00 1,499.00 38%
8 AM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Ace 19" Super Slim Full HD LED TV Black LED-505 7,799.00 3,655.00 53%
8 AM Health & Beauty Bath & Body Works Mist (Multiple Variants) 699.00 349.00 50%
8 AM Health & Beauty Euro Family Nebulizer Compressor 2,000.00 849.00 58%
8 AM Sports & Outdoors Lightweight 4-6 Person Camping Backpacking Tent With Carry Bag (Multicolor) 699.00 529.00 24%
8 AM Media, Music, Books Mactan 40" Acoustic Guitar 1,600.00 888.00 45%
10 AM Home Appliances Iwata Aircool Z-10 Evaporative Air Cooler (Black) 2,795.00 2,199.00 21%
10 AM Mobiles & Tablets Lenovo Vibe P1 32GB (Gold) 10,990.00 7,995.00 27%
10 AM Health & Beauty Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara - Black 199.00 99.00 50%
10 AM Electronics Accessories MI Bluetooth Headset Wireless Earphones Portable Handsfree Stereo Headphones with Microphone Universal for iPhone Samsung (Black)   999.00 425.00 57%
10 AM Sports & Outdoors Thenice M2068G Full-Face Easybreath Snorkeling Mask with CameraHolder Size L/XL (Pink) 4,399.00 1,348.00 69%
12 NN Computers & Laptops ASUS A541SA-XX153T 15.6" Intel Dual Core Celeron WIN10 Black 15,995.00 12,555.00 22%
12 NN Health & Beauty Fast hair straightener 324.00 249.00 23%
12 NN Home Appliances Imarflex IMC-3000S Stainless 3Qt Multi-purpose Fondue 3,150.00 1,499.00 52%
12 NN TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Itechie 24" Full HD LED TV F-2400 (Black) 7,999.00 3,855.00 52%
12 NN Mobiles & Tablets Meizu M3e 32GB (Silver) 8,990.00 6,995.00 22%
12 NN Health & Beauty Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment 15ml 1,699.00 999.00 41%
12 NN Electronics Accessories Pineng PN-969 20000mah Powerbank (Black/Red) 4,800.00 799.00 83%
12 NN Fashion Urban Hikers Halsey Casual Backpack (Black/Black) 650.00 275.00 58%

DAY 2, Lazada Birthday Sale
Wednesday March 22, 2017
Timeslot Category Description SRP Flash Sale Price Discount
2 PM Mobiles & Tablets Acer Iconia One 7 B1-780 16GB WIFI Tablet  4,990.00 3,645.00 27%
2 PM Motors Car Stereo Bluetooth Mp3 player USB/SD AUX Audio 2,200.00 699.00 68%
2 PM Health & Beauty iCare® CK802 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor/Irregular Heart Beat Detector (White)  2,200.00 1,062.00 52%
2 PM Health & Beauty L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Day Cream 50ml 1,499.00 584.00 61%
2 PM Cameras W77 HD DV 1080p Sports Action Camera (Black) 1,998.00 859.00 57%
2 PM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Zeus Z-100 2.1 Multimedia Speaker 3D Sound Surrounded System  899.00 525.00 42%
4 PM Health & Beauty Cardinal Compact Nebulizer (w/ complete accessories) 2,999.00 639.00 79%
4 PM Electronics Accessories Epson L120 Single Function Ink Tank System Colored Printer (Black) with FREE Universal Audio Splitter 3.5mm Jack   6,900.00 4,888.00 29%
4 PM Sports & Outdoors Six Pack Care ABS Builder Exercise Bench Sit Up Gym Fitness Machine Slimming (Black) 4,299.00 1,999.00 54%
4 PM Mobiles & Tablets Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64GB (Gold) 12,000.00 8,700.00 28%
6 PM Electronics Accessories Bavin U-L-5G-13 1m Premium Lightning Cable for iPhone 6S (Gold) 599.00 279.00 53%
6 PM Health & Beauty iCare®301 Accurate Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Monitor (White)  2,350.00 899.00 62%
6 PM Mobiles & Tablets Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 16GB ROM 2GB RAM (Champagne Gold) 7,500.00 5,295.00 29%
6 PM Computers & Laptops Lenovo Ideapad 100S-11-IBY 11.6" Intel Atom Z3735F 2GB Red Windows10 13,999.00 9,399.00 33%
6 PM Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries Mossimo Compass Men Silicone Strap Watch MS-1509G-BLU (Blue) 2,780.00 1,299.00 53%
6 PM Home Appliances Shop-vac 4L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow) 3,200.00 1,999.00 38%
8 PM Electronics Accessories JBL T110 In-ear Headphones (Black)   1,299.00 499.00 62%
8 PM Cameras Lazytech 4K WiFi Action Pro 16MP Sports Camera (Black) withMiniTripod (color may vary)   4,999.00 1,699.00 66%
8 PM Mobiles & Tablets Modoex M77+ Adroid 4.4 Tablet  Dual Core 8GB (Black) 2,199.00 1,579.00 28%
8 PM Health & Beauty Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo Cleanse 999.00 495.00 50%
10 PM Home Appliances Demotech DMFMS01 Multi-Functional Food Processor And Mixer System 5,999.00 1,099.00 82%
10 PM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables ET CE5 Ego-t 1100mah with E-juice for Electronic Cigarette (Black) Set of 2 999.00 349.00 65%
10 PM Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries Geneva Nikka Women's Silicon Strap Watch (Blue) 799.00 199.00 75%
10 PM Fashion Herschel Reid Backpack 21L (Multiple Variants) 3,500.00 1,590.00 55%
10 PM Health & Beauty St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer 10oz 249.00 124.00 50%
DAY 3, Lazada Birthday Sale
Thursday March 23, 2017
Timeslot  Category Description  SRP  Flash Sale Price Discount
12 MN Toys & Games BAYANGTOYS 2.4 gHz Remote Control Quad Copter (Blue)      1,500.00                       499.00 67%
12 MN Computers & Laptops Starmobile Engage Aura 14 14" Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad-Core 1.84GHz 2GBDDR3L Grey Windows 10    10,999.00                   6,499.00 41%
12 MN Electronics Accessories Zeus M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle        1,299.00                       385.00 70%
6 AM Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries Casio Digital Men's Gold Stainless Steel Strap Watch A178WGA-1A      3,750.00                   1,299.00 65%
6 AM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables SPARC Vibe P80 Soundbar 80watts Full Cinematic Sound      5,999.00                   1,699.00 72%
8 AM Home & Living iSAFE iSF-10 Safe Electronic Digital Hotel Safety Vault (Beige)      2,899.00                   1,099.00 62%
8 AM Media, Music, Books Serenata S102 54 Keys Digital Keyboard (Black)      2,199.00                       999.00 55%
10 AM Sports & Outdoors Fast Inflatable Camping Banana Bed  (Black)          999.00                       199.00 80%
10 AM Health & Beauty Nautica EDT for men      1,500.00                       888.00 41%
10 AM Electronics Accessories Xiaomi Mi Band v.2 Digital Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor Fitness (Black)      3,000.00                   1,099.00 63%
10 AM Cameras Xiaomi Yi 1080p Action Camera (Black)        4,500.00                   2,599.00 42%
12 NN Health & Beauty 10Pcs Oval Cream Puff Cosmetic Shaped Power Makeup Toothbrush Foundation Brushes      1,200.00                       499.00 58%
12 NN Mobiles & Tablets Asus ZenFone Zoom 128GB (Black) with FREE Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Powerbank with Bumper Case worth Php 845  (Silver)     18,995.00                 10,995.00 42%
12 NN TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables ITECHIE 32" LED TV F-3200 Black      9,999.00                   4,899.00 51%
12 NN Electronics Accessories S530 Mini Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone (Multiple Variants)          599.00                       155.00 74%
12 NN Home Appliances Sew Simple 12-Stitch Sewing Machine (White)      2,999.00                   1,399.00 53%
12 NN Computers & Laptops Starmobile Engage Aura 14 14" Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad-Core 1.84GHz 2GBDDR3L Grey Windows    13,640.00                   7,495.00 45%

DAY 3, Lazada Birthday Sale
Thursday March 23, 2017
Timeslot  Category Description  SRP  Flash Sale Price Discount
2 PM Health & Beauty Gluta Prime 2000000mg Bottle of 30          650.00                       549.00 16%
2 PM Mobiles & Tablets Infinix Hot S X521 16GB (Champagne Gold)      8,500.00                   5,595.00 34%
2 PM Motors Kobe Car Sun Shade (Silver)          202.00                       100.00 50%
2 PM Electronics Accessories Pineng PN-963 10000mah Powerbank (Black/Red)      1,500.00                       659.00 56%
2 PM TV, Audio, Gadgets and Wearables Zeus Z-350 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth/Wired 2in1 Speaker with SD/USB      1,499.00                       879.00 41%
4 PM Computers & Laptops Lenovo IdeaPad 100s 80R20030PH 11.6" Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core 2GB DDR3L Blue Windows 10    13,990.00                 11,798.00 16%
4 PM Home Appliances Panasonic CW-SC65JPH 0.6HP Window Type Air Conditioner (White)    10,299.00                   8,999.00 13%
4 PM Travel & Luggage Pilot 9025  Korean Style Lightweight Oxford Fabric 15" Laptop Computer Backpack (Black)      2,799.00                       799.00 71%
4 PM Home & Living Precious Herbal Pillow Large Herbal Pad Microwave Hot and Cold Compress Pain Reliever (Green)       1,950.00                       599.00 69%
6 PM Computers & Laptops Lenovo IdeaPad 110-14IBR 80T6000VPH 14" Intel Celeron N3160 2GB Windows 10 with Free Lenovo Backpack    15,999.00                 11,998.00 25%
6 PM Sports & Outdoors Swimming Mattress Water Bed Colchonetas Inflable Pool Toys      8,999.00                       999.00 89%
6 PM Travel & Luggage Travel Neck Pillow with Hood (Multiple Colors)          799.00                       299.00 63%
8 PM Health & Beauty
Ashley Shine Matte Lipsticks 12pcs (Multicolor) 
         500.00                       239.00 52%
8 PM Watches, Sunglasses and Jewelries Calvin Klein Jeans Sunglasses (Multiple Variants)      5,640.00                       999.00 82%
8 PM Electronics Accessories Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker (Black)      2,100.00                   1,168.00 44%
8 PM Home & Living Large Size High Quality Multifunctional Wardrobe Storage Cabinet Dust Cover Waterproof (Blue)      2,300.00                       699.00 70%
8 PM Electronics Accessories Zeus MK-220 Basic Keyboard with Ten Multimedia Function Keys           899.00                       199.00 78%
10 PM Home Appliances Crystal Pink Night Light Air Revitalisor (Pink) with FREE Humidifier Scent Starter Kit Spa Series          899.00                       299.00 67%
10 PM Health & Beauty Dr. James Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsules Bottle of 60 (NewBottle) Brown          324.00                       249.00 23%
10 PM Computers & Laptops Lenovo IdeaPad 100S 2GB INTEL Z3735F 11.6" (Black/Silver)    13,990.00                 12,225.00 13%
10 PM Sports & Outdoors Lightweight 4-6 Person Camping Backpacking Tent With Carry Bag (Multicolor)          699.00                       529.00 24%
10 PM Electronics Accessories Transcend 1TB 25D3 StoreJet with Shock-Resistant Portable Hard Drive (Black)      3,400.00                   2,650.00 22%
10 PM Cameras W77 HD DV 1080p Sports Action Camera (Black)      1,998.00                       859.00 57%
10 PM Fashion Zara Reversible Contrast Shopper Tote (Multiple Colors)      5,000.00                   1,149.00 77%

I was quite surprise with the deals! Some are even 90% off! So head on to Lazada 5th birthday sale.