Sunday, February 12, 2012

17th Hotair Balloon Fiesta, Subic

in front of a giant DSLR Canon.. :)

Top | Terranova
Shorts, Belt | no brand
Bag | from Mom, Cose

One thing I've learned after this event. Never ever wear slippers while on the event. As much as possible, wear boots or close shoes. Why? Just right after this, my feet was full of dust that when it got wet, it got mudy! No,last part was exaggerated.. heheh! But really, my feet's so dirty. I even had the guts to wash my feet outside where there was a faucet near the entrance. It's better than people looking at you because your feet's dirty. :)

My boyfriend invited me to go to Subic Bay as one of their subject in college requires them to watch it. (His course was aeronautics). His friend has a car so there was no problem with the transportation. We packed up around 4am and left Manila by 5:30am. We even got the wrong route before we hit NLEX. Hahah! We arrived at around 7am were all balloons were heated up and flew away. It was so traffic going in so we watched it while waiting for some place to park his friend's car. Then off we go. I decided to wear this black long sleeves because we left Manila so early and it was cold. Luckily, the entire day was not sunny. Second, I wore this to avoid getting tanned as it was not sunny nor windy. It was "maalinsangan". Don't get me wrong. I didn't felt hot wearing this top at all as it was cotton. would you believe that I bought this for only Php150 in Terranova? Great find. :)

Jen :)