Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your success is my success, Love!

from left to right - Tita Evelyn, Ninang Sheila and me :) 
Celebrate good times! :)
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Belt | No Brand
Jeans | Lee Pipes
Shades | Pacific Blue
Bag | from Mom
waiting for our turn.. mga gutom na.. :)

Can you see that? Everytime there's an event, I always have pimples!! grr.. :(
Let's eat then! @Max's Restaurant, Mall of Asia

It was my ever dearest lovable, hugable bebe daryl's graduation day! The most awaited!! :) He graduated from Patts College of Aeronautics, took Aircraft Maintenance Technology?! (sorry, not sure with the "technology" hahaa!). 
As you can see, I wore just a polo, then pants then flats. Well, the main reason was, I came from office before this event. My shift started at 4pm then ended at 1am so I had not slept. Coming from home, I prepared myself then left home about 4am to make sure there were lots of people already. You see? I was so scared to wear dresses and whatnot because my travel time was so dangerous so I ended up with the comfortable outfit. I wore flats in purpose. One, so I can run fast if incase I need to.. haha! secondly, my feet's tired of the 8hour work I had the night before. Unfortunately, I have to wear this or else.. Im not blogging about this now! hahaah! :)

I was sleeping anyway during the ceremony. Haha! Well, I think they would understand. I hadn't slept okay?! Afterwards, we went straight to Mall of Asia for a lunch/celebration. I am so happy the whole day though. He gave me a surprise that night. As he promised, we had a ring! :)

Every success I had, it was all because you're with me all the time. I Love you, and I'll always do! Congratulations!!! :)

Group Hug! 
Jen :)