Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 2 Boracay : Crystal Cove

First Activity! 

First morning in Boracay. I still can't believe that I slept and now woke up in a beautiful resort. We woke up early as we have a contact person to pick us up by 8am for our island hopping. Cooked breakfast is what we have. What we ate was the usual breakfast like hotdogs, tocino etc. It feels like we didn't left home really but I would love to eat those than buying food somewhere which definitely, I know, is expensive.

Clock had set to 8am then everyone were prepared as our phone rang. It was the receptionist saying that the van was ready to bring us to D'mall. As we arrive, we went straight to white beach to rent a boat for our activities. It rained a bit yet it didn't ruin our plan. It stopped and we're set. We had our rented boat to bring us to Crystal Cove. We arrived at a beautiful island that is being maintained religiously. We took pictures of ourselves just before we enter. 

While waiting for our banca.. :)

Set Sail Kuya! Leggo! :)

Just arrived to our first destination of the day! I so love the white, fine sand! :)

Don't forget to pay the entrance fee.. :)
There was an entrance fee though. We paid 1,800php for 10 of us. We have Jarold, our tourist guide. We walked up to the highest part of the island then took pictures. It was breathtaking. I can't imagine how people of Boracay had done such things. The island was very well maintained. I wonder how they keep the island that clean though they are allowing people to eat and have picnic on some part of it. We walked again going to the first Cove. There was a stair going down. At first, I wonder if I will fit in that small hole as really, literally opening. Here's how it looked like: 

We reached a little cave which was overwhelming. The waves were strong that day and it was high tide as well. Wave by wave it strikes on the rocks and would shower us. We were so careful of our cameras especially the DSLR that ate brought. Haha. We would die if it got wet.. We took pictures then off to next Cove. 

This is the entrance for the first cave.. would you imagine you can fit in there? 
Going down the cave.. :)

From Left to right: Daryl bebe, Me, Fj, Aphol, Thirdy and Win then Ate, Gelo, Mama and Lalai

Last Photo before we went to the next cave.. :)
 While walking, we had the opportunity to take picture on top of the mountain. It was so picturesque and breath-taking. 

 This time, we are going down on the side of the mountain. It looks like the underground of the mountain. The water was cold and refreshing. There was this little opening again that we need to go through for us to see the next cove. I was so afraid to go inside maybe because i'm watching too many films that there will be an earthquake and everyone will be trapped.. Haha! something to that sort.

No, it was not the second cave. It was beneath that small hole in the middle. Can you see it? :)

This was the small hole I'm talking about. You need to crawl like that, not literally with your knees. Surely if you do that,  Pitty knees.. :)
Finally, everyone reached the other part of the cove which was so wonderful. The waves were bigger, water was still cold. We waited as there are some people who came before us that were still taking pictures. We waited for a while, then yeah! It's our turn. It was scary to go the part of the cave that has a picturesque view of the cove's opening as the rocks were so slippery due to waves. One must be careful due to high tide that if in case you fall, damn! I don't think you would still be alive. The water was shallow and rocks were so sharp. Good thing nothing happened to us. We took couple of pictures then off we go to next stop. The way out of the cave was still the small tunnel we've been through going in. We dipped into the water for a bit as it was so hot that day. We went back to our boat as we'll go to our next activity which was snorkeling.

Mawalang galang kuya! nanggugulo ka eh!! :)) hehe.. si kuya nice posing pa eh.. 
going back to our banca for snorkeling.. :)

Though we want to go to Puca Beach as well, we didn't have much time as the rent for the boat was only 4 hours then any excess to that will be paid on an hour rate. I think we paid 2,500php for the 4 hours rent of our boat. Sorry, I'm not that sure of how much we have spent as you know, I didn't plan all this. Haha! What we did was just paid whatever the amount was then have it divided once we got back to our hotel. We saw the Crocodile Island. It was amazing as it really looks like a big crocodile in the middle of the sea. It was a crocodile shaped island. No one I think would be allowed to go there as it was a rock formation so it doesnt have a sand. The water looks shallow as well. 

We then stopped on a part of the sea where we will have our snorkeling. We had our snorkeling gear. In fairness, they had a better set of gear compared to what we had in Panglao, Bohol last year. We went down the boat's ladder. When I got into the water, I got scared. Aside from the fact that it was high tide, it was wavy as well so whenever I try to get to look down and see what's down there, I felt like I am about to die. I can't breathe. Maybe my gear was not very well fixed due to my excitement to go down or it was just too wavy so when I tried to catch my breathe, I tend to drink sea water. Uhum! Still, I tried my best to enjoy it as I really had a great time doing the same in Bohol. I was holding on the boat's rope when suddenly, I felt I got sting or a bite on my waist. I got scared again as I thought there might be sharks or piranha underwater. Hahaha! My imagination was exaggerated! So went back on the boat, removed my vest and looked what happened on my waist. It was itchy. I don't know what it was. My sister got scared as well but since she wants to enjoy it as well, she went back down. While I am waiting for nothing, we saw a manong on his kayak selling ice creams. We bought 3 ice creams for my niece, nephews and for me! We were told not to dump our trash on the water as they will be asked to stop selling if we were caught. We paid 80php for snorkeling fee by the way. I think it was 10 or 20php each. After awhile, I decided to go back down again to try itthe second time. There were a lot of small fish going towards us because the boatman was throwing pieces of bread. Again, ate and I got scared so we ended up going back to boat. Haha! Luckily, my boyfriend was so brave that he was able to take pictures of us underwater and also with the other creatures down there. He knows a little bit of swimming so he's not afraid. Haha!

I just got a little bit disappointed with our snorkeling experience in Boracay though. I can't stop comparing what we had back in Bohol. We got our boatman to go down, swim and take pictures of us. I think, we paid it cheaper in Bohol as well as they're boat can be rented for the whole day for the same price of what we've paid in Boracay.

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