Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 2 Boracay: Willy's Rock

After our tour, it was lunch time when we got back to white beach. We ate at Gerry's Grill.

While waiting for our food.. :)
I was wearing the same swimming attire. I just top it off with a see through halter top I bought from Sun and Sand at Shopwise, Festival mall, Alabang
After a bunch of happiness it brought me because of Thirdy, my youngest nephew from ate, we then spent the rest of our afternoon in white beach to enjoy it. The sun was scorching hot. We played with the sand and occasionally swam just to bathe the sand all over our body. The water in white beach has a lot of moss. I don't know why. Don't get me wrong, the water was crystal clear though yet there were part of it that has mosses. Before we we home, we walked from station 2 going to the famous Willy's Rock to take pictures. While walking, we've been to a part of station 1 that smells like Palengke because it has a lot of moss. We got to Willy's Rock, we swam towards it then took pictures. There were kids who jump from the rock to the water. My boyfriend tried it himself. Yah right! He knows how to swim. I'm not a swimmer though. I don't even know the basic of swimming but I absolutely love beaches!

The water was a bit shallow for my niece and nephew so they asked our boys to carry them..  Hahaha! :)
 We went back to Station 2 to look for a tricycle who will bring us home. Ate, Aphol, Win and Fj went to D' mall to buy food for our dinner while me, Daryl, mama and the kids went home. We paid 100php for the tricycle then we swam on the pool. I got to bond with my nephew and niece along with my boyfriend.

From the infinity pool, there's a stair that you can use to go down this part. It's not allowed to swim here because there was no sand that you can sit by or stand to before the water, plus there were big rocks you see. The sea water I think was shallow too.. 

Ate and the rest arrived just before 6pm. We still had the opportunity to enjoy the pool again. This time we surely had a photographer as Kuya Allan, my brother in law just arrived as he needs to attend some business matters during our scheduled flight. 

We had Andoks for our dinner. So then, we ate then watched t.v. After a while, we slept again as we need to go up early for the remaining activities. 

Good Night Boracay! It's been a long day! See u at sunrise.. :)


-Jen :)

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