Saturday, June 30, 2012

Traffic Signs

Hey! I'm back! :) Sorry guys, was not able to keep you up to date on my blog. Anyway, I would like to share to you the things I did this Saturday, last day of my birth month. My boyfriend has a classmate in college who invited us for a seminar. He has joined a networking that sell products in the market. I originally agreed to go with my boyfriend because I'm planning to have some extra income/business of my own. It was half past 6 in the evening when we meet up with his another classmate/friend somewhere in Pasay. Lucky, my boyfriend's classmate has a car so we don't have to spend any for transportation. Unfortunately, we got caught by traffic enforcers twice for 2 violations!. Epic fail! Pfff! I don't even know if it's a violation or not. Just so you know, I don't drive :( Poor Lucky.  I entitled this entry a "traffic Sign" because of the trouble we had while on the road.

So, enough of the story along the way. I had so much fun on the seminar. It was really an interactive one. I didn't even got sleepy or bored which I use to during a seminar/training. Hahaha! We'll it was a good line of business I think but I'm still having a second thought.

Right after, we ate in KFC (my favorite) at One Julia Vargas, Pasig. I considered it a dinner, I just don't know with Lucky and my boyfriend, Daryl. Haha! Oh! By the way, I was not able to take picture of what I was wearing that day. I just don't feel taking picture of it as I don't find something catchy anyway.

1,2,3.. click! Thank you again Self timer!

Hmmm.. :)
As you see I was just wearing a racer back top from Betty at SM Dept Store then I top it off with a 3/4s cardigan (no brand). I finished the look with a denim mini skirt. I don't know if there's a dress code on that seminar, since all my jeans were in laundry bin already, just to be safe, I wore a mini skirt. haha! :) At the same time, it was raining all night so think, wearing a skirt would not give me any hassle at all unlike jeans.

Have a lovely July 1st dearests
-Jen :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

My first Corset! :)







I always been dreaming of wearing a corset yet having a second thought. It is mainly because most of the corset out there has a small cups for breasts. Haha! So, whenever I wear one, mom often says it's "malaswa" hehehe! 

Anyway, this top was bought by my sister when we went to a bazaar on june. She gave it to me for some lame reasons. I was so excited to wear it so there the pictures are sharing it with you. :)

Credits to my sister who took the pictures for me. 

-Jen :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

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*this is a repost from One Day. 

Go crazy over Queen Street!

To be quite honest with everyone, I'm not into bags. It's very rare that I'll buy one. I often use bags whatever is available. Say for instance I bought one, I will be using it for the rest of it's life until it die. Hahaha! Maybe because my mom often say "Bumili ka na naman ng bago eh meron ka pa jan!". So from then, I usually spend my money on clothes and shoes than accessories and bags. 

Yesterday, June 22, I woke up around 12nn (my shift starts at 4pm and ends at 1am MNL), My sister texted me that she wants to go to Alabang Town Center. I don't go there for shopping alone because I'm too lazy maybe. It's very traffic going there so I opt to go to SM Southmall which is just 5 minutes away from home. So, when I read her text inviting me, there's no hesitation, I took a bath then off we go. 

We're looking for nothing. Just strolling and you know, window shopping for me.. haha! when we passed by this little store in the hallway selling this wonderful bags, I fell in love with it honestly. The bags were colorful and absolutely affordable. It took us 15-20 minutes to choose the bag we want. It is really hard to select which one you'll buy because everything's adorable! 

This was the bag I chose for me. I just thought that it was so me! Simple yet gorgeous! kidding.. hahaha! :)
Thanks to ate who bought this bag for me 50% off.. hehe! It's nice to have sisters.. They are your critic but your partner in crimes! :) Hooray for sisters! :)

This store is available at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa and Glorietta 3, Makati City. The bags they are selling is limited edition so there are only a few who would have it. You can request them to reproduce the style you want (depending on the availability of their materials) for additional Php200. You can visit their web page here for more info.

with love..
- Jen :)

*The other photos from this blog came from Queen Street's official facebook page at

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Summer Looks

This look was intentionally made for summer outfits. Basically, I just want to show up the new shorts I bought last week. Hahaha! It was for 300php. The others were old clothes and things  I had before. As you noticed, I didnt bother putting any accessories on it. I just don't want it. Haha! Im not a fan of accessories really. :)

Top | Vintage
Shorts | No brand (belt included)
Bag | Kimbel
Hat | Vintage

- Jen :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The usual ones!

Blazer | no brand
Inner wear | BW
Belt | no brand
Jeans | Jag jeans
Shoes | Parisian

These is what you can see usually I wear during office hours. They are so strict to dress code. You can't even wear skirts above the knee, even just for an inch. It should always be knee length. Huhuhu! I can't wear my dresses I had before. FYI, I always wear dresses back then. I have this thinking that it's alright to buy a dress worth 1,000php than a jeans and a top alone (hahaha! Kuripot!). Yes, I am, indeed. The photos were taken by me so don't expect something good on it. I only use a handy camera (don't have a budget for DSLR yet! ). Aside from that, I don't have much time to edit the photos as Im about to go to work. 

So, going back on the dress code we have in the office, just to be on the safe side, I always wear jeans which I somewhat hate now because it emphasize my legs which are undeniably huge! hahaha.. Not just that, It makes my leg hairs go thicker and longer! Well, it is thick and long already since then.. haha! I just had my half leg waxed April this year and I liked it yet I can't wax it now because of the dress code. I don't have much skirts and dresses that are knee lengths to wear. So bad!! :( 

Anyway, you can hype this look in 

- Jen :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apartment 8 Clothing

My sister introduced me to a store in Glorietta, Makati. She used to go there when she was still working in various branch of BPI. The store was awesome. It looks like a tiange for rich people! haha! . but really, I enjoyed going there. You have a lot of store to choose from that you can't find on other stores outside. One of the stores I fell in love with was Apartment 8 Clothing. I just love their styles. 

Jen. :)

*The photos from this post came from Apartment 8's official facebook page at

Me, Clothes and the Self-timer!

Dress | Petite Monde

Shoes | Parisian

This dress was sold to me by my sister. I always have a second thought to wear this dress as I think, it makes me look fat. So, just to try it out, I decided to wear and took picture of it. :)

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Celebrant

Pancit Bihon for 6 persons
Delicious Barbeque
Newly added on my favorites, Pichi-pichi! yuuumm!! :)
Happy 22nd Birthday to me!! I was so happy that day. My boyfriend and I shared the expenses of buying these food. I tried to convince him not to buy any food at all because it was no longer my birthday (15/06/12. I was on leave that day, my gift for myself) but he insisted so what I thought of just calling AMBER for delivery. I had my sister to call them and place the order about 11am. We were told that delivery will take about an hour and a half. So far they only have 4 branches and one nearest from us was the branch in Sucat. So I would definitely understand that it would take that long. 

Would you imagine how cheap but delicious their food are? In just Php1254, We were able to buy all these. It can accommodate 6 persons unlike if you cooked yourself. Not just it is expensive, it will also waste your time and energy. 

You can pay them a visit online HERE. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. :)

See you mates
Jen :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off to Lazer Extreme.. :)

Top | from Mom slightly altered
Belt | no brand
Shorts | Tiange
Shoes | from Mom's
shades | Pacific Blue 

I bought the bag from an old friend.. :)

My team was given an opportunity to go to Lazer Extreme at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City for FREE. We won the best seller of the week so I didn't let it pass. The top as I said was slightly altered as it was not my size when my mom bought it. It was supposed to be for her yet she didn't find it good at her so she gave it to me.. :)

The Lazer Extreme was so exciting. I enjoyed it a lot honestly. It was a good exercise I think. We sweat like we had aerobics. Aside from the game we had for 20 minutes, we had free food as well courtesy of our clients.. Yum! :)

- jen

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