Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Celebrant

Pancit Bihon for 6 persons
Delicious Barbeque
Newly added on my favorites, Pichi-pichi! yuuumm!! :)
Happy 22nd Birthday to me!! I was so happy that day. My boyfriend and I shared the expenses of buying these food. I tried to convince him not to buy any food at all because it was no longer my birthday (15/06/12. I was on leave that day, my gift for myself) but he insisted so what I thought of just calling AMBER for delivery. I had my sister to call them and place the order about 11am. We were told that delivery will take about an hour and a half. So far they only have 4 branches and one nearest from us was the branch in Sucat. So I would definitely understand that it would take that long. 

Would you imagine how cheap but delicious their food are? In just Php1254, We were able to buy all these. It can accommodate 6 persons unlike if you cooked yourself. Not just it is expensive, it will also waste your time and energy. 

You can pay them a visit online HERE. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. :)

See you mates
Jen :)

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