Saturday, June 23, 2012

Go crazy over Queen Street!

To be quite honest with everyone, I'm not into bags. It's very rare that I'll buy one. I often use bags whatever is available. Say for instance I bought one, I will be using it for the rest of it's life until it die. Hahaha! Maybe because my mom often say "Bumili ka na naman ng bago eh meron ka pa jan!". So from then, I usually spend my money on clothes and shoes than accessories and bags. 

Yesterday, June 22, I woke up around 12nn (my shift starts at 4pm and ends at 1am MNL), My sister texted me that she wants to go to Alabang Town Center. I don't go there for shopping alone because I'm too lazy maybe. It's very traffic going there so I opt to go to SM Southmall which is just 5 minutes away from home. So, when I read her text inviting me, there's no hesitation, I took a bath then off we go. 

We're looking for nothing. Just strolling and you know, window shopping for me.. haha! when we passed by this little store in the hallway selling this wonderful bags, I fell in love with it honestly. The bags were colorful and absolutely affordable. It took us 15-20 minutes to choose the bag we want. It is really hard to select which one you'll buy because everything's adorable! 

This was the bag I chose for me. I just thought that it was so me! Simple yet gorgeous! kidding.. hahaha! :)
Thanks to ate who bought this bag for me 50% off.. hehe! It's nice to have sisters.. They are your critic but your partner in crimes! :) Hooray for sisters! :)

This store is available at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa and Glorietta 3, Makati City. The bags they are selling is limited edition so there are only a few who would have it. You can request them to reproduce the style you want (depending on the availability of their materials) for additional Php200. You can visit their web page here for more info.

with love..
- Jen :)

*The other photos from this blog came from Queen Street's official facebook page at


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