Saturday, June 30, 2012

Traffic Signs

Hey! I'm back! :) Sorry guys, was not able to keep you up to date on my blog. Anyway, I would like to share to you the things I did this Saturday, last day of my birth month. My boyfriend has a classmate in college who invited us for a seminar. He has joined a networking that sell products in the market. I originally agreed to go with my boyfriend because I'm planning to have some extra income/business of my own. It was half past 6 in the evening when we meet up with his another classmate/friend somewhere in Pasay. Lucky, my boyfriend's classmate has a car so we don't have to spend any for transportation. Unfortunately, we got caught by traffic enforcers twice for 2 violations!. Epic fail! Pfff! I don't even know if it's a violation or not. Just so you know, I don't drive :( Poor Lucky.  I entitled this entry a "traffic Sign" because of the trouble we had while on the road.

So, enough of the story along the way. I had so much fun on the seminar. It was really an interactive one. I didn't even got sleepy or bored which I use to during a seminar/training. Hahaha! We'll it was a good line of business I think but I'm still having a second thought.

Right after, we ate in KFC (my favorite) at One Julia Vargas, Pasig. I considered it a dinner, I just don't know with Lucky and my boyfriend, Daryl. Haha! Oh! By the way, I was not able to take picture of what I was wearing that day. I just don't feel taking picture of it as I don't find something catchy anyway.

1,2,3.. click! Thank you again Self timer!

Hmmm.. :)
As you see I was just wearing a racer back top from Betty at SM Dept Store then I top it off with a 3/4s cardigan (no brand). I finished the look with a denim mini skirt. I don't know if there's a dress code on that seminar, since all my jeans were in laundry bin already, just to be safe, I wore a mini skirt. haha! :) At the same time, it was raining all night so think, wearing a skirt would not give me any hassle at all unlike jeans.

Have a lovely July 1st dearests
-Jen :)

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