Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The usual ones!

Blazer | no brand
Inner wear | BW
Belt | no brand
Jeans | Jag jeans
Shoes | Parisian

These is what you can see usually I wear during office hours. They are so strict to dress code. You can't even wear skirts above the knee, even just for an inch. It should always be knee length. Huhuhu! I can't wear my dresses I had before. FYI, I always wear dresses back then. I have this thinking that it's alright to buy a dress worth 1,000php than a jeans and a top alone (hahaha! Kuripot!). Yes, I am, indeed. The photos were taken by me so don't expect something good on it. I only use a handy camera (don't have a budget for DSLR yet! ). Aside from that, I don't have much time to edit the photos as Im about to go to work. 

So, going back on the dress code we have in the office, just to be on the safe side, I always wear jeans which I somewhat hate now because it emphasize my legs which are undeniably huge! hahaha.. Not just that, It makes my leg hairs go thicker and longer! Well, it is thick and long already since then.. haha! I just had my half leg waxed April this year and I liked it yet I can't wax it now because of the dress code. I don't have much skirts and dresses that are knee lengths to wear. So bad!! :( 

Anyway, you can hype this look in lookbook.nu 

- Jen :)

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