Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starting to get Boho

x maxi skirt (dress made as a skirt) from bazaar
x lace top and high low blazer no brand
x flat beaded sandals from Boardwalk
x sequined bag gift

This is what I wore yesterday to work. My sister gave me an idea to wear a long skirt since it was raining. (She was throwing a joke so when I wear one, I'll have a hard time walking.. Haha!) I thought about it and said to myself.. Why not?! So I looked on my closet and found this dress. It has a garter on the bust area that got broke  (The garter on it will make the dress fit from bust are to waist) so I can't wear it as a dress anymore because I will look pregnant! Haha. Instead I made it as a skirt and used the lace top and blazer. The top was given by mom she bought at random stores and I bought the blazer at a supermarket (puregold! Can you imagine they have one?). I challenged myself with this outfit because you never get to see me wearing a long skirt before. I never wore something boho. But since my fahion inspiration was TWR of Cheyser Pedregosa, I still tried it. I used the bag that was given to me by my brother's girlfriend since it will add more characteristics on my outfit and yes indeed, I feel so Boho! Did I? Did I give justice to the skirt? Hope you like it. :)

xx TheFashionAddict

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am loving accessories

x top from nothing but H20
x shorts from bazaar
x braided necklace from Quirkypedia

It will be a quick outfit post just to show you my new acquired necklace from quirkypedia. I wore this last weekend when I get home from Daryl's (my boyfriend) house. It was 2 in one necklace I got for Php250 ($5.95) the other which was a tassel necklace was on the previous post here. Hope you like this. :)

I hate the weather today because it's raining. But you know what I did? naligo nlng ako sa ulan! hahaha!
So how was your day then? 

xx TheFashionAddict

I was late for SONA

x dress from bazaar
x white crochet blazer from mom's closet
x necklace from Quirkypedia

It's been a long time since I had an outfit post. Pardon as I don't have much time doing that this past couple of days. I just feel tired without doing anything. haha! A very lame reason I know.
By the way, this is what I wore in the office, can't remember the exact day though. I was having a second thought wearing it because of our dress code. I'm thinking they might say that the front part was not knee length. :( But, I made myself brave enough to wear it and conquer the memo for the sake of fashion. Hahaha! Oh! If you're wondering, no they didn't give me any memos at all, maybe they were blown away by the dress. haha! When I was in the office, one of the boss said that I looked like I am attending President Pnoy's State of the Nation Address which happened  day or two before I wore this so then the title of this post. Haha! 
I just felt a little bit of being boho when I top it off with the white crochet blazer and put a belt on it to tuck it in one place. Have you notice the necklace? Haha. This was the first outfit post I made with a necklace on. If you've read my previous blog, you'll find out why. 
I was inspired by Cheyser of TWR with this not-so-boho-outfit. Looking to post more of it within the next couple of days. :) Hope you like it. 

<3 TheFashionAddict

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not so Power rangers

Meet my mates! L-R ( me, our boss, neve and jen ) posing whilst working
Yah right! Random post. This entry is definitely non-sense. Haha! I just want to share with you the happenings we had this past friday. It was face painting day and my teammates decided to be the power rangers since we were six. But I don't think we achieved it. hahaha! Our faces reminds me of something that I can't remember. 

This is what you call mural painting. Hahaha! :) Hope you're having a happy weekend so far. How was your day?! :)

xx Jen

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Oh Why?

Well, this blog post is specifically about the giveaway from TWR of Cheyser Pedregosa, a blogger, a fashionista, and an inspiration. She has a week long giveaway for her birthday so go ahead and greet her, your still not late. Hehe! 

Anyway, the reason I joined this giveaway is to mainly of course win the prize which is a Blackberry 9220. Here's a glimpse on how different it is compare to other curves in the market.

Aside from the fact that my phone is almost giving up on me, I also want this to be mine to simply remind me of how inspired I am with Cheyser and how she dress herself. I've always been looking forward for a new post specially an outfit post as it teaches me how to be versatile on every fashion trends. I've been reading other blogs and I can't say anything but great but TWR is absolutely different most specially the person behind it. I've never known her or even met her in person but she definitely caught my attention because of her Boho style which is, everyone knows - eye-catching.

So, just to make this long story short, I badly want to win this Blackberry 9220 from TWR. Prayers for me please?! :)

Happy Birthday Lovely Cheyser.. :)

till my next blog posts dearests! 

xx Jen

Monday, July 23, 2012

AV Wishlist

No wonder that I am updating you of something that I am doing now, It is because Im on leave for me and my boyfriend's 6th year anniversary on July 24th. Thanks to Globe Telecom for binding us together! haha. Yes, we met through text. We've been schoolmates, we even have our rooms near each other and have some common friends but our path never crossed until we graduated from high school. We had a common friend who introduced us to each other. She was my childhood friend. So then that's when the story began. :)

Anyway, I've been looking on some articles in google and reading some blogs about fashion and beauty. I am so curious as to where they bought those clothes that I don't even see in malls. Since I have plenty of time doing nothing today, I was so patient reading couple of other blogs and one of the things I've noticed were SHOES! As I've read (one of my fashion inspiration) Kryz Uy's blog, she said that shoes are very important for her as it makes or breaks a style. I found a website that most of fashion bloggers buy their shoes which was Asian Vogue

Here are some of the shoes I liked the most.

*photos from Asian Vogue's multiply site.

Lovely and colorful platforms.
Aztec Print wedges
I soo like the print. :)
Love the combination of red and black! :)
This was so girly. Love love :)
Im just inlove with red shoes. it makes your feet whiter! :)
The basic! :)
This one will bring the best out of your rock chic image! :)
As you noticed, I'm really into red and black shoes, a colorful one depends on it's styles. So, these are my wishlist from Asian Vogue.

Which one do you prefer?

Till my next update Loves! :)

----> Jen <----

Accessories for me : Quirkypedia

Again, Let me apologise for not being able to update you of what's going on. I'm really busy at work that most of the time, I wake up, take a bath, then off to work. That's my everyday routine so Im sorry for not putting entries lately. Im guilty that it is only every weekends that I get to visit my accounts. :(

Anyway, I've been discovering new finds nowadays and I am so loving it. I just can't believe that there are lots of places to shop aside from the very well known malls here in Manila. It is even cheaper. You'll get to find things that you won't even see anywhere here in Metro. I am a type of person who hates when I see someone wearing the same exact dress, top, shorts or whatever. Well, not really hate them, I just feel awkward. It feels like you're looking at yourself on mirrors. Hahaha! Do you feel the same way? or was it just me? lol. 

Right, so let me share to you the things I've learned this past few days/weeks. One of the shops I'm eyeing now is Quirkypedia. I've been looking on other blogs as well and in lookbook when I noticed that most of them buy their accessories here. If you've read my previous entries or even just scan my pictures, Im not really into accessories. I had this experience before that I wore a very cheap earrings, my earlobe got itchy after sometime wearing it and it got to the point where it has wounds on it. From then on, I stopped wearing accessories specially earrings and necklaces. 

Going back to Quirkypedia, I browsed through the items Khai (the owner/designer) was selling and I fell in love with it. It was colorful, youthful looking and very fashionable. Not just that, I prefer this type of accessories because of my fear of those materials that are not hypoallergenic. So, after sometime thinking of which one I'll buy, I end up buying a pair of necklaces for a cheap price. Well, they were on a mid year sale when I bought it but still, it was cheap compare to those that are being sold in malls. I ordered a set of a colorful braid type necklace (sorry, I'm not sure what it is called) with a tassel necklace. It was two in price of one. I bought it for Php250 (on sale) and usually for Php300 then paid for shipping. *shipping fee varies I believe; better ask when you purchase. Anyway, you will receive a text from her to confirm. She has several payment options as well so you can choose what's best for you.

Let me share you the very lovely and the coolest accessories I found which are definitely on my wishlist. For limited stocks only, so you better hurry peeps! :) 

*photos were grabbed at Quirkypedia's facebook account.
This is my new favorite and will definitely buy this by the end of july. Do you like it as well? :)
There are a lot of other colors for this kind of arm candies that you can choose from. Im just inlove with pink and red . :)
A closer look for the one I love. :)
This is what I bought. You can even have the third picture as your bracelet. Multi-purpose right? :)
Cute! So "kikay" with the ribbon! :)

There you have it. There are a lot of accessories and styles that you can choose from. I put the one's I like the most. You can browse through her site at Quirkypedia, follow the instructions (better read the terms and conditions), submit the order form. I can guarantee that you will receive a confirmation from her on your mobile then you'll have your order in 2 days as soon as you made a payment. Easy right? :)

so which one is your favorite?!

Till my next post loves! :)

----> Jen <----

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fish Tail Braid

I would like to share to everyone the achievement I had a while ago before posting this entry. I have nothing to do online, I can't think of anything to blog about, I have no one to talk to because my boyfriend, and my two brothers were having a drinking session. So, I am all alone here.. vain.. :(

I was so interested learning about other types of braid even when I was young but I always have a second thought because of the type of the hair I have. If you notice, my hair was thick and porous so people always say that it is hard to manage and to put a style on. I have no choice but to tie my hair up. I decided to have my hair rebonded on a salon near home almost 2 years ago and really, I never regret doing so. My hair grew fast and ended up getting the same type of hair I had before, The only difference was, there were still part of my hair that has been rebonded so the bottom part of it still has a color from cellophane. I know once I have my hair trimmed, I'll have the same me. 

Since my hair grew long again, I have been doing another style on it aside on putting it up on a pony tail. I had some braids on it on days that I feel like doing so. I always wish that someone would be patient enough to teach me another type of braid but it's always been a dream. :(

Alright, so what I did to end this boredom of not doing anything was to browse some video in youtube. I found this braid tutorial here. I watched it for about 3-5 times to picture it on my mind then I tried it out.  I got so frustrated on first one, two, three tries but finally! Whilst on the middle part of the braid, near end, I am suddenly seeing the result. I feel excited to finish it even my fingers were getting hurt, I made it! soo.. 

TADA! :)

Im sorry, it's messy.. Haha! definitely my first time. :)

As you notice, I divided the hair in 2 section to try it on. 

I am not fully decided if I'll be making another post of how I achieve this. I am starting to love it :)

So what do you think me having this hairstyle? why don't you try it?! It's absolutely no harm. :)

Till my next post. Goodnight loves.
----> jen <----

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The old Rose

Dress | Bazaar

It's been a while now since the last time I post an entry here. Im sorry for the busy schedule. This dress was bought from the Superb sale bazaar at SM Mall of Asia. This was for my niece but she was too young for this dress. You know what I mean?! haha! 

This was so lovely that I can't stop looking at it. It's stretchable at the back so it can fit small to medium frame. I super like the skirt which is so bouncy. I remember those princesses on cartoons. Haha! I saw a bag somewhere in the house that fits the color of the dress then finished the look by wearing a boots. 

I am indeed excited on July 13-15 for another bazaar at World Trade Center. It'll be best If ypu'll come early so you can get the best clothes, accessories and shoes. See y'all there! 
Till my next post! 

P.S Don't forget to hype my looks in Lookbook.nu. :)

Love Love,
- Jen :)