Monday, July 23, 2012

AV Wishlist

No wonder that I am updating you of something that I am doing now, It is because Im on leave for me and my boyfriend's 6th year anniversary on July 24th. Thanks to Globe Telecom for binding us together! haha. Yes, we met through text. We've been schoolmates, we even have our rooms near each other and have some common friends but our path never crossed until we graduated from high school. We had a common friend who introduced us to each other. She was my childhood friend. So then that's when the story began. :)

Anyway, I've been looking on some articles in google and reading some blogs about fashion and beauty. I am so curious as to where they bought those clothes that I don't even see in malls. Since I have plenty of time doing nothing today, I was so patient reading couple of other blogs and one of the things I've noticed were SHOES! As I've read (one of my fashion inspiration) Kryz Uy's blog, she said that shoes are very important for her as it makes or breaks a style. I found a website that most of fashion bloggers buy their shoes which was Asian Vogue

Here are some of the shoes I liked the most.

*photos from Asian Vogue's multiply site.

Lovely and colorful platforms.
Aztec Print wedges
I soo like the print. :)
Love the combination of red and black! :)
This was so girly. Love love :)
Im just inlove with red shoes. it makes your feet whiter! :)
The basic! :)
This one will bring the best out of your rock chic image! :)
As you noticed, I'm really into red and black shoes, a colorful one depends on it's styles. So, these are my wishlist from Asian Vogue.

Which one do you prefer?

Till my next update Loves! :)

----> Jen <----

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