Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fish Tail Braid

I would like to share to everyone the achievement I had a while ago before posting this entry. I have nothing to do online, I can't think of anything to blog about, I have no one to talk to because my boyfriend, and my two brothers were having a drinking session. So, I am all alone here.. vain.. :(

I was so interested learning about other types of braid even when I was young but I always have a second thought because of the type of the hair I have. If you notice, my hair was thick and porous so people always say that it is hard to manage and to put a style on. I have no choice but to tie my hair up. I decided to have my hair rebonded on a salon near home almost 2 years ago and really, I never regret doing so. My hair grew fast and ended up getting the same type of hair I had before, The only difference was, there were still part of my hair that has been rebonded so the bottom part of it still has a color from cellophane. I know once I have my hair trimmed, I'll have the same me. 

Since my hair grew long again, I have been doing another style on it aside on putting it up on a pony tail. I had some braids on it on days that I feel like doing so. I always wish that someone would be patient enough to teach me another type of braid but it's always been a dream. :(

Alright, so what I did to end this boredom of not doing anything was to browse some video in youtube. I found this braid tutorial here. I watched it for about 3-5 times to picture it on my mind then I tried it out.  I got so frustrated on first one, two, three tries but finally! Whilst on the middle part of the braid, near end, I am suddenly seeing the result. I feel excited to finish it even my fingers were getting hurt, I made it! soo.. 

TADA! :)

Im sorry, it's messy.. Haha! definitely my first time. :)

As you notice, I divided the hair in 2 section to try it on. 

I am not fully decided if I'll be making another post of how I achieve this. I am starting to love it :)

So what do you think me having this hairstyle? why don't you try it?! It's absolutely no harm. :)

Till my next post. Goodnight loves.
----> jen <----

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