Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starting to get Boho

x maxi skirt (dress made as a skirt) from bazaar
x lace top and high low blazer no brand
x flat beaded sandals from Boardwalk
x sequined bag gift

This is what I wore yesterday to work. My sister gave me an idea to wear a long skirt since it was raining. (She was throwing a joke so when I wear one, I'll have a hard time walking.. Haha!) I thought about it and said to myself.. Why not?! So I looked on my closet and found this dress. It has a garter on the bust area that got broke  (The garter on it will make the dress fit from bust are to waist) so I can't wear it as a dress anymore because I will look pregnant! Haha. Instead I made it as a skirt and used the lace top and blazer. The top was given by mom she bought at random stores and I bought the blazer at a supermarket (puregold! Can you imagine they have one?). I challenged myself with this outfit because you never get to see me wearing a long skirt before. I never wore something boho. But since my fahion inspiration was TWR of Cheyser Pedregosa, I still tried it. I used the bag that was given to me by my brother's girlfriend since it will add more characteristics on my outfit and yes indeed, I feel so Boho! Did I? Did I give justice to the skirt? Hope you like it. :)

xx TheFashionAddict


  1. I like the skirt! Really a vintage piece!


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    2. Hi Paulina, you almost have the same name with my eldest sister. Hehe! This skirt was actually a dress I bought from bazaars about maybe 1 or 2 years ago. Thank you for visiting my blog. I've been following yours and you're an absolute gorgeous. :)


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