Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Oh Why?

Well, this blog post is specifically about the giveaway from TWR of Cheyser Pedregosa, a blogger, a fashionista, and an inspiration. She has a week long giveaway for her birthday so go ahead and greet her, your still not late. Hehe! 

Anyway, the reason I joined this giveaway is to mainly of course win the prize which is a Blackberry 9220. Here's a glimpse on how different it is compare to other curves in the market.

Aside from the fact that my phone is almost giving up on me, I also want this to be mine to simply remind me of how inspired I am with Cheyser and how she dress herself. I've always been looking forward for a new post specially an outfit post as it teaches me how to be versatile on every fashion trends. I've been reading other blogs and I can't say anything but great but TWR is absolutely different most specially the person behind it. I've never known her or even met her in person but she definitely caught my attention because of her Boho style which is, everyone knows - eye-catching.

So, just to make this long story short, I badly want to win this Blackberry 9220 from TWR. Prayers for me please?! :)

Happy Birthday Lovely Cheyser.. :)

till my next blog posts dearests! 

xx Jen

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