Friday, August 3, 2012

To die for!

It was a normal day for us with my friend, Janina when we decided to have dinner at some random fastfood then went straight to Starbucks nearby. She said she wanted to eat Oreo Cheesecake (wondering what it looks like since the only oreo cheesecake I have tasted was with Sophie's Mom during bazaar at World Trade Center, which was a taste of heaven don't get me wrong. A must try! No wonder it was their best selling pastry! Yumm.. ). 
She used our BT reward card which were our incentive goes. She bought a slice since I opt to eat just to taste it. When it came, I said to myself, so? 'tis is it? is this the Php115 she spent? Argh! A waste! ( Haha! A real time "kuripot" ).

Until I got the chance to taste it. Oh dear?! Is it the Php115? It's worth the taste really.  I don't exactly know how it taste like but definitely a slice will not just let you forget your name, but will keep you coming back for it! Aaah.. It's a piece of cake to die for! :) More please? I don't care with the diet plans now! Hahaha. 
Better cut it here, I'm already daydreaming about it. 
Hoping you guys have a good day. :)

xx TheFashionAddict


  1. OMG! craving for this now!
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Blog: Oh it's Juno

    1. Oh! me too.. hope I won't gain another pounds or two because of it, or maybe more! Haha. Thank you for visiting my blog dear! :)Have checked yours too and your outfits are all wonderful!


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