Saturday, August 4, 2012

A sudden movie date

Hello there guys! Rainy evening to everyone. Today was my dad's 60th and niece's 10th birthdy. We have no much of foods nor went out together to eat somewhere to celebrate so I have no pictures to show you as well. Hehe. 
I accompanied my sister at SM Southmall to have their luggage fixed. We went to Samsonite to have it fixed but the type of wheel that got broke is now obsolete so they have no way fixing it at all. We then went to Mr. Quickie and said they will be able to so we left the luggage there and went to some stores to look for nothing (window shopping really! hehe.)
Until we decided to watch a movie "The Healing" of Vilma Santos. The movie was great. It was thrilling yet funny because of Pokwang and other supporting casts. It was a must watch movie. There were parts of the movie where it shows bloody and gross death of other characters but definitely not too much which I adore because not all of Filipino movies do that, I mean, it's either it will be cut or not shown at all. You know what I mean?! 
The loveliest part I love was where the friends of Vilma, died. Heheh. FYI, I love horror, thriller movies and the likes specially those with the killings and ghosts. hehe.
The scariest movie I've watched was the Insidious. Even it was couple of days after me and Daryl watched it, I'm still scared. i can't even watch it alone.. :)

So what do you think about the movie? Tell me how you feel after. 
Hope you are having a good weekend loves! 

xx jen of TheFandabidozidiary xx

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