Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sunday

Had nothing to this Sunday. We supposed to have a massage done today with Daryl but we were told that they were fully booked so we had it re-scheduled for next week. So, as an alternative, we went to Sm Southmall after I had my nails done myself. Hehe!
I polished it with royal blue for a change to try something new since you can always see me in red or  african plum colors. I'll show you not so good photos since I am only using Nokia X2.

Bebe Daryl, trying out the Cheesetop Burger
Can't get enough of their bucket of fries! Oh, How I love it!
After less than 3 minutes.. heheh
A really finger lickin' good!!
Bebe smiling for me! Hehe.

Buying chicha for tonight..
Waaa.. This is how grocery looks like every sunday! A Long line at the cashier! :(
Here's another shot!

This is how my Sunday went. How about you?

xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary xx

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