Monday, August 20, 2012

Backlog Post

Hi there guys! I am really sorry about not being able to update my blog. Blame it on my netbook.. The charger got broke which really made me sad.. Hehe! As what I have told you on my previous posts, I have emotional attachment to all the things I own. Fortunately, the netbook itself is working fine, it just needs a new charger. :)
At the same time, my family and I, along with my boyfriend was out for vacation. I'll blog about it later. I had so much of backlog because of the problem I had with my netbook. Well, for now I was using my boyfriend Daryl's netbook which is exactly the same with mine so it isn't hard for me to maneuver. 

Here's what I had last saturday and sunday. 

xx photo of my boyfriend
xx my royal blue nail polish (the slipper was not mine)
xx Braided hair courtesy of my eldest sister
xx the longest hair I got on my entire life.. :)
xx the pa "cute" post
xx Chinese style Chicken from Chowking
xx my bebe Daryl, serious about eating
xx Shanghai rolls
xx Halo-halo, perfect for summer eh?! 
xx New in.. Kicks from SM Dept. Store. Buy one get one Free. :) 

I got this new in shoes for only 400php. I fell in love with color mustard so then I chose the other pair in pink.. so girly. Hahaha.. 

Here's for now. Hope you love the shoes as well.. :)

xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary

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