Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Digital Traincase at Multiply

I would like to share with you guys what I've been up to this last couple of days. I was not able to take any outfit shots a lot of times due to my not-so-good-work-schedules. Most of the time, I see other bloggers took their outfit shots outside where the sunlight has it's best which I really envy because all I use on this outfit shots are 
1.) My two year old digital camera and it's self timer from Olympus 
2.) the bedroom space 
3.)Photobucket.com (to at least edit some photos with not very good lighting or at least to have a standard lights and consistency on photos.)
By the way, I didn't go to work on friday afternoon because I was not feeling well so to stop the boredom at home, I had my best friend with me, My netbook! Whew! Thanks, Sun Broadband for the liable connection at home.
Right! I had a lot of story to tell ya?! Hahaha.
Going back on what the entry's title, I have been browsing multiply a lot nowadays because they offer variety of products for a reasonable price plus I was reading my ever trusted blogger TWR of Cheyser Pedregosa who's also buying stuff's there. See? she influences me a lot! Haha.
What I have ordered was a Lip Matte from Nyx at Digital Traincase. Basically, I did what I have to do then to my surprise, it arrived sooner that I expected. I ordered it Saturday morning about 1 am and it arrived Monday about 3pm (what I thought was it might take sometime). Since they were located in Ortigas, it came early. 

To my excitement, I opened it. It made me happier because it is what I expected it to be. I tried it out and boom! just kept on pouting my lips hahaha! :) 
Well, really I have never seen such thing before maybe because I am not a fan of a lipstick nor lip gloss or basically cosmetics in general. But what I have got now was different. 
I applied it on my lips, it has a fruity smell which will make you feel like eating it, doesn't taste anything at all, and it wasn't heavy wearing it. I mean, it's as if I'm not wearing anything at all. I put it on and it stayed for couple of hours. I even ate during my 15 minute break and to my surprise, it was still on.The longer it stays, the beautiful it gets. 
waaa.. I am definitely addicted to it. 
It's as if I want to buy all the colors available! hahaha. I was bragging how happy I am during work hours and made my friend try it. Well she liked it too.. Better buy one ladies. It's a must have for girls who's always on the go, not fond of having a full make up on or just having an everyday look! :)

Oh By the way, the picture was the necklace from a friend/officemate, Cal. She said she saw it somewhere which reminds her of me so she bought it. She sold it to me for Php180 ($4 approx). Wasn't it nice? I wore it at work, stack it with an old necklace I wore on my previous outfit post (which Cal fixed for FREE because the lock was broken.. Thanks much Cal!)

I put on a heart shape, I don't know why.. Hahah! 
It was raining all day! OMG.. How were you guys? Hope you're not experiencing floods and the likes! Stay safe.. :)

xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary xx

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