Friday, August 24, 2012

Frustrated Bandage Skirt

I got this outfit post on my mind for the last couple of days. Really, I am looking for a colorful bandage skirt that came out in the market recently and has been one of the trending outfits in bazaar that I've been to. As I have mentioned in the past, there's a bazaar near our office at Northgate Cyberzone in Alabang, Muntinlupa every Wednesday to Friday weekly. Whenever I get the chance to buy one, I can't find the color that I want. Grr! :(

So to my frustration, I looked into my closet to check all the clothes I have until I found one which is a tube top I bought in Baguio City a long time ago and I thought would be nice to use  as a skirt. So then I tried it out and I think it went well with the chiffon sleeveless top. At the same time, I am itching to have an outfit post wearing the shoes I bought from Chick Flick Collection. Here's what I ended up... 

x top from bazaar
x skirt from Baguio (tube top used as a skirt)
x Tassel necklace and headpiece from Quirkypedia
x Black Strap Wedge from  Chick Flick Collection
x Bracelets from Mom

Did you like the post? I don't know what came up on my mind getting a headpiece. haha! I just thought that it will be nicer, at the same time to support the color of the tassel necklace. What would think? Yap or yay?! Hehe. 

Gotta sleep now. Thank God it's Friday!! :) 

x Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary 


  1. You've got the coolest, quirky (in a great way) style! Love how you styled it, dear!

    Stop by when you get the chance :)

    1. Hi dear! Thanks for dropping by! Got the chance to view yours and it was fantastic! :)


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