Monday, August 27, 2012

iLove Laybare

I never thought of having my unwanted hair waxed. I do have friends who were shaving their legs to avoid those annoying hair, I asked them and they were convincing me to do the same since my legs were hairy. I mean, my legs doesnt look like a leg of a girl. I wasn't lucky to get the perfect legs but I accept the fact that we all have indifference. (pampalubag-loob - in English Consolation/'Salve for the inner self' from Wikipedia) hehehe!. 

My sister has her legs waxed all the time. She introduced me to it but I am not brave enough like her to try it. Im afraid that it will look odd after the session until I gave in (She has a convincing power!). Before we go to Boracay, April this year, I decided to go to her trusted waxing salon - Lay Bare Waxing Salon. I remembered my first time having my underarm and half legs at SM Center Las Pinas being waxed. I am so nervous, hahaha! and my sister kept on saying "It's fine, it doesnt hurt". Until I got my turn. I was lying on the bed when ate,  had her ball of wax and started on my legs. Waaaaa! I almost freaked out, hahah! But nah, it didn't hurt. I have not tried any other wax salon so don't ask me to compare it to others. I've heard that there were other ways/wax that were used but Lay-Bare is using a ball of wax. That's all I can say, not really know what it was called. Hehe.

photo from Lay-Bare Facebook Page

Since then, when I get the opportunity, I always go to Lay Bare Waxing Salon to take care of my legs and underarm. People were so accommodating and friendly. I always go to Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa. 

I didn't personally want to have the other part of my body being waxed, like the arms, back, full legs etc because I'm fine with it. 

So when you see your hair, It's time to Lay-Bare. :)

Do you wax your unwanted hairs too?

Back to work tomorrow.. Argh! Noo.. 
Oops. I forgot! My job gets me all these. hehe! Love your job peeps! :)

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xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary


  1. I go to Lay Bare for my waxing too! Haha.
    Wonderful place. Anyways, I've followed
    you now :)


    1. Hi Herlyn, in what salon do you often go?
      Anyway thanks for following me! I'll do the same!

      x jen

  2. Amazing blog!)) You have a new follower!))
    Hope you'll do the same!
    Thank you!))

    1. Hi dear! Thanks for following me! I'll do the same for sure.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting my blog lovely! I'll visit yours.. :)

  4. I tried it too. Love their services. :) It doesn't hurt! <3


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