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Island Hopping at Coron, Palawan

Now I am going to show you the second day of our trip in Coron, Palawan. Unlike our old vacation, it was the shortest and the least activity we did I think, but when we get there and had our Island Hopping on the second day, I was soo tired!I mean, Coron is on of the best place in Philippines. Sooo blessed with picturesque places so it worth the visit.

As we were planning the second day, we had  Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Snorkeling at Siete Pecados, CyC beach and Twin Lagoon on our list, which I thought a short trip. 

Let me tell you what happened on our trip. After having our breakfast, we then went straight to Island hopping. We didn't take advantage of the tour from the hotel as it is a little pricy so we went to the port to haggle. Whilst walking, we were approached by manong who said he can have his brother to be our guide with a banca for only 1800php compare to the hotel's price of 3000php (see?we saved a lot from there!) We then met kuya (forgot name) who accompanied us on our tour.

First stop was Siete Pecados where we had our snorkeling. There were a lot of fish! We were actually a bit scared because we were on the middle of the sea (like the one we had in Boracay). What made us try it? It's because of Kuya tour guide who swam as well and went snorkeling. It was then bebe and kuya allan who went next then it made us all try it except ate. She was scared!! ahaahahahah. kidding! The water is sooo shallow that you can hardly see what's at the bottom but still we enjoyed it. It took us sometime before we went to the our next stop which was the famous "Kayangan Lake".

 Whilst still on the banca, I can't help but say "WOW" becaue of the rock formation and the calm sea, I would say fresh water.(this is where salt water and fresh water meet.. ) When we get there, we went trekking again but not as high as what we had in Mt. Tapyas. We stopped over the viewing deck of the lake and it was again a "WOW". There were lot of people taking pictures so we have to wait for them. Had our turn and got a picture of us one by one. (other photos are with the SLR and the underwater camera of ate).. Went down on the other side of the little mountain then saw the fresh water. It was a bit scary again because it was not the usual beach we've been through. The water is too deep (we don't know how to swim so we were risking our lives with the life jacket handed to us by our guide).. Guess what made us try it?! Clap clap for Kuya guide who swam again with us. I just felt a little safer when he was in the water with us. He was good in swimming so at least if there were shark and whatever that you usually see in movies, he was there to look for us. hahaha! kidding! there were no sharks! He said there was on the other side which we didnt bother going! ahahaha.. This is where we spent a very long time swimming. There were big rocks at the bottom so we need to be careful. There was a cave on the other side of the lake. We went there, kuya said it was 20ft but still, lalai, gelo, ate, bebe and I risk our lives with just a life jacket for the sake of trying it out! hehehe.. (sayang ung entrance fee eh! ) we stayed there for about 5 minutes then went out. I AM SCARED TO DEATH!! when you look down, the water is so clear that you can see what's in the bottom but it was tooooo deeepp!! Kuya didn't let bebe to jump on the cliff because he said it's "nakakalula for him", I won't allow him too.. Patay ako sa nanay nia! hehehe... :) After a while, we suppose to go on another side "Twin Peek" but we skipped it because we were all hungry. 

We went to "Vivian Beach" to eat our lunch (we bought a pack lunch) then took sometime to take pictures. The beach again is not like the other places we've been through but it was still white beach. when I say it's not like the others, the beach was too small but the water and the sand was the same. We proceed to our 3rd stop which was Barracuda lake.Mama and thirdystayed on our banca whilst lalai no longer wants to swim. Gelo, ate, bebe and I went swimming. theycall it barracuda because this is where they saw a Barracuda (fish i think) that eat people like shark! That's what they said. I saw a little lobster as well. We had our snorkeling gear and the vest. We swam again. When ate tried snorkeling, she got scared because again, the water is too deep! It looks like there were buildings in the bottom of the lake! hehehe. it was fresh water again. Gelo, who's not afraid of water, with his vest, followed bebe who went in the middle with kuya guide to jump in a small cliff, gelo tried it himself. My God , can't believe he was that brave!!! :) Ate and I followed gelo because we were trying to stop him from jumping but he won't listen as usual, so swam towards him. Right after he jumped, he left us in the middle and swam towards the entrance. Ate and I got scared of the story barracuda so we were swimming while laughing because we can't swim faster! she was even asking me to drag her!! This was where my legs and feet got tired. 

After some time, we left the lake and went to 4th stop which was the Twin Lagoon. Another scary trip because you have to swim underneath two mountains on a small hole, what made it scary more was the fact that the water again is DEEP! Kuya guide saved us again and let us try it. He swam with us. They said that if it is High tide, the whole can't be seen. Good thing it was low tide already so we were able to pass. It was salt and fresh water again. It was another tiring swim, good thing there was a "Balsa" which kuya guide borrowed and so we were able to get to the middle where the rest balsa (house) was located. Since we were all on the balsa, it was heavy so were a little bit soaked on the water. Still, better than swimming all the way to the middle. It was so amazing to see such place The rock was as if created intentionally, it looks like it was carved but No it wasn't. It was all God's made! We suppose to go to Skeleton Wreck where the old Japanese Ship sank but instead we opt to go to CYC beach for he kids to enjoy more. Anway, we were so scared already to swim on a shallow water, what more if it has a skeleton wreck below. hehehe! We stayed on the beach for a while then went back to hotel just before it got dark. 

Here's a glimpse : 

The photos were only up to Kayangan Lake. I didn't bring the camera anymore because right after this, most of the places we went to were all related to water. The last part we went to was the CYC beach which looked like Virgin Island in Panglao, Bohol .

That's for now dearests!

No work on Monday Aug 27th due to Philippine Holiday and UK Bank Holiday. Yey! 

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  1. Amazing photos, so beautiful:)

    1. hello there! yes indeed.. It was so lovely. Hope you can visit too when you plan to go to Phils someday. :)
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