Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. Tapyas, Coron Palawan

When we arrived at our hotel at Island View Inn, we left our luggages, and took a quick rest. Afterwards, we decided to go out for our lunch. We ate on a local restaurant then went straight back to hotel. We left mama and Thirdy because we know that they will not be able to hike. 

Instead of riding a tricycle, we decided to walk since it was just 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Good thing our we were in city proper so there was no hassle of going to most of their activity spots. 

We bought purified water on a local store before going up to Mt. Tapyas to keep us hydrated. Here are some photos before we went up.

x Thrifted top
x thrifted black denim shorts
x Toeberries Slippers
x Pink Manila Swimsuit
x QueenStreet Bag (Old)
x Accesories from mom

It was really tiring! I mean, your going up on a mountain with stairs which is somewhat more tiring! Bebe and Gelo went up so fast and I wonder why. Well, maybe because bebe (Daryl) was an athlete so he has stored a lot of energy with him then Gelo was a little kid. Hahaha! I don't know, I am getting non-sense now. I just can't get over the fact that I was able to go to the summit and saw a breath-taking views of CORON. After a while, we went to Maquinit Hotspring to ease the pain of going up and down of Mt. tapyas. There's an entrance fee of I think, 100php/each.

I still have a lot of pictures to show but I think it's enough. Haha. I need to go to work ya know?! :)

Hope I brought you the beauty of Coron using these photos. 
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