Friday, August 31, 2012

New In: Bubbles by Tati Buendia

Hello there! Sorry for not being able to update you of anything.. My wireless broadband is going crazy as of the moment. I'm thinking that the sim card and the device is fine, what I can't understand is why it doesn't want to connect to the internet. I have called twice to technical support to look at it but seems that they don't know why as well so I'm not bothering anymore. Soo, here I am, on a computer shop! huhuhu! 

Anyway, I just want to share with you what came to our doorstep yesterday afternoon.. It was the lovelies from BUBBLES. Yesss! You've read it right. I ordered thru the most fashionable online store yet not creating a hole on your pocket. I have ordered this about a week or so ago and it just arrived yesterday. I am in contact with them of course, it just took a while because I asked to customised the item a bit. :)

x arm candies (photo 1 and 2)
x aztec mini skirt

Yey! I finally got an aztec skirt from them. I would say it is one of their best seller. I've seen a lot of blogger wearing their skirt. I got attracted with their arm candies since I'm now into colorful accessories. Seee? As what I have mentioned before I am not really into accessories but I've realized that it adds glam on your simpliest outfit! Would you agree?. 

Off to go and get some sleep.. Just ended our annual physical exam in the office. :)
Thank God it's Friday!

*photos from BUBBLES.

Oh by the way, This is the first day of SM Southmall's 3 day Sale. I love sales, but sorry, not for now! Hehe

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  2. Amazing skirt! Really love it!

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