Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy bee!

Heck! It has been so long since I was able to place an entry or even an outfit post! I know right? I felt guilty when I saw some comments from my lovely reader! I thought it was just me who's reading this blog so I am so happy to know that people are leaving lovely comments on my posts! Believe me, I enjoy reading your thoughts about my entries like any other bloggers out there. For those who were expecting me to visit their blogs and follow them, I'm sorry I haven't due to the fact that I am using a company PC that doesn't have an access to internet except with! hehehe.

I promise to update my blog this coming weekend for an outfit post. :)

Also, please please pray for me! I am having my presentation tonight. I have to present anything under the sun. I chose the topic of travelling since I love it as much as fashion! I applied for a promotion that's why! Waaaaahh! goodluck to me! :)

xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary


  1. Good Luck with tonight! :)
    Thanks for following and I've followed you right back!

    1. yap! the presentation went just fine. just hoping I'll be shortlisted for final interview. :) thanks!


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