Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New In: Gift from Love's Mom

xx (1st photo and 3rd photo) bag given by my boyfriend's mom 
xx (2nd photo) closer look on the bag's design
xx (4th and 5th photos) DIY bracelets

I want to show you what I consider new ins from last week as well. My boyfriend's mom went to Malaysia and got home with these goodies. I was so happy with the bag. I love the color. It looked small but the size inside was big enough to accommodate my trashes! A girl's way of saying messy things inside bags are trashes! hehe. Also, the dress I got was nice as well. I am planning to wear it soon. 

The last photos were bracelets made by yours truly and my sister whom I taught about patterns of doing one. Were actually planning on selling them as well if people would want too. hehehe! :)

I am now waiting for the shortlist of those who pass the trainer post in the office. They were actually looking for 2 trainers. I hope I'll get this one. Hayy.. :'(

Please pray for me! :)

xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary


  1. loving the bag! :)

    I hope you visit my blog and follow it. Thanks!

  2. Hey dear! Sure I wanna follow each other! Started via gfc! Waiting for you!



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