Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The killer wedge

 I think I forgot to mention to you that I am attending a debut. It was my boyfriend's cousin 18th birthday. I honestly can't think of any dress that would be appropriate. I mean, most of my dresses were color black and definitely my mom won't allow me to attend such if I am wearing those colors! You know, for elderly superstitions that really ruins a fashion statement eh? hehe!

Now, Here's what I wore. I might be a little bit familiar on the dress since it was my sister's dress. She wore it here. I thought of just wearing a simple yet head - turning dress. Hehe! It is actually a multi-way dress we bought in Glorietta, Makati last year. It was backless which really challenge your guts to walk while people looking at you. Hahah! Shame! Also my sister did my make up and hair which I really love. I mean it's not that heavy but I felt really confident about it. I really liked the way she shaped my eyebrow. I really don't know how to shape it myself or even put an eyebrow pencil on it so I always ask her to teach me which I never get to learn! hehehe! Poor me.. 

xx multiway dress from The Ramp
xx Shoes(Old) - Parisian
xx Bag - Queen Street
xx Bangle(Old) - genevive

I'm sorry about the quality of the photos. I don't own a DSLR yet much as I want!. I was really tired wearing a 4 inch wedge. I wore it for about 5 hours standing and walking yet my sandals was a feet saver! whew! I almost lost my feet there! haha! "yan ang tinatawag na tiis-ganda! hahaha!"
No longer making sense.. haha! Cut!!

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xx Jen of TheFandabidoziDiary


  1. You're stunning in that nice dress !

    Maybe you'd like to follow me ? I'd follow back then :)
    Have a great day hun !

    1. Thanks Ely!
      I'll be happy too.. I'm just having problems viewing your profile though!


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