Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dress Turned Top

x Dress - Genevive
x Tights - SM Dept store
x Shoes - sister's owned

Whew! I finally got a chance to have an outfit post again. It has been months now I think when I had my last post like this! Haha.. I am too lazy to edit some photos and get on a place where I can do this better yet the only things I have is my room and my old digital camera! So pardon those photos that were not great. Anyway, Christmas is coming so hopefully, I'll get a better one.. :)

I had this dress for 2 years now. I bought this for our company Christmas party. I originally paired it with a yellow shoes since I was not wearing tights before. Due to dress code at work, I have to.. Yes! I have to.. I am sorry to say that we are not allowed to wear those.. you know, not office appropriate. Pfft!
I entitled this post Dress turned top as it is a dress that now looked like a top. I don't know if I got taller than before or was it because of the tights?? or is it because I am just sleepy now? hehe! I liked the back part of this dress. Demure yet sexy.. :)

What do you think about those friendship bracelets by the way? It's my sister who made it. I never regret teaching her those patterns.. I know she'll do great than me. :)

Hope you liked this simple outfit!
Have a nice day ahead. 

xx Jen

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