Friday, November 2, 2012

Travel Post: Cgayan De Oro

Whew! Finally got home from a vacation held at Cagayan De Oro. Every time I am having a long weekend or went somewhere, it wouldn't normally sinks in to me until I get to realize later on that I have been there. Weird eh? 

I am so happy to share to you the things we've been through! I mean, Alright, credits to my eldest sister whose always been working on the itinerary, flight bookings, hotel and everything! My part is just to take photo of her.. easy right? heheh. I was not in the mood to take photos during this trip as it was very tiring.. as in.. no exaggeration! :(
I had 2 hours of sleep only then headed to Daryl's apartment to pack our things in one luggage to avoid the hassle of bringing too many bags. Our flight was around 7:45am, when we arrived to CDO, we took our lunch, then went straight to White Water Rafting proper. "parang wala lang bukas ung mga pinag-gagawa namin di ba? haha!" 
So.. Let me show you some of the photos we had during our first day/flight.

x arrival at CDO
x Hard-headed me at runway
x City of Golden Friendship
x Bf, angelov and me at departure area
x our van transfer to Benoni Port
x Travelers Pod with ate and I along with their sweet welcome drinks

I'll post our pictures during our white water rafting on different entry for sure. For now, I'll leave you with this. Hope I was able to share with some things we've had that day. 

 Sorry if it always takes a while to post something here. :)

xx CDF

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