Monday, November 12, 2012

Travel Post: White Water Rafting

Sunday is over! Yay.. Another busy week. Hopefully I will be able to send you some love thru my entries my lovely readers! 
So, what I am going to share to you are some of the photos and a video taken by Kagay team who assisted us during our White water rafting. 
It was raining couple of days before our flight due to a storm signal in manila along with Visayas part. I'm a bit nervous that there will be a delay on our flight. Anyway, it was announced earlier on that our flight has changed from 4am to 8am that day so definitely, it ruined our itinerary and have to skip the Dahilayan tour - the longest zipline in Asia. :(
Here's one of the video's taken while we were on one of the 14 major rapids we've had. By the way, we took the expert's course with no extra pay! Yey! Caching! Caching! We suppose to be on Advance course but we were only us and another customers they had. So to avoid the hassle and make sure they are able to take pictures of us all together, they decided to give us the experts course. :) Literally big smile!

Let me tell you the stories behind those photos down below.

 1.) The advance course start point
2.) Bebe, my boyfriend, and gelo. According to Kagay team, Gelo was the first kid whose been on experts course! Hail to the new record holder! Haha
3.) Bebe and I, before we start. My heart's pounding like hell due to nervousness.
4.) We're about to start!! Eeeh! They were telling us what to do.
5.) One of the rapids
6.) High five team!! 
7.)  This part was so silent, I mean there were no big stones or rapids so it's safe to go down and swim a little bit.
8 and 9.) It was raining really hard when this photo was taken. We stopped by to take photos! The place were not so ordinary. C'mon, Im from the city so everything's not odinary! eh?!
10.) Finish line! 

It's almost 6pm I think when we finished the whole rafting procedure. It was so tiring. I am so sleepy and cold as I didn't get the chance to change the clothes since it's about to go dark and the restrooms were dark. So we took some of our towels to cover us up while we were on the way back to hotel. I slept for the entire trip back. The CD was brought to us the same night. 

Having those adventure were nerve wrecking at first, but is fulfilling at the end. Woo! waiting for another trip. :)

I have changed my blog title again and at last! I think I was able to find the perfect one! 

Hope you'll have a great week.


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