Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Travel Post: Camiguin's White Island

I have not been able to continue blogging about our Cagayan De Oro days since I am busy thinking about our new trip. Anyway, it ended last weekend so then I have now a time to tell you the last part of our tour.
During the third day of our trip, we were all so tired but we still have one last thing to enjoy in Camiguin - The White Island. It is said to be seen only on low tides (like Panglao Virgin Island in Bohol) but it is all gone during high tide. I am indeed so happy to see the small white island. I am really a beach bum who doesn't even know how to swim! Poor me! haha. I just love the sea, the sands and everything else. Haayy.. I hope I can always go to some places like these with no hassle at all. 
So, here's some of the photos I/we took during our valuable time in White Island. We only have about 30-45 minutes to enjoy before we pack our things back to Cagayan De oro where we will have our plane back to Manila. See? so much things to do with such a small amount of time, :(

x My sister having the tour arranged
x Paras Beach Resort
x A view of the island while we were on our way
x Mom and my 2 yr old nephew playing on the sand
x yours truly :) background view are some of the volcanoes in Camiguin
x My nephew Angelov
x It's my boyfriend digging a hole. He always does that whenever he is on the beach, making traps! 
x me and my mom. I had the best smile and she looks like she's cursing me! 
x look at the sea water, it is so crystal clear. Please disregard my pose! :)

Right after this, we headed back to Cagayan De Oro chasing our flight to Manila. We took a ship to Misamis Oriental then a bus. It is about 2 hours of waiting. We arrived about 2pm in CDO mainland which is more or less an hour before our flight. Not much time to eat for lunch instead we went to airport straight away. It was one heck of a tiring day but it was a lesson though. :)

It's a wrap everyone! I'll be having another travel post soon. Haha! Hoping for an outfit post. :)

See you soon!