Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arrival at Laoag - Balay Da Blas

It was a very long journey going to Laoag. We left Manila around 10pm and we arrived in Laoag at around 8am. I am so tired sitting, almost got a stiff neck and had the feeling of sleeping but not sleeping at all.. Haha! Silly but yes, it was indeed very very tiring. 

We headed to the nearest tricycle point and asked them to bring us to Balay da Blas. It was 5 minutes away from the bus terminal which was so convenient as my butt doesn't want to sit any longer. haha! We suppose to have a rented van to bring us to our hotel but Kuya Vincent got a little late. He arrived at the hotel couple of minutes after we did. 

We changed clothes, took a little refresher then ate our first meal in Laoag - breakfast at Balay da Blas. I ordered the never ending tocino, my favorite breakfast and an iced tea. The hotel was under renovation. They had an extension of the hotel from the original antique house to the modern styled interiors. We stayed on the extension-ed part though so I don't have photos to show of the real Balay (house in english).

We left our luggage and meet up with Kuya Vincent to bring us to some of the must-see-places in Laoag. 

We got a family room and all I can say was.. WOW! The room was huge that it can accommodate up to 10 people I guess. It has four queen sized bed and a sofa along with two bathrooms. It was really good for barkadas and family. What I loved about it was the half second floor (don't know what it is called haha!) for the 2 queen sized bed where mom, I and my niece, lalai slept. 

We didn't get to see the room though until after we end our first day tour in Vigan which I will be blogging about later on. 



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