Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hustle vs. Happiness

Ola! I soooo missed blogging! haha! I really feel guilty for not being able to post an entry for the whole month of December and halfway of January. I am in the point of thinking about my future and is a little bit confuse of the things I really want in life. 

So you would know, I am a college undergraduate. I am hoping to get back to school as we all know that here, in the Philippines, employers look for someone who has a Bachelor's Degree. As what I have learned from the news earlier, a lot of people are on a job mismatch, that means, they were assigned to a job that is not really what they have graduated for or not even their skills. Having that said, this is where unemployment takes place. Even we have a lot of job openings everywhere, it is either they are looking for someone who got into college, seminars, training or work experiences. 

Aside from going back to school, I have a lot in mind that I really want to do but I just don't know how to start. Pfff!.. Sometimes, I get tired of it as I want to achieve those all at the same time. 

Whew! enough of dramas.. What I will share to you today are some of the pictures we took on our way to Laoag. Oh! Did I forget to mention that we had this tour last week of November 2012? yeah! A super late post. Hehe! 

The itinerary that my sister made is to get a sleeper bus going to Laoag where we booked our hotel for one day stay. It was GV Florida Bus that has a sleeper bus going to Ilocos Norte. My sister and I went to their terminal at Sampaloc, Manila hoping to get a reserved ticket for our trip. It is really important for her to get it right as we have kids along with us. 

When we got there, we were told that they no longer book tickets. It is on a first come, first serve basis even she was told over the phone that they make reservations. We went back home and decided to go back the very day our trip. She called the terminal, again, she was told that she can book tickets. I went there alone but for the second time, they said they don't. Instead, we chose Partas Bus as it was closer to home and will give us an assurance that we will not miss a chance to get a De Luxe Bus at 10pm. We have to leave around 10pm as we have our tour first day of the next morning. It was a hustle for me as I became the runner but it was all worth it when we were able to get a ticket. Anyway, it was a long weekend during that time so it might really hard to get tickets. 

x with my nephews and niece gelo, thirdy and lalai
x my niece, lalai
x gelo and my elder sister
x sis, thirdy and gelo. I was talking to lalai teaching her how to achieve a fish tail braid :)
x thirdy.. and nanay as the background :)

Do we look like stressed looking for a ride? Not at all. Happy and excited.. 

That's all for now folks,


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