Sunday, January 20, 2013

Juan Luna's Museum

We got into one of our renowned painter - Juan Luna's birthplace. Kuya Vincent said that this is were Juan Luna was born and raised. The house is being restored by the local government to become one of their tourist spots around Laoag

The place was so clean and very well taken care of. Kuya said were not allowed to touch some of the furniture which is fine, I mean, looking at it is all fine. I am personally amazed on everything that I saw. Given that I was born in the city, it was not often that I get to see things from the past. I usually able to see and read about them only in books. Visiting them is very worth it as you can get to know some of the things that were not published anywhere. 

*some of the photos were taken by my brother-in-law

That's it for the meantime!
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