Friday, August 16, 2013

1st Month of Changes

Just like other women around, I didn't realize I was pregnant until 5 weeks later. I was not feeling anything different except with food cravings. I spent almost a week in my boyfriend's place where I always look for street food like kwek-kwek and banana con yelo for my afternoon snack. When their neighbor stopped selling them, I turned to Halo-halo since it was very humid back in March 2013. But the twist is that I only want to eat Halo-halo brought from Chowking.. nothing else!

When I went back home after the week stay with my boyfriend, I started asking my mom and my sister to either we'll buy Halo-halo from Chowking or we'll have our home made version of it. And so the last idea won. All of us didn't realize that I was craving for it since the weather was very, I mean seriously hot. It usually hit 35 to almost 40 degrees here in Manila everyday. I don't feel like moving around at all. 

I had cramps and breasts started to ache so I thought that I must be having my period. It passed 3 days from the time I supposed to have it but I missed so then I decided to get an over the counter pregnancy test and realized it was no longer a joke! I tried it twice to make sure and both gave a positive result. 

Due to un-explainable menstrual like cramps, I decided to visit an Ob-gyne here in SM Southmall Las Pinas. I met Doctor Dizon who confirmed that I am pregnant. She said that she would no longer ask me to have another pregnancy test done since both over-the-counter PT were accurate. She said that those requires a very high level of hCG to show a positive result. She mentioned that this hormone is produced if a person is pregnant and would often released in our blood stream. If the hormone was too high, it leaks out on our urine that's why the pregnancy tests that we can buy anywhere are often accurate. 

She prescribed Maxifol 5000 (a folic acid) which according to her, helps on the development of my growing fetus along with Duphaston (pampakapit for my cramps that's not normal). 

After 3 days of continuous medication, the cramps' gone and I was all fine. I felt a little bit secured for my baby. I kept talking to him and asked him to stay strong. As what other says, a pregnant woman is moody, which yeah, I definitely agree. Haha! You get too emotional for nothing. I know I have committed myself for something huge and a lifetime responsibility. I am indeed a grown up that's about to learn new things.


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