Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Life Inside Me

I know, I know.. I have not been able to put an entry at all for almost the entire year of 2013. Blame it to the changes in life I had. Well, I'll spill it. (Anyway, I've done that on the previous entry). I was actually 26 weeks pregnant. You're right! That was the main reason I failed to post anything in Lookbook nor here due to the fact that I was very very busy feeling every bits of changes that is happening everyday. From morning sickness to backaches and now, sleepless nights. Isn't it obvious I had the time to tell you about it tonight? :)

Well, just to share a short story, I met my boyfriend thru text messages. We had a common friend who introduced me on a group texting of sort. When I am going through the list of names, I have seen a name 'Earl' which caught my attention. I liked that name back then when I accidentally saw my boyfriend's name next to it - 'Daryl'. I found it interesting since I had a gay friend in high school and stupidly thought that it might be him. I sent him a text message and it took him 3 days to respond. We found out that we live in the same city and yeah, I was so familiar on the street where he actually lives. Haha! This is how our story started that lasted up to date. 

And now that we will be having a BABY BOY! You read it right! A boy.. I felt so happy and excited about him. He is definitely active inside me specially at night when I am about to sleep. (Early sleepless nights). He is now responding whenever I talk to him weather loudly or silently. I adore how he understand what I want. I often tell him to stay healthy, strong and be good. I am really into the point where I imagine him with us already. Feeding and talking to him while he smiles back and pretend he understands. I know it will be harder than what I am thinking now but I know I could learn from time to time. 

I need your prayers to make sure my baby will be healthy when I deliver him in 2 and a half months. I'll see you soon baby love! I'll surely share the changes I experienced during my first trimester in the coming days. 


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