Saturday, August 17, 2013

Continuation of our Ilocos Tour

Next stop we had was Paoay Church. We didn't bother going inside the church at all. We're not catholic but don't get me wrong. It's not we're not allowed but we just don't waste time as we have so many places to visit plus right after our tour in Laoag, we'll head to Pagudpud. It was scorching hot when we got there so as you notice, I had an umbrella with me during the picture taking. Haha! 

There were some souvenir shops around so we have decided to buy some stuff, something came from Laoag as it might be the last chance we got to buy. We decided to move on with our tour since the restaurant where we suppose to have our lunch was under renovation. 

We headed next to Sinking Bell Tower. From the name itself, it was said to be sinking over the years. You can even see the door halfway seen as some of it's parts has sunk. We had a hard time to take some photos of it with us since it was on a busy highway. Still, for the sake of our trip, we took photos. What was funny is that people were looking at us yet we don't care.. at all! Haha. 

Some part of the tower are under maintenance for it's restoration and to shower it's history moving forward. I remembered asking if there's a chance we can go up the tower but we were denied since the structure is no longer stable.
We had our lunch on a local restaurant or I would say Carinderia. It was suggested by Kuya Vincent, our driver/tourist guide.

Next on the list was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The view on top was absolutely breathe-taking. All you can hear was wind breeze. It was amazing how this light house was made. Though some of it's part lacks restoration, still you can see how it witnessed our very own history. 

I guess this entry got so long now. I'll leave with a wish of a happy weekend. 


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