Monday, March 31, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 9: Pet Peeves

Oh I’m sorry I was not able to post anything yesterday. May pinagdadaanan kasi ako mga teh! Hahah! I hope I can resolve this soon enough. I have asked several people about it to weigh my options. I want to see what others do say about it then dun ko iisipin kung ano ba ang tamang gawin. Whew! I hope I can share it pero it may sound so private na. Ayoko naman malaman ng buong mundo ang talambuhay ko hahaha! There were things in life na hindi rin dapat shine share, kasi minsan keeping it private will make you safe. Please understand. Hehe. Pero kung mapilit talaga kayo at gusto nyong malaman eh di i-email niyo na lang at tara! Magchismisan tayo. Hehe.

Ayan.. so pet peeves daw. I don’t know the meaning of this until I googled it kanina. Oh shame! Haha! So sabi sa google eh,
Pet Peeves - A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it. Origin[edit] Its first usage was around 1919. The term is a back-formation from the 14th-century word peevish, meaning "ornery or ill-tempered".

Hmmm.. The major one for me are those people who are pretentious. Meron bang ganyang word? Meron daw sabi ni google. Hehe..
1.      Pretentious/Social Climber
I hate those who pretends to be someone else. I have this friend who shows to people how rich she was but in fact, she’s struggling with money. Parang karugtong na rin nito ang “social-climber”. I hate them to the bones. Kasi naman, why would you act as if you’re like Anne Curtis na peg na “I can buy you” kung hindi naman talaga sa tunay na buhay?!
2.      Back Stabber
Those who are too good to be true pero pag nakatalikod ka na, ang daming sinasabi tungkol sayo. I knew someone whom I hate so much kasi she made so many kwento and unrealistic na attitude ko daw. People judged me because of what they have heard from her kahit wala naman akong ginawang masama sa kanila.
3.      Bida-Bida at Nagmamagaling
Yung mga taong akala mo eh magagaling pero sarili naman nila, hindi nila maalagaan ng tama?! Haha. I remembered when James got hospitalized, somebody said na baka daw kasi natuyuan ng pawis sa likod kaya nagkasakit. Emeyged! As if hindi ko alam kung pano sya mag alaga ng bata! Hayy.. Don’t ask me who SHE is. Hahah!

Does it sound na I am referring to a single person?! Heheh. I don’t. These things lang really annoys me if someone has this attitude regardless kung inborn ba ito o hindi! Haha. Eto na lang muna ang listahan ko mga bakla kasi you might feel the bitterness in me eh! So bad vibes nowadays no?!.

How about you? Share your pet peeves naman! J

A Quick Update about James

Hi Friends!! May chika ako sa inyo!

Couple of weeks ago, I took pictures of James na nakadapa. I was watching him while thinking, "ayan, marunong na dumadapa anak ko." And I was happy with that.
Here he is, trying his best.

Pagod na eh! Hehe

Plunking ang James ko! Hehe.

Later on, kaya na nya dumapa ng mas matagal as I showed you here.

And Now...

I am super happy to announce that James has been trying to raise his chest while lying on his tummy. That was one amazing moment. Parang kelan lang, nakikita ko syang hirap na hirap dumapa. He can't seem to raise his head that much pero kanina, I was waiting for him to fall asleep pero he doesn't seem to, instead, I let him play muna para mejo mapagod. Dumapa sya habang tuwang tuwa sa mga kurtina ni mama sa bintana na panay ang galaw dahil sa hangin. Until I saw him raising his chest using both arms as tukod. I rushed to get my phone to take a picture of this moment. I am a working mom so it was really a pleasure for me to see how he grows. Ang saya lang. I can still remember clearly those time na hirap na hirap akong intindihin ang gusto nya nung newborn sya, now here he is. Parang malapit ng guamapang!

Oh dear, I really have to strengthen my bones na. Malapit na malapit na kasi silang mag iyakan kakahabol kay James for sure!

See? Ang taas na ng head nya?! Hehehe! One proud mama here James!! I love You!

Dear James,

I hope someday, you can see this picture of you. Napaka cute mo oh! I know time will come na you will have more achievements pa, not just this. I just want to let you know na you have gone so strong sa mga photos na to, I know you will be stronger as soon as you are facing real life circumstances, diba?. I will always be here. Mwuah!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Part 2: James got Hospitalized!

 Hi guys, eto na ang continuation ng post ko here.


After malagyan ng dextrose si James, I paid Php1500 deposit sa cashier so they can accommodate us. Dadang and I got a semi-private room, that means two patient sharing inside. Andy was confined din kasi for the same reason na Pneumonia.

Alabang Medical  Clinic Hospital has a branch in Las Pinas – it was near Casimiro. My mom, my lola from my father’s side of the family and Andy, dadang’s youngest child has been confined there too. It was our go-to hospital talaga kasi aside from malapit lang sa house, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang bill compared to other private hospital. Okay din naman ang mga nurses and doctors nila. The rooms were spacious din naman. Hindi rin naman ganun karami ang patient’s nila which I think is convenient kasi I don’t have to make agawan with other people sa room. As far as I know nasa Php 900 ata ang semi-private rooms nila.

Since Dra. Medina was not able to do her rounds, she introduced us to Dra. Syquia. My sister said that she has clinics din sa Asian Hospital based on her coat (naka embossed kasi). We were advised to continue to  nebulize James every 4 hours ata un. The next morning, James had his x-ray to see kung gaano ang effect ng Pneumonia sa lungs nya. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accompany him nung nagpa x-ray siya kasi I went to Philhealth para i-update ang MDR ko.  Si Nanay naman ang kasama nya so kampante pa rin ako.

When Dra. Syquia visited us sa room namin, pwede na daw makauwi si James kasi he recovered fast. He has been breathing normal at parang nawala rin yung halak niya. However, when she saw the result of the x-ray, ayun.. she decided to give it another day to make sure that the antibiotics na binibigay kay James will be complete then follow up na lang ng oral drops. We stayed for another night as per doctors’ evaluation.

The next morning, I was wondering how much will be our hospital bill kasi honestly, wala naman akong savings or even an emergency fund. All I have was my credit card which has been my savior for a good 2 months ng buhay namin together ni James. I submitted all Philhealth requirements sa billing section. When it was evaluated, the Philhealth representative came back and explained the bill. I was so shocked talaga grabe. When I got the running bill kasi the other day, it was around Php10000 na ata, but when I checked the final bill,. Php300 lang daw. Supossedly, our bill was around Php12000 but since Philhealth covered the room and board, medicines and, doctor’s fee then I had to pay only the admitting doctor. I was so happy talaga! Super, super happy!! I remembered when I was single pa, whenever I get my pay, I was making reklamo why there was so may government mandated contributions. But when I got pregnant, gave birth and James got hospitalized, I had a changed of mind. Helpful din pala talaga in some way.

Going back, we came home on the 3rd day. I bought a nebulizer kasi Dadang and Andy were left in the hospital kasi Andy was not getting any better by that time. They were using the nebulizer for Andy so I have no choice but to buy one. I had several oral drops bought din para ma follow up ang antibiotic ni James from the hospital. James really got better. Thank God at naagapan kasi alam ko na nakaka tegi ang Pneumonia sa matatanda, yung mga baby pa kaya. Nahawa daw si James most likely kaya sya nag ka Pnuemonia sabi ni Dra. Syquia so never daw dapat na lumalapit ang may mga ubo at sipon sa baby kasi wala pa silang enough protection from viruses. It’s either i-solate ang may ubo at sipon, or si James ang i a –isolate to avoid na mahawaan pa.

After 7 days, We went back to the hospital for follow up checkup with Dra. Syquia. James really got better daw and he didn’t even loose weight, he gained some more pa. The doctor was so happy to see James kasi ang taba daw. Hehe!

Here's some photos I'd like to share:

When I became a mom talaga, there has been a huge change in my life. Plastik naman sigurong sabihin ko na hindi ko namimiss ang ‘single days’ ko pero I am more challenged now kasi I had the greatest achievement of my life – becoming a mom to a wonderful baby boy!

Part 1: James was Hospitalized!

When James was a month old, I noticed he has 'Halak'. Hindi ko pinagtuunan ng pansin kasi they said it was kinda normal naman daw. I seldom have him exposed to morning sunlight kasi he's awake at night and sleeping in the morning. We usually sleep at around 5am na or 6am and there was no sunlight yet kasi it was the coldest month eh, that was back in December 2013.

On New Year’s eve, I was so worried that James might get disturb because of the fireworks and the noise, Samahan pa ng usok nung mga paputok. Our bedroom window is facing the street so even when I closed the window, nagugulat pa rin si James sa ingay ng paputok so what I did was, I brought him to my sister’s apartment which was on the same compound but they’re house eh nasa dulo so hindi masyadong rinig yung ingay sa street. He was able to sleep naman. After 12 midnight, i brought him back sa bahay so I could sleep na rin.

January 1st, we went to my eldest sister's mother - in - law's house para lang mamasko si James. Hehe! You see I grew up having a family na devoted sa aming church. I even belong to a choir when I was a little. We don't celebrate Christmas in Iglesia Ni Cristo as everyone knows. I just had James go there so that they can meet him. During our stay there, nagtataka ako kasi James doesn't want to sleep kahit I can see from him na antok na antok na sya. I carried him most of the time. He will sleep for 5 to 10 minutes then will wake up again when he feel na hinihiga ko na sya sa sofa. He was like that for the entire time na andun kami. I thought tuloy na namamahay sya at hindi sanay na makitulog sa ibang bahay. I noticed James coughing. My eldest sister said na ipa check up ko na daw at parang iba na ang tunog ng ubo ni James. I was worried kasi he can't say anything na nararamdaman niya. He's relying on my mother instinct.

The next morning, Dadang said na hinihingal na daw si James. I told him na balak ko nga talaga ipa check up so I went to Alabang Medical Clinic in Almanza to have him checked. Prior to that, I texted his pedia, Dra. Medina to see if she'll have a schedule. She hasn't. Still, I went there with any pediatrician who can check him. I had Dra. Alarcio instead. I was with Daryl, Dadang and Andy. Andy was sick on and off the past few days din kasi. Andy and Dadang got in first. When they went out, Andy has to do some laboratories and get nebulized.

When it was James turn. I told doctor of what I had noticed. He listened to James' lungs and said it was Pneumonia daw. She even asked James to be put on the bed and had his clothes up. She found out na hinihingal nga si James, that means he’s having a hard time breathing. She asked kung may asthma daw ba si James, I said I don’t know kasi this was the first time na nagkaron sya ng ubo. She also asked kung may asthma daw ba sa lahi namin and I said my nephew and niece from Dadang have it. We were then advised to get nebulized as well so she can see if James needs to be confined or we can have him nebulized at home na lang.

After we had him nebulized, we followed up with the doctor and was advised that James has to be confined na daw dahil palala na ang Pneumonia nya. We went home to get some things then headed straight to Alabang Medical Clinic in Pelayo near Casimiro, Las Pinas.

I have no idea what was the nurse has been talking about the room expenses and everything. Haha! Ipagpaumanhin dahil first time kong may ipapa confine. When we got there, talking to the nurse, James got a fever. He was 38C. For the first time in his life nilagnat sya. I was worried. Di lang halata, haha! The nurse put on a suppository immediately to put James' temp back to normal. It was successful naman. Next thing, we had James nebulized again. He was crying while I am carrying him. He was hungry na kasi eh bawal daw padedehin before and after mag nebulize. I was so awang-awa sa kanya pero it has to be para gumaling sya. Awa ng Dyos at tumigil naman. Nilagyan naman sya ng dextrose. I was holding him while I am talking, looking at his eyes. He was looking back as if he was understanding what I was saying eh ang sinasabi ko naman sa kanya eh 'Keri lang yan anak, konting sakit lang yan.' Buti na lang at isang tusok lang eh nakabit na agad ang dextrose. James was so brave. He cried for less than 30 seconds only then parang wala lang. Ganun sya even when he's having his vaccine.

After sya lagyan ng dextrose. Diba konting iyak lang :)

Here's my brave baby boy. He behaved so well din. Nakisama ang bagets! hehe. He was even cooing and making usap sa mga ilaw ng emergency room.

I don't want this post to get very long dahil baka maboring kayo sa sobrang detailed ng kwento ko. Haha! To be continued na lang. :)

Part 2 coming… in 3, 2, 1.. Gow!

Friday, March 28, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 8: Your Cravings

 Hay naku Friends, I have been so sad last night. Pano ba naman kasi, James is at Ate’s house. He has been there since Friday ata last week. It was my Mom whose taking care of him when I go to work. I can’t stand the fact kasi na ipapaalaga ko sya sa hindi ko naman kakilala talaga, or in short – sa mga yaya. I have so much trust in my Mom taking care of James. It’s as if I have a peace of mind leaving him with her. My Ate’s currently in China kasi for her vacation. Kumu quota na talaga sya mga teh! Kaka – Maldives lang nyan nung February tapos ngayon, ayan nasa China naman ngayon. Hayy naku! I so hope magkaron pa ulit ng glitche ang mga airline company. Hahahah! She booked her ticket to Beijing and Maldives for less than Php200 all in. Take note, two way pa yun ha?! From KL to other parts of the world. Hayy sya na talaga mga bakla I am so inggit pero I know, in time, I’ll shine! Haha.

Ayan!! I was suppose to be malungkot eh. Na carried away ako sorry,. Haha! 
Going Back, James slept kasi at my Ate’s house the other night and I slept naman sa house namin. In short, hindi kami magkatabi. I am so sad talaga to the highest level. Kasi naman, I came home around 1am na kasi my shift ends at 11:15pm, eh ba byahe pa ako so ayun. Pero I slept na lang kesa mag drama queen pa ko, chachaka pa ang eyes ko, no way!! 

So then, let’s discuss about cravings daw!

1.       SIOMAI – it was my comfort food talaga. I can eat siomai for so many consecutive days hahah! Ay, please take note pala na sa siomai house lang yung siomai na kinakain ko. If it’s not, I won’t. There were days na nagke crave talaga ako doon at naghahanap ng mga stalls.
2.       Pringles Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese Flavor – I can’t find this flavors in groceries – sa SM at Puregold. It’s annoying kasi ang sarap nun. I have officemates who let’s us order it then pay na lang kapag payday. I wasn’t able to get one dun sa kahapon na batch ng order :(
3.       PICHI – PICHI ng Ambers – with cheese ha?! hayy grabe hindi ito nawawala sa list ng orders ko sa Ambers. I am so happy na they opened a store near SM Southmall. Sobrang lapit na nya sa house!!

Emeyged! I can’t think of anything else na talaga. Haha! Ang hirap naman kasi ng mga tanong. All I can think of as the moment are these three kasi eto yung mga gusto kong kainin these past few days na awa ng Dyos eh hindi ko pa rin makin – kain!

How about you friends? I know you have so many cravings in mind!

Share Share Share :)

All Day, Bad Day

Disclaimer: If you don't want your good day to get ruined, please don't read.

Hi Friends,
I know! Based on my disclaimer, this post is about my day today na ubod ng super duper bad vibes talaga mga teh! Maloka-loka ko this afternoon. All along, I was so happy kasi nga when I called San Juan De Dios Hospital, I was told na may cheque for Philhealth reimbursement is already available for pick up today, Friday 28th of March. I got so happy kasi may paggagamitan talaga ako nung money. Have you read here? I vented out the trouble they gave me and also here. When I called them, I made sure na mabait ako kasi baka kaya matagal kasi inaaway ko sila dahil ang susungit nila. Ayun naging effective naman ata o siguro nagkataon lang na nung nagbait – baitan ako sa phone eh sabi meron na nga daw.
 I called work this afternoon and advised na male late nga ako for my 2:15pm shift. I went back to hospital. While waiting, I saw a guy na nagke claim din ng cheque nya. At dahil chismosa ako, I saw his cheque habang pinipirmahan nya yung papel na it was for ‘One Thousand Two Hundred pesos and fifty cents’ in words. So sabi ko, ay ang liit lang din siguro ng makukuha ko.
When it was my turn, I saw the paper saying ‘Eleven Thousand Four Hundred Pesos Only’. Napa sh*t talaga ako mga mare! I was so disappointed. Our hospital bill was 91k tapos yun lang pala ang makukuha ko. I was not able to think properly kasi iniisip ko yung pag gagamitan ko ng pera eh hindi na sapat. Hindi ko na anticipate na ganto pala kaliit ang makukuha ko.
You might say na baka assuming ako mga friends, but just so you will know, before I gave birth to James, I got one of their flyers sa admission office ng hospital at the same time sa Philhealth Las Pinas. The flyer said na they have this “case-rate”. I was wondering what it was pero sa pagkakaintindi ko eh, they have this that if you have undergone surgical procedure for example “C-section”, ang benefits mo is Php19,000. Aside pa dun, it says na there was this 30 or 40% of the professional fee will be included on my benefits din (I am not so sure about this one). I can’t exactly remember ang mga nakasulat dun as I am typing this kasi I have read that sometime around June 2012 nung inaasikaso ko pa ang Philhealth ko para nga sa panganganak ko. I’ll look for that flyer pag uwi ko sa bahay.
I also noticed on the check na it was issued on February 28, 2014 pero ngayon ko lang nakuha, March 28, 2014. Up to now, I am so frustrated. Dahil hindi na ako makapag isip ng maayos, I encashed the cheque. It was annoying talaga. I have been through a lot with them, I even had myself late at work, I even walked sa initan kaya feeling ko eh ang asim ko dahil pawis na pawis ako kanina tapos eto lang pala ang halos apat na buwan na paghihintay ko? I.AM.PISSED.OFF!
I wanted to go to Philhealth Makati sana kanina before I go to work kasi I called naman na I will be late for 3 hours pero it was very, very hot outside tapos wala pa ko masakyan na jeep. I have decided na pumasok na lang sa trabaho. As soon as I sat sa station ko, I browsed the web to check the reality. I can accept kung ganto lang ba talaga ang makukuha ko pero sana there was a breakdown kung bakit ito lang. I want to know. I seriously want to know kung bakit iba ang nakuha ko sa nababasa ko.
By the way, I saw this on their website pala:

“Under the case rate packages of PhilHealth, all member-types admitted in any of the accredited healthcare facilities nationwide will be able to know how much PhilHealth will be paying for services provided to birthing mothers. Members are entitled to a cost benefit of P8,000 for Maternity Care Package (MCP) in non-hospital facilities (health centers, lying-in clinics, birthing homes or midwife-managed clinics), and in Level 1 hospitals.
Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) in accredited Levels 2 to 4 hospitals, members are entitled to a cost benefit of P6,500; while coverage for Caesarian Section(CS) delivery in said facilities and performed by accredited health professionals is P19,000.” Source

See?! They had it on their website pa?! I emailed their action center and see what they can do for me. I hope they will reply to me as soon as possible. I don’t know if the error is coming from the hospital kasi they are the ones who fills out the CF2 na ipapasa sa Philhealth, but still Philhealth pa rin ang nag aapprove ng amount. I seriously don’t know where to start this never-ending battle. I am a bit worried lang kasi I encashed the cheque already and they might say na since I did that, it may sound na I accepted it as it is. If that so, then I’ll leave it to them pero I still want to know kung may magagawa pa ba ako.
 Sobrang Bad Vibes no?! 
To Lighten the mood, this is what I wore in the office today nung good mood pa ko.
OOTD: Thrifted Blazer ; Shop Nita Dress; Ate's S&H Boots
No Friends, hindi ako nag boots. Ang init - init kaya ano?! Di ko na sinama yung face, hagardo versosa eh! :)

Any tips you can give me friends?! Much appreciated. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Short Mommy Kwento

I came home at 11pm yesterday night kasi my shift ended at 9:15pm tapos byahe pa. When I came home, James was asleep. Tinabihan ko sya agad then fall asleep din agad.
James cries in the night for so many reasons, if he’s cold, or it’s hot at pinapawisan na sya, or he wants milk, or he just want something to suck I’ll give him his Chiripi (his chepeta/pacifier). I would know if he wants milk kapag binigay ko yung pacifier niya, what he’ll do is make a sound na para bang nagrereklamo na wala syang madedeng milk. It was funny talaga kasi its as if nagrereklamo sya.

The next morning, He woke at 6am as he usually does. He was crying for I don’t know why na naman. Ewan ko ba minsan parang feel lang nya ata umiyak. Mom said, one time na hindi ako natulog from where James’ is sleeping,  hindi naman daw naiyak sa madaling araw. Whenever I am not around, James is behave daw. Walang tigil sa kakakumpas ng kamay at paa niya, then cries kapag milk na or he’s tired playing na, at magpapakarga na. But if I was around, he cries a lot, he wants to be carried at naiyak sya kapag madaling araw. Hayy. I sometimes find it offending kasi feeling ko I can’t make him behave or I am not that effective pero I have this thinking na, every night when I go home, naaabutan ko sya na tulog na, every weekend lang kami magkasama, hindi ko pa ba susunggaban ang opportunity na makarga sya at makausap diba? Uyyy.. Ang drama! Haha.
Going back, I sat down. My face and his face were just inches away.
Me: Bakit anak? Anong problema?
James: waah waaah waahh ahhh ahhh nyaaa (with matching make face pa na parang nagsusumbong. Yung para bang nag iinarteng bata).
He looked so cute. I was not able to take a video kasi (1) my phone’s memory card is so damn full of pictures and videos and songs and everything. It even occupied the 8GB internal memory nung phone then (2) I am still sleepy kasi nga I slept only for about 5 hours lang. Even so, hindi ko makalimutan kung pano sya nagpapa cute/nagsusumbong sakin early in the morning. I thought: Big boy na talaga ang baby ko, marunong ng mag inarte at magsumbong.. marunong ng sabunutan ang sarili nia at iiyak ng todo (Mom said I was like that din daw nung baby pa ako. Mana – mana lang talaga)at mag scratch ng ulo niya. Time flies so fast na fresh pa sa memory ko kung pano sya iyak ng iyak nung newborn sya at hindi ko maintindihan ang gusto nya.

Dear James,

You grew up so fast. I am so happy because sooner, I can speak to you and you can express your feelings too. I will see more of your emotions and how you will become happy on simple things. But at the same time, I am sad kasi tumatanda na ang Mommy mo hehehe. I know and I’ll pray na you will grow up as a wonderful person. I love you James. J

My Baby's New Learnings

One more day to go at weekends na naman. I am so excited for tomorrow eh! I can’t share it friends as much as I want talaga! Next time na lang siguro ha?! Hehe.

Anyway, I was able to browse some photos I sent from my personal email to my office email. I can’t help but to get so amazed with this photos of James. Lemme show you! 

Oh yeah! You might say, “Ano bang amazing sa mga picture ng nakadapang bata?!” Haha.
It’s not that, I am so happy dahil kaya na nya dumapa ng matagal. James was 4 months and couple of weeks old in these photos. He has been showing this capability when he was 3 months old pero he has to be facing sideways para makaya niya ang mataba nyang mga legs. Then he stopped doing this for weeks. I got so worried kasi baka late bloomer ang baby ko until I figured out what’s wrong. Masyadong malambot yung hinihigaan naming so mas lalong hindi nya kayang iikot yung katawan nya. I have decided na sa foam na lang kaming dalawa matulog. There he has been showing his skills again, but still kelangan talagang naka sideview sya., the only difference is that he can roll na ng mas mabilis at madali compared before na kelangan pa ng maraming bwelo at minsan eh tulong pa kasi he gets frustrated tapos iiyak sya.

Nowadays, what I have noticed was tinataas na nya yung pwet nya habang nakadapa para lang mag move sya. Minsan naman, nkadapa sya facing me tapos later on nakaharap na sya sa kabila. I am excited somehow na makakaupo na sya at matutong gumapang but that means din na kelangan ko na sya habulin kasi iiwanan talaga ako nito kapag gumagapang na eh. Hayy.. kelangan ko ng maraming milk para sa aking bones dahil for sure eh magiiyakan sila kapag dumating ang time na yun! Haha.


30 Days Blog Challenge Day 7: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

I had recently changed my blog name again. Believe me or not, I changed almost every year. Haha! I can’t seem to find the most that will fit me, my story and my personality. I settled to Jen and the Happiness now.

Let me tell you a brief story of my blog.
It started as a travel blog when we went to Boracay in 2011. I was so inspired with those who have been to so many beautiful places, so I wanted to be able to share my experiences and the feeling I felt when I traveled. Unfortunately, I figured out that travelling is one expensive hobby. Hahaha! I travel with my Ate’s immediate family with 3 kids with us so never ever we will be a backpacker. Maybe if it will be just the two of us, she can consider it though.

Later on, I have decided to add a fashion segment here where I post some of the clothes I am wearing. I was so inspired with those beautiful, well – dressed individuals in until I realized nga na I was not that mayaman to buy clothes every week or every other week. I can only buy one clothes at a time. I can’t buy too many shoes kasi my mom will get mad. San naman nya kasi itatambak ang mga sapatos ko. I also have this mood na kapag tinatamad akong mag dress up eh kung ano-ano na lang ang sinusuot ko. I am also struggling in blog ideas. I am not that good in fashion. I wear what I think is beautiful on me, that’s it. I stopped for almost a year, which was when I got pregnant. I have no time to blog, I am too lazy to think and all. I have decided to stop blogging and abandon it for good.

Suddenly, a day came where I have realized that I have so many ideas in mind to blog about. I now have a baby which will be, most likely to be the topic each and every day of my blog’s life. I was happy to continue what I think would make me feel better. Instead of me blabbing to someone, why not organize my thought and put it in a diary, it’s just that it’s not me who can read it but every one of you.

Meaning Behind my Blog’s Name?

I believe people tries to find their happiness every where, every time and sadly. I was one of them. Most of us can’t seem to find it na para bang nagtatago ito sa kung saan. Reading blogs made me realize so many things. When I was single, all those blogs that I read seemed perfect – rich people, happy family, good friends around, wonderful career. From the looks of it, parang wala silang problema until i came across some mommy blogs. I found it really interesting. I understood why they were so happy – it is with the word CONTENTMENT. Happiness can be found in anything. It can be within our hearts. Dtop seeking for perfections but be contented to what you have and life will be good to you. I am so thankful I had James as he made me realize some things were not really meant to happen. I have to be happy, I am happy because I have a son, I have a family that supports me and that makes me think Happiness is in me. I choose, I decide, and I’ll accept.

Parang not-so me lang ha?! Haha! Minsan I surprise myself of those things I say here in my blog pero that was what is coming out of my mind on each second na I’m typing. It’s great diba?! Kasi sooner or later, I will forget these words and would not even remember na sumagi pala to sa isip ko but at least I have a blog to remind me diba?! So nice!

How about you friends?! How did you get your blog names?

Care to Share?! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6: Favorite Songs

I have a lot of favorite songs depending on my mood so I can’t think of my most favorite song ever. I have a lot. I am a type of person kasi na only listen to musics kapag nasa bus, or kapag feeling ko lang making ng songs. I have these songs that I keep on playing sa playlist ng phone ko. I play them every time na nasa bus ako.Haha!

Roar from Katy Perry

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Get ready 'cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar

Now I’m floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes
I went from zero, to my own hero

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You'll hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me roar...

Ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You'll hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me roar...

Booty Work
(One Cheek At A Time)

Jump out your car in the middle of the street
Open up your truck, let the base beat
Go ahead, go ahead
You gotta walk up in the club bare-footed
I like that booty, you know where to put it
Go ahead, go ahead

Mama you look so professional I'm followin' you sweating you
I can't believe I'm doing what I'm doing, what is wrong with my head, go ahead
Cause baby I like how you're working it, I'm watching you, you're twerking it
I'm trying get you out of this club and get you off in my bed
Oh, go ahead, yeah

Now let me see that booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Booty work, booty work, boo boo boo boo booty work
Go ahead, (left cheek, right side, double cheek, do it)
Go ahead
Now let me see the booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek

Black car, black rims, black shirt, black Tims
Let's go, let's go, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing
Let's go, let's go, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing

Holy moly, look at her, she got the boots with the fur
Let's go, let's go, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing
Let's go, let's go, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing

Now mama I can see that thong on you, the DJ play that song for you
I'm trying to drive my stick shift all over them curves, say word
If you keep playing with my feelings we're gonna get it, get it, get it, girl
I represent the nappy boy clique, so I know that you heard (ohhoh), say word
(Nappy Boy!)

Now let me see that booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Booty work, booty work, boo boo boo boo booty work
Go ahead, (left cheek, right side, double cheek, do it)
Go ahead
Now let me see the booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek

Girl it must be a crime to be as fine as you (as fine as you, aha)
You know exactly what I'm tryna do (tryna do), you see me
I'm trying to keep it jumping (jumping)
Girl I got a Chevy with hydraulics and you're reminding me of it (of it)
Up and down, up and down, girl you know what's happening (what's happening)
Round of applause, keep that booty clapping (clapping)
Them other girls lacking what you're packing (packing)
And you got them embarrassed by what you got from your parents (parents)
I'm trying to see them shorts (see them shorts) spread apart
I ain't coming up short (up short) Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart)

Now take off, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing
Take off, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing
Move your feet (move ya feet) cut a rug (cut a rug),
Put your hands up if you're the baddest in the club

Take off, come on baby keep on doing what you're doing
Girl I'm tryna get you next to me but first you gotta let me see that
Booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Booty work, booty work, boo boo boo boo booty work
Go ahead, (left cheek, right side, double cheek, do it)
Go ahead
Now let me see that booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work
Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek

21 Guns

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away and you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside,you're in ruins

One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I ...

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your faith walks on broken glass and the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last, you're in ruins

One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I ...

Did you try to live on your own?
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone
When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died,you're in ruins

One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

You and I

I play this 3 songs in my phone's playslist repeatedly. It might sound like I don't dedicate songs to someone ha?! As I have mentioned eh hindi ko talaga alam ang favorite songs ko. Basta kung ano yung feeling kong nag lilift ng spirit ko at ng mood ko then that's it. Hehe! I like those songs kasi na has a message that 'I will get up after a disaster in my life' something to that effect. Hehe. 

Anyway, I feel so relieved today. I am so damn happy talaga. I won't elaborate it kasi it was too confidential eh. Hehe! I want to keep it secret for now kasi baka maudlot pa kapag chinismis ko agad. Maybe some other time I will make kwento promise! 

Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 4: Somewhere You'd Like to Visit

Emeyged!! I think this part of this blog challenge will bore you a lot kasi promise mga teh I don’t read books talaga. When I was young, I love to play outside kasi ang dami – dami kong playmates. Although I know how healthy it is to read good books, I am not just use to it.

So just for the record, instead of my favorite books, I will change it to

“Somewhere you’d like to move or visit”

For the past 3 years, I am a person who enjoyed travelling. I was influenced by Ate who became my travel buddy din.

1.       London – I like their accents, I love the weather, I love the people, I like to see the famous ‘London Bridge’ that I only get to sing ‘London Bridge is falling down’ when I was young pa. I want to meet the Queen; I want to see their palace, the guards that never moves, the Big Ben, the London Eye at ang mala Hogwarts School na mga house and building structures.
2.       Australia – The Land down Under, mate. I want to be eaten by their sharks. Hahaha!
3.       Japan – I want to see the Sakura Tree. I was a huge fan of Samurai X kasi, a Japanese cartoon character. I watched it from Japanese, English and Tagalog version mga teh! Hahaha. I want to wear their Kimonos because it looks so feminine, I want to witness the snow din.

These are the countries I want to visit the most. I want James with me kapag nakapunta ako. I want him to become my future travel buddy.
I'm sorry nauna pa ang Day 5 kesa sa Day 4. Hahaha! Hindi ko napansin sa drafts ko na hindi pala ito ang nauna kong ipost. :)

How about you? Which places you want to go?

Overspending ba kamo? Oh Eto, Sana Makatulong Sayo

I was browsing through one of my blog reader's blog when I see her entry about Fitz Villafuerte's post during paydays here. It was interesting talaga and whatever he said there refers to me, me, me. I am so happy din every payday, napaka good vibes and everything pero after a while na nauubos na ang pera, ayan.. same old me na naman!. Hayy.. I have to be someone who knows budgeting and how to save money. Aside from that, I have to have an emergency fund din so in case na kelanganin, eh may makukuhanan naman ako at hindi ako mukhang basang sisiw kakaisip on where to get an extra fund during emergencies diba?! Hayy naku! Hay naku ulit! I have to know these things na because I have James depending on me.

Talking about money here, I'll borrow this post from Fitz Villafuerte kasi it got me interested. I tend to shop kasi whenever its payday. Everyone does right? But the point is, there comes those time na you buy things that are unnecessary naman talaga. You just came across something na you think you need, where in fact, you can have an alternatives or you simply can live without it naman.

So then, here's 10 Practical Ways To Avoid Overspending from Fitz Villafuerte. I would like to share my insights, comments and own experience on it. Wala lang, gusto ko lang mag add hehehe!

1. DON'T GO SHOPPING    - see?! Haha. That answers it all. Whenever we go out to malls, or tiangges, I have the tendencies to look on things kasi. Who wouldn't? Hello??! I think every girls should go shopping kasi it really makes us forget our problems and helps us overcome stress diba?! Yun nga lang, magastos! Haha.

2. MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT   -  It's like grocery lang. When we have a mini store pa, I remember Mom or Sisters making a list of what to buy na mga itinitinda namin. I thought its only applicable sa groceries no?! Pero its nice din if we can make one if we're buying in Department Stores. Say Make ups, a pair of shoes, one dress kasi your old dress was torn. hahaha! Torn na talaga dapat bago bumili ulit?! Haha. Kidding. I am so guilty of this kasi I don't make a list. I buy what I think I need for that moment pero if I have extra money, rather than saving it, I tend to buy things. This should be address sooner no?!

3. GET IN AND GET OUT FAST   - This should always happen if you don't have to buy anything else. So it's like, you make a list, buy what's on the list then go out immediately. The more you stay inside the mall, the more wonderful things you can see and have the tendency to buy. Ganto rin ako eh, I think of all those things that I want then buy it kapag may extra naman. This should change din.

4. DON'T USE A BASKET OR A SHOPPING CART   - If I have to buy things that I can't carry na then I'll get a basket pero kung 2 pieces lang naman eh hindi na. This only happens sa grocery. Since I'm not making lists of what I have to buy, I roam around. Iniikot ko bawat kanto ng grocery stalls para makita ko ang kulang. Hehehe! So it falls back on making a list talaga.

5. SNOB THE SALES PERSON   - I came to a point where I was only thinking of buying something. I went to the store and check on the items making canvass on how much it costs and what are the brands I can buy then this salesman approached me. He has been following me all around giving me the comparison of the items. He has explained very - well and convinced me to buy the stuff I prolly don't need. Hayy.. When I came home, that's when I realized 'bakit ba ako bumili nito?'. Hayy again.

6. DON'T PICK IT UP   - It also happens to me. When I am walking in the grocery and I found a food that my friend says delicious, I tend to pick it up and put it in the basket and of course end up buying it. Ayun, laging over budget.

7. AVOID SAMPLES   - It usually happens in the grocery diba? Free tastes of this and that then you find out, 'Uy masarap pala yung...' Then you will check the price and see that 'ay Php200 lang pala' then it goes straight to the basket. Ending? Overspending.

8. DON'T TRY IT ON   - I don't often try clothes kasi in Department Stores. I check the item first. If I like it, pakikiramdaman ko ang wallet at ATM Card ko, kung feeling ko eh may ibubuga pa, derecho na akesh sa fitting room. Hehe. I don't try it on ng wala akong pambili. I know kasi na if I fit it, I know I'll buy it or I will have a tendency na bumili ng iba.

9. STAY AWAY FROM ADS   - Same with item 7. Do not look on ads. For me, Eye - catching talaga yung mga banners na 10%, 30% lalo na ang 50% at 70% diba?! Luwa na ang mga mata ko nun bakla!! Or sometimes sa mga grocery diba? buy this and you'll get this for free na you don't need naman talaga but because of the FREE item eh ginegetlak na.

10. EYES OFF THE IMPULSE RACK   - When I am about to pay my bills on Department Store, I tend to look around to see if there's something na maganda, if I saw one, I'll check it tapos hindi na ko makapili sa dalawa. Salawahan pa naman ako. I can't identify which one's I really like. Ayun, end up buying both. Sa groceries naman, habang nasa line pa, you'll see small items na naka display tapos you will remember, 'ay I want this' or I need this for my other stuff' pero those stuffs can wait naman pala but you buy it so extra gastos na naman.

See?! I can reflect myself to this talaga. That's why I had the courage to post it para sana maalala kong maging thrifty na moving forward kasi I am no longer single to make waldas my money for those WANTS then end up not having the NEEDS. I hope I can change this soon habang baby pa ang James ko. I guess it's time for me to internalize and learn how to become financially ready for James' future.

I know I can do this! How about you guys? Any other tips you can add?
Care to Share?! :)

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 5: Favorite Quotes

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family - Mother Teresa

 - I dedicate this to my Family. This is the quote I wanted to share with everybody too. When we were kids, we were thought na our first school was our home because this is where we learn the basics. So if everyone has a loving family, most likely they will have a wonderful offspring that can help promote world peace!

A good Marriage is between a Blind Wife and a Deaf Husband – Michael de Montaigne

 - This one is for Daryl. Hehe! It's really funny. Haha! I think it’s about give and take lang naman diba? Your wife nags you, but if the husband is deaf then walang world war diba?! Haha. Pero my ideal marriage talaga is yung merong constant communication kasi it really helps na mging strong ang relationship diba?

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

    - And this one is for James. I found it so touching talaga. I remembered posting an FB status pa nga when I was pregnant na, ‘I believe that love is blind, because my mom starts loving me before seeing me’. Awwww.. I just find these kinds of things touchy. Ganun pala talaga if you become a mom, you become soft from the inside specially about your kids pero you become stronger kasi you have to protect them. Hayy.. motherhood nga naman.. ang daming learnings and realization. Haylavet! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 3: Favorite TV Shows

Favorite tv shows?! It was so hard to think about this favorite movies and tv shows talaga. As I have mentioned on my previous post, I seldom watch movies and tv shows. I don’t  know which are my favorite eh. I’ll try my best to think ah?! Hehehe.

 1.       Walking Dead -  I watched this through fake DVD’s na lang. I did catch up from Season 1 to 3 back in November last year. And now that it is season 4, deadma lang ako kasi I don’t like the feeling of nabibitin sa panunood. Hehehe! Excited lang ako lagi malaman ang ending. Napapanaginipan ko kasi at hindi ako mapakali kapag bitin ang palabas eh. Lol! I will be waiting for it to be completed saka na ko mag catch up. J

2.       Pepito Manaloto – aired every Sundays at GMA. I so liked the character of Michael V here. There are things you can learn from it. Ang pinaka favorite kong part eh yung ending where Michael V will have a word of wisdom. Sobrang nakaka inspire lang yung mga words niya kaya every Sunday night, gora na ko sa tv para manuod. 

3.       America’s Next Top Model – Since I am a frustrated model eh ayan, I watch ANTM na lang kasi I so loved the ideas. It was so hard to become a model din talaga no?! You have to look good in the camera. Nakaka stress lang to think na may competition tapos ang pressure na binibigay nila.

4.       Storage Wars – I am so interested on the bidding part and what they benefit from the storage specially If they were able to spot a very nice storage na madaming laman at mapapagkakitaan nila.
5.       Pawn Stars – I liked this one too kasi here in the Philippines, mas madalas na only the jewelries and gadgets lang ang naisasangla unlike with them, you can have anything and everything as long as it is authentic. You can either sell it or pawn it.

6.       Crime Scene Channel – I like the investigatory shows kasi. They have reenactment on how the crime happened and I get to think of the killer din. When I was pregnant with James, I only watch CI channel.
Mama: Ano ba naman yang mga pinapanuod mo puro patayan?!
Me: Eh bakit ba? Gusto ko yan eh.

I came to a thinking tuloy na either James will become a very intelligent investigator or he will be a crim.. oh shut up mind! Hahaha.

7.       The Amazing Race – I want this too kasi from the word itself, it was an amazing race diba? You get to travel around different countries while aiming for a grand prize. I to join din kaya lang I don’t know how to swim saka baka kaltukan lang ako ni Ate kapag nag join kami at natalo. Haha!

Ayan ha?! Ang hirap isipin ng mga yan! Hehehe. 
Hay naku! I came in today to work at 2:15pm na. My shift has changed. I am being up train kasi with a different batch so matagal tagal ko rin hindi makakasama ang mga oldies kong batchmate :( They will be trained for the same din naman pero not now. The most annoying part is, hindi ko na maabutang gising si James. Kanina nga lang, I woke up at 6am kasi he was wide awake na! I wasn't able to sleep after that so here I am now, sobrang antok!!! :( 
Even so, It is the start of my week so keep those good vibes coming!! 

How about you guys?! Did you like the same tv shows as mine? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dwyane James' 5th month Birthday

Hey ya! It's Sunday night yet I am still awake. Sinasamantala ko na ang pagkakataon na I am on a WiFi hotspot (ate's house) with her new laptop (Pumayag ka daw sabi ni Lalai na gamitin ko to ah?!)and a sleeping James. Whew! I am so having a sore throat ng isang lingo na ata. Pawala na sana pero I have to eat yung cake na binili namin ni Daryl for James. Ang sarap eh.. Ayan, lumala lang lalo. Hehe! Hirap na hirap sa pag ubo dahil nagigising si James. Ang kati na ng lalamunan ko ha?! Aheeemmm!
Anyway, James had rashes all over his face and some part of his neck. I don't know if its because of the heat nowadays or dahil sa bigote ng mga kapatid kong lalake eh! When he was a month old, nagkaron din sya sa forehead. What I did back then was to put a drop or two of my breast milk and let it dry. When he took a bath, viola... natanggal na ang mga pimples nya that easy. Very effective talaga ng breast milk! This one of those moment na wini wish kong may breast milk pa ako :(
Today's James' 5th month birthday!!! It seems like yesterday lang na para pa syang manika lang kasi he only sleeps and drink his milk lang. Time flies so fast. Until now, I can't imagine na I carried this wonderful baby boy in my tummy for 36 weeks and 1 day tapos ngayon? it has been five months na pala ang nakaraan nung hiniwa ng OB ang tyan ko para lang ilabas ang cutiepie na batang to?!
Talaga Mama? You bought a cake for me?!!
So eto na pala yung cake na sinsabi mo mama? Ano namang flavor nito?
Bakit kaya ganyan yung design ng cake?! Masarap kaya yan?
Anyare sa mukha mo bebe? Hahaha!
Please excuse may sobrang fat na cheeks!!

Parang better ang anggulo nito ano?! Hehe.

Hayy.. Ang lapad ko lang talaga!
 At this stage, James can now:

- Move from back lying position going side by side
- He smiles at people and seems like he's talking to them
- More and faster kicks
- When held up, he can hold his head and back (but still have to be careful. He sometimes loose his balance still)
- He's laughing out loud if people is laughing at him.(I'll have his video laughing uploaded soon.)
- Mas mabilis na sya nakakadapa from back lying position
- He now knows how to scratch his head
- He can sit longer with guidance, while held on his arms, he jumps and show his step - like - walking.

Dear James,

You are definitely growing so fast. Everyday, you master different tricks to a point na nagugulat na lang ako sa dami na ng alam mo. I have witnessed you full time when you were born until you were two months old. Ngayon, you grew so big na. I can't identify which of those things you have just learned. I hope I can watch you grow everyday but Mama has to go to work for your own sake. Yesterday, I was watching you while you were trying to roll from your back to tummy, you were struggling. I wanted to help you but Nanay always reminds me to let you do it yourself. Don't help you often kasi you were a boy and someday, it will be you who will shoulder your own family. I have to let you learn independence, Anak. After a while, I saw you made it on your own. It was more fulfilling to see you did it. It may sound that I am not lending my hands on you when you need me, I just want you to learn how to be independent. I want you to learn to do things on your own, to have that pride and courage to stand on your own. Influence you is the farthest I can go to make you the strongest man alive, it's up to you how you can make it possible.
I want you to always know that Mama is here. I love you from that moment I had that pregnancy kit to prove your existence, I will certainly love you from the rest of my life. Happy 5th month baby! I love you! :)