Monday, March 24, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 3: Favorite TV Shows

Favorite tv shows?! It was so hard to think about this favorite movies and tv shows talaga. As I have mentioned on my previous post, I seldom watch movies and tv shows. I don’t  know which are my favorite eh. I’ll try my best to think ah?! Hehehe.

 1.       Walking Dead -  I watched this through fake DVD’s na lang. I did catch up from Season 1 to 3 back in November last year. And now that it is season 4, deadma lang ako kasi I don’t like the feeling of nabibitin sa panunood. Hehehe! Excited lang ako lagi malaman ang ending. Napapanaginipan ko kasi at hindi ako mapakali kapag bitin ang palabas eh. Lol! I will be waiting for it to be completed saka na ko mag catch up. J

2.       Pepito Manaloto – aired every Sundays at GMA. I so liked the character of Michael V here. There are things you can learn from it. Ang pinaka favorite kong part eh yung ending where Michael V will have a word of wisdom. Sobrang nakaka inspire lang yung mga words niya kaya every Sunday night, gora na ko sa tv para manuod. 

3.       America’s Next Top Model – Since I am a frustrated model eh ayan, I watch ANTM na lang kasi I so loved the ideas. It was so hard to become a model din talaga no?! You have to look good in the camera. Nakaka stress lang to think na may competition tapos ang pressure na binibigay nila.

4.       Storage Wars – I am so interested on the bidding part and what they benefit from the storage specially If they were able to spot a very nice storage na madaming laman at mapapagkakitaan nila.
5.       Pawn Stars – I liked this one too kasi here in the Philippines, mas madalas na only the jewelries and gadgets lang ang naisasangla unlike with them, you can have anything and everything as long as it is authentic. You can either sell it or pawn it.

6.       Crime Scene Channel – I like the investigatory shows kasi. They have reenactment on how the crime happened and I get to think of the killer din. When I was pregnant with James, I only watch CI channel.
Mama: Ano ba naman yang mga pinapanuod mo puro patayan?!
Me: Eh bakit ba? Gusto ko yan eh.

I came to a thinking tuloy na either James will become a very intelligent investigator or he will be a crim.. oh shut up mind! Hahaha.

7.       The Amazing Race – I want this too kasi from the word itself, it was an amazing race diba? You get to travel around different countries while aiming for a grand prize. I to join din kaya lang I don’t know how to swim saka baka kaltukan lang ako ni Ate kapag nag join kami at natalo. Haha!

Ayan ha?! Ang hirap isipin ng mga yan! Hehehe. 
Hay naku! I came in today to work at 2:15pm na. My shift has changed. I am being up train kasi with a different batch so matagal tagal ko rin hindi makakasama ang mga oldies kong batchmate :( They will be trained for the same din naman pero not now. The most annoying part is, hindi ko na maabutang gising si James. Kanina nga lang, I woke up at 6am kasi he was wide awake na! I wasn't able to sleep after that so here I am now, sobrang antok!!! :( 
Even so, It is the start of my week so keep those good vibes coming!! 

How about you guys?! Did you like the same tv shows as mine? 

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