Tuesday, March 25, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 4: Somewhere You'd Like to Visit

Emeyged!! I think this part of this blog challenge will bore you a lot kasi promise mga teh I don’t read books talaga. When I was young, I love to play outside kasi ang dami – dami kong playmates. Although I know how healthy it is to read good books, I am not just use to it.

So just for the record, instead of my favorite books, I will change it to

“Somewhere you’d like to move or visit”

For the past 3 years, I am a person who enjoyed travelling. I was influenced by Ate who became my travel buddy din.

1.       London – I like their accents, I love the weather, I love the people, I like to see the famous ‘London Bridge’ that I only get to sing ‘London Bridge is falling down’ when I was young pa. I want to meet the Queen; I want to see their palace, the guards that never moves, the Big Ben, the London Eye at ang mala Hogwarts School na mga house and building structures.
2.       Australia – The Land down Under, mate. I want to be eaten by their sharks. Hahaha!
3.       Japan – I want to see the Sakura Tree. I was a huge fan of Samurai X kasi, a Japanese cartoon character. I watched it from Japanese, English and Tagalog version mga teh! Hahaha. I want to wear their Kimonos because it looks so feminine, I want to witness the snow din.

These are the countries I want to visit the most. I want James with me kapag nakapunta ako. I want him to become my future travel buddy.
I'm sorry nauna pa ang Day 5 kesa sa Day 4. Hahaha! Hindi ko napansin sa drafts ko na hindi pala ito ang nauna kong ipost. :)

How about you? Which places you want to go?

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