Thursday, March 27, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 7: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

I had recently changed my blog name again. Believe me or not, I changed almost every year. Haha! I can’t seem to find the most that will fit me, my story and my personality. I settled to Jen and the Happiness now.

Let me tell you a brief story of my blog.
It started as a travel blog when we went to Boracay in 2011. I was so inspired with those who have been to so many beautiful places, so I wanted to be able to share my experiences and the feeling I felt when I traveled. Unfortunately, I figured out that travelling is one expensive hobby. Hahaha! I travel with my Ate’s immediate family with 3 kids with us so never ever we will be a backpacker. Maybe if it will be just the two of us, she can consider it though.

Later on, I have decided to add a fashion segment here where I post some of the clothes I am wearing. I was so inspired with those beautiful, well – dressed individuals in until I realized nga na I was not that mayaman to buy clothes every week or every other week. I can only buy one clothes at a time. I can’t buy too many shoes kasi my mom will get mad. San naman nya kasi itatambak ang mga sapatos ko. I also have this mood na kapag tinatamad akong mag dress up eh kung ano-ano na lang ang sinusuot ko. I am also struggling in blog ideas. I am not that good in fashion. I wear what I think is beautiful on me, that’s it. I stopped for almost a year, which was when I got pregnant. I have no time to blog, I am too lazy to think and all. I have decided to stop blogging and abandon it for good.

Suddenly, a day came where I have realized that I have so many ideas in mind to blog about. I now have a baby which will be, most likely to be the topic each and every day of my blog’s life. I was happy to continue what I think would make me feel better. Instead of me blabbing to someone, why not organize my thought and put it in a diary, it’s just that it’s not me who can read it but every one of you.

Meaning Behind my Blog’s Name?

I believe people tries to find their happiness every where, every time and sadly. I was one of them. Most of us can’t seem to find it na para bang nagtatago ito sa kung saan. Reading blogs made me realize so many things. When I was single, all those blogs that I read seemed perfect – rich people, happy family, good friends around, wonderful career. From the looks of it, parang wala silang problema until i came across some mommy blogs. I found it really interesting. I understood why they were so happy – it is with the word CONTENTMENT. Happiness can be found in anything. It can be within our hearts. Dtop seeking for perfections but be contented to what you have and life will be good to you. I am so thankful I had James as he made me realize some things were not really meant to happen. I have to be happy, I am happy because I have a son, I have a family that supports me and that makes me think Happiness is in me. I choose, I decide, and I’ll accept.

Parang not-so me lang ha?! Haha! Minsan I surprise myself of those things I say here in my blog pero that was what is coming out of my mind on each second na I’m typing. It’s great diba?! Kasi sooner or later, I will forget these words and would not even remember na sumagi pala to sa isip ko but at least I have a blog to remind me diba?! So nice!

How about you friends?! How did you get your blog names?

Care to Share?! 

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