Friday, March 21, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge

I was so interested in this 30 days blog challenge. I saw it from Mommy Fleur blog. She posted it a long time ago. Since Im an insekyorang froglet din eh di get ko na din ang idea. Hehe! 

Anyway, she will be on TV daw at Rated K. That made me feel excited din. Ibang iba talaga sa blogging world no?! People were so supportive of each other. 99% of the time, people will leave nice comments and you won’t feel anything fishy behind hindi plastikera ang mga comment unlike on other social websites. Nagkalat ang mga beking froglet na mang ookray. Hahaha!

Please visit her site. I learn a lot from her and her kwentos were really entertaining talaga pramis! J

Osha! At ako’y mag oorganize pa ng team lunch namin. I’ll post it din soon.

Love, love, love.


  1. HI, had fun reading your blog. I'm a Mommy Fleur fan too. Hope you can finish the challenge. You can also try posting using blogaway, an Android app that can help you write blogposts faster. Happy blogging :)

    1. Hi Hazee. Thanks for reading my blog and the app you mentioned. I am using a Nokia Lumia, is there a way it has the same app kasi my phone is not android. :(
      I hope you left your blog details din so I can read it too. :)
      Thank you anyway! :)


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