Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Annoy Me More!

Yesterday going to work, I left house at 7am even my shift starts at 09:30am. This was the first time I am having this schedule kasi so nangangapa pa ko sa traffic. Our schedule shuffles every other week. It was really traffic along Coastal Road dahil sa mga cars coming from Cavite and Las Pinas going North so the toll gates were really jam-packed.
So come today, I left 06:30am because I will pay a visit at San Juan De Dios Hospital to see if my Philhealth cheque reimbursement when I gave birth is ready. Let me tell you the story.
I submitted the requirements on December 05, 2013 and based on the letter na binigay sakin, it will take 3 months daw. It was since November 26 na inaasikaso ko na yun. I went back from the hospital to Philhealth Makati then back to hospital. I was discharged kasi on October 26, 2013 and I was told sa hospital na 30 days lang daw para ma I file ko for refund sa Philhealth, which I guess was supposed to be 60 days. I went to the hospital to submit it pero they need an updated MDR daw na I was individually paying, (I was jobless kasi and my Philhealth was paid individually so I have to change the status from employed to individually-paying para mai - honore nila.)
So I went to Philhealth pa and lined up para lang ma I update ko along with a declaration of dependent which was my newborn baby then went back to Hospital. Kala ko keribels na pero I have to ask for a letter of extension daw kasi it should only be 30 days from the date I was discharged nga and since I am submitting it on the 30th day, I have to ask for extension daw. Next, I went to Philhealth Makati kasi dun na daw ang nearest na Philhealth Branch. I arrived at 3pm buti na lang wala pa sa cut off time or else iyak na lang ako dahil saying effort ko and everything. The lady who assisted me was so mabait that she gave me the letter I need to have it extended for another 60 days. Same with my baby’s bill in case I want to file a refund din daw which I didn’t bother doing kasi any reimbursement will go to Pasay City fund (they had a privilege card kasi that will cover your hospital bill, Daryl was a registered voter from Pasay so he was able to take advantage of it. It covered Php 25,000 on James’ hospital bill when he was left in the nursery to complete his antibiotics).
That was where I found out na it will be 60 days still for claim, not 30 days and it was never changed. I was so upset talaga that the hospital wants me to go extra mile kahit pwede pa naman pala! Asar to the highest mountain! The lady even said na I can file it directly to them na lang and wait for it to be delivered sa bahay. Diba convenient?
Afterwards, I went back to the hospital asking them to fill out a form, I forgot what form it was so I can submit the form to Philhealth myself pero they insisted that as per their protocol eh they are the ones to file it on Philhealth daw so di na ko nakipagtalo pa. I was given a small paper as a reference to claim the cheque kasi it will be sent to their office and I have to pick it up only every Fridays at 2pm-5pm lang. How inconvenient sa nagtatrabahong tulad ko! Hmp!
I am a bit shocked na 3 months daw before I can claim the cheque kasi when my nephew was hospitalized July or August last year, my sister got her cheque voucher in less than 3 months, like 2 and a half months lang. She had it submitted din on the hospital where Andy, my nephew was confined then the cheque was sent to our house na lang. Cool diba? There shouldn’t be any problem naman sana kasi I can understand naman na they might have a representative to file it on Philhealth na sabay- sabay with other patients form din. Kaya lang..
Came February, I tried contacting the phone number on the slip that I was given to ask if there’s a possibility that the cheque has been issued and arrived earlier. The landline was always busy and the mobile number is not accessible. Frustrating right? So what I have done was, I went to the hospital personally. My shift ended at 4:30pm so I have to rush from Makati to Pasay to get on time but obviously, with the traffic here in Manila? Good luck na lang sayo!
I talked to the philhealth representative and gave her the paper.
Me: Ate, Paki check naman kung available na ang cheque.
Philhealth Rep: Ay, hanggang 5pm lang po ang inquiry. (I arrived past 6pm na kasi).
Me: Paki check lang naman kung meron na. (A bit upset).
Rep: (Looked at the paper and said) Naku ma’am nung December lang po iyan eh. Wala pa po. 3 to 4 months pa po iyan.
Naloka ako kay ateh! Aba di man lang nag- abalang tingnan sa system. She just assumed na wala pa.
End of Conversation. Naisip ko, sige keribels lang yan wala pa naman 3 months eh.

After couple of weeks, I went back to the hospital again,

Me: Paki tingnan po kung may cheque na to.
The same rep approached. Again she looked at the paper and said
Rep: Wala pa po yan, 3-4 months po.
Imagine? Without even looking on their files to check? Kahit pakitang tao lang sana eh. W.A.L.A! Asyumera si froglet.
Me: Anu bang number ang pwede kong tawagan na lang para di na ko pupunta kung wala pa?
Rep: Ayan po naka sulat sa paper.
Sarcastic lang si ateh!
Me: Eh kasi hindi makontak yang mobile number na yan eh. Laging ‘can’t be reach’.
Rep: Imposible po yun, eto po yang number na yan eh. Gusto niyo i- missed call nyo pa.

Ngali-ngali kong sabunutan at okrayin si ateh! Nakakaloka! Pero behave lang kahit papataas na ang kilay ko. I left the hospital annoyed. I’m sorry for being over reacting. I was trained for customer service kasi yun naman ang trabaho ko. Kung may survey lang din, negative zero yang ate na yan. Wala man lang ka care- care eh.

Earlier, I left our house around 6:30am so I can have much time to visit the hospital again because for the nth time, hindi ma kontak yung number na ibinibida nung ateng representative. I arrived 15 minutes early. They start kasi by 8am. So I waited outside and came in exactly 8am. I stood on the cahier-window-look-alike. A guy approached me and asked my concern, I showed him the paper and said

Guy: Ma’am sa philhealth po yan, wait nyo na lang po (he was from a different department ata kasi)

So I have waited, I was wondering what they were doing kasi they supposed to entertain me na dahil 8am na, office hours na. They entertained me after 10 minutes nung tipong madami ng tao sa loob. Awa ng Dyos, wala pa daw ang cheque ko. Baka daw katapusan pa ng March! Nakakaloka lang!

Sana lang next time, if they said that they would start at 8am, they should start by then kasi what they have done was at exactly 8am, they were praying over. They should have done that before 8am diba? Hinintay pa nila na dumami ang mga tao tapos mag cocomplain na madami ang tao. Hay.. the battle doesn’t end here pa.. Annoying!

Mommy Jen

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