Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 1: A Recent Picture and 15 Facts about You


1. My full name is Jenilyn Alipio. People call me ‘Jen’ of course (di pa ba halata? Hehe) My family said it was my eldest sister who’s responsible of my name. Napakaganda ng imbento ng sister ko no?! Ang unique grabe!! Hahaha. Anyway, it came from ‘Gene’ my father’s nick name and ‘lyn’ from my sister’s name ‘Fraulene’.
2.  My family, cousins, relatives, and people who knew me since birth call me ‘Bebe’. Ang unique ulit diba? Hahaha. There was a huge year gap between me and my eldest sisters and brother. Originally, they were no longer planning to have a baby until my papa wants another baby boy kasi they had 2 girls and 1 boy. And then viola!... They had a cutie baby girl again. So parang what happen was nanganay ulit sila sa kin kasi nga ang tagal na nilang walang baby tapos after 9 years meron ulit. Ayun, namihasa silang bebe ang pangalan ko I guess.
3.  I studied at Philippine Normal University in Taft Ave., Manila. I am undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major In Filipino. People were shocked na sa call center ako nagwowork tapos ang major ko eh Filipino. I was trying to pursue my studies years ago pero it’s either tapos na ang enrollment or my work would not give way for my schooling.
4.  My boyfriend and I called each other ‘Bebe’ din since 2010. I had a beki officemate kasi who calls everyone bebe so I got used to it and called Daryl bebe too. Hehehe! Originally we call ourselves ‘Mahal’ then changed to ‘Mhie – Dhie’ until we settled to ‘Bebe’. Right.. Same as my nick name and I am very used to it maliban na lang if new set of people call me the same, it feels awkward. Lol!
5.  Daryl and I became ‘in a relationship’ in 2006. We started as text mates until we found out that we are batchmates pala from our high school days. We also had a common friends pala but we never met until we graduated from high school in 2006. It was now our seventh year going eight this July 2014.
6.  I became a mom at the age of 23 at Dwyane James. I delivered him through C-section on October 23, 2013 at 6:47pm. My life literally changed. I’ve been on the downiest part of my life after I gave birth. I had people judged me pero hindi ko na sila pinatulan pa. They’re not worth my precious time. I’m still trying to get back on track now and hopefully it will be in the near future. I know I will. I am not married yet but Daryl and I are still in good terms.
7.  I was told by my high school teacher that I am a happy-go-lucky girl daw. I don’t know what it means back then pero before I had James, I can say I really am indeed. Until one day, I woke up with James and suddenly learned how to be self-less and understand the word ‘sacrifice’.
8.  I have been in the BPO industry since 2008 with 3 companies spent at least more than a year. When I get pregnant, I stopped working. I started in January 2014 again up to now in one of the BPO Company here in Makati.
9.  I hate being compared to anyone. You can say everything that you might want to improve on me or let's just say for the sake of saying it, I will appreciate it more than being compared to someone else that I am not.
    10.   My officemates from the last company I worked with along with these new people I met said I have a british accent daw when I speak English. Hahaha! It’s not me who claimed it ha?! Sinabi lang nila yun. I worked in a British Account in one of the BPO company kasi for a year and 4 months so I guess I adopted their accent. It’s not every day ha?! Kapag sa trabaho lang pero pag personal, neutral lang hahaha! So don’t expect baka pag kinausap nyo ako at hindi naman eh sabihin nio liar ako! Haha.,
    11.   My comfort food is SIOMAI. Take note, siomai lang ng SIOMAI HOUSE ang kinakain ko. Nothing more, nothing less. I won’t eat it kapag hindi nanggaling sa Siomai House. I don’t eat vegetables. I know, I know, not healthy but I really can’t eh. The only ones I eat are squash, potatoes, baguio beans (depende sa luto). Hay naku promise mga teh I am so maarte sa food.
    12.   I have so many plans in travelling before James came. I applied for my passport pa nga early last year tapos na tengga din pala ng matagal kasi nabuntis haha! Anyway, I have plans, take note PLANS (in plural form haha!) of travelling pa rin naman. Maybe soon pag mejo big boy na si James.
    13.    My dream job talaga is to work on HR as a Recruitment Specialist. I want to conduct interviews for applicants and make them feel more nervous hahaha!
1  14.   I love nice dresses. When I still have my pre-pregnancy body, I dress myself to work. There was this one old guy pa nga sa office dati, sabi niya he was so curious on what I will wear next daw. He can see his daughter in me kasi. I think it was a complement kasi people get to notice my own sense of fashion.
    15.   I am padalos-dalos and salawahan. I can’t identify which one is what I really want especially before. But I guess those days are gone dahil James is now depending on me and my decisions on how our life will go. Don’t worry, I’m working on it.

Happy Weekend Pips! :)


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