Monday, March 3, 2014

Second Trimester – Together

When I officially resigned with my previous employer, my health card was gone along with my salary. That’s where I realized that I have to get back to work yet the luck was too far away. Most of the BPO companies would only accept applicants who were 1 to 2 months pregnant so as to cover at least 6 months of your employment with them before you go on maternity leave. I really don’t know what I was thinking back then when I decided to stop working, maybe because I want to focus on my pregnancy and not give myself too much of a stress talking to upset customers yet I have found out that it was more stressful not having a job to support my growing needs. Lol.. wrong move right there!
On my fourth month, all dizziness, feeling nauseous and all were gone. I can ride a bus without getting headache at all. That’s when I have decided to get back on track and find a new employer yet as I have said, they would only accept those who are 3 months pregnant and below.
What I did then is that I went on a local health center. At first I really didn’t want to risk myself yet what I have said to myself is that I have been paying taxes during those times that I am working plus whenever I buy food so why not get use of the government benefits I somewhat support through my taxes.
There was a huge difference with private clinics/hospitals and public/government out-patient services. When you get to private, you have to line up depending on how many patients waiting, they’ll take your height and weight, one on one consultation with the doctor and all are being attended to yet you have to pay more for the service which of course is understandable. You get what you pay for. When you take advantage of the government services, you have to line up too; you take your own height and weight, they’ll get your blood pressure, you buy your own lubricant (for the Doppler), you will be attended by the nurses while they are chit chatting. Though your consultation was free, and there was this vaccine that I got for free which was the anti-tetanus.
I had my laboratory examination on my fourth month of my pregnancy. I was given a referral by our health center in a semi-private lab to have my ultrasound, urinalysis and CBC count along with HBsag and.. I forgot the other one. Lol.. the result was quite outstanding except with my urinalysis. I had a UTI. I was prescribed with an antibiotic (Cefuroxime) to treat it or to lower the risk of infection. I was so scared of taking the meds as I’m thinking it will be harmful for my baby so I took the traditional way of treating it, which was they said “buko juice”. My plan was to drink buko juice for the entire 7 days and if the result is still the same then I have no choice but to take the antibiotics. When I get back to the health center, the nurse scolded me for not following her order and even scared me of having miscarriage. I was so stunned and sad at the same time as I was treated the way I wasn’t deserved, I guess. I wasn’t explained of who, what, where, when, how this infection would affect me or my baby so why would I follow?.. I am not blaming them, maybe may pinagdadaanan si nurse kaya niya nasabi yun sakin. I might be just pregnant back then and my emotions were not that stable. I ended up drinking the antibiotics twice a day for 7 days, get back to the center and had my urinalysis done again. When it was read, I was told that the infection at least got lower but not treated entirely. I was told that as long as it doesn’t hurt whenever I pee, it’s all fine.
So I guess, you would really have to undergo some stress when you are pregnant. Everything wasn’t stable and you are unsure of everything – that’s what I felt. Maybe I was a first time mom? Though I really want to thank those people who cared about me during those precious times, my family and friends were there and I am so grateful.

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