Friday, March 7, 2014

Changes after Giving Birth

I am being told by mom, sisters and mommy friends that after pregnany, there will be a lot of changes emotionally, financially and physically. So goodbye sexy body na ang peg most of the time. I really adore those who were able to keep their pre-pregnancy body. As I have mentioned before, I was around 54kgs the last time I checked my weight, that's before I knew I was pregnant. I had my weight taken while pregnant, I was 69kgs and even reached 70-74kgs I think. Grabe lang ang pagkataba ko nakakaiyak na lang. haha!

The dilemma I have right now is my bra size. My boobs got bigger duing pregnancy. I breastfed for only around 1 month and I stopped. I will tell you more about it in a different post. So back to my dilemma,
When I was a dalaga pa, I often buy my bras in Boardwalk and Natasha (direct selling) because I like the fit of it on me. However, during and after pregnancy, those bras were no longer my size. I even had scratches around boobs because of the tight fit bras. So then, inarbor ko na lang ang bras ng sister ko.

Now that I am back to work, I am having problems with my undergarments since most of my bra collections were gone. I gave most to my nieces. I am also not sure if I will go back to my old bust size which was 34B or if I have to stick to what I am wearing now which is 36B. I got fat kasi nung buntis ako that’s why I have to adjust to one size bigger. Currently I was thinking na baka I am between 34 and 36b. waaaaa… I no longer want to buy na kasi in direct selling kasi they don’t fit me na eh. Can anyone suggest a store that has great selections yet affordable?

Mommy Jen

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