Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dwyane James' 5th month Birthday

Hey ya! It's Sunday night yet I am still awake. Sinasamantala ko na ang pagkakataon na I am on a WiFi hotspot (ate's house) with her new laptop (Pumayag ka daw sabi ni Lalai na gamitin ko to ah?!)and a sleeping James. Whew! I am so having a sore throat ng isang lingo na ata. Pawala na sana pero I have to eat yung cake na binili namin ni Daryl for James. Ang sarap eh.. Ayan, lumala lang lalo. Hehe! Hirap na hirap sa pag ubo dahil nagigising si James. Ang kati na ng lalamunan ko ha?! Aheeemmm!
Anyway, James had rashes all over his face and some part of his neck. I don't know if its because of the heat nowadays or dahil sa bigote ng mga kapatid kong lalake eh! When he was a month old, nagkaron din sya sa forehead. What I did back then was to put a drop or two of my breast milk and let it dry. When he took a bath, viola... natanggal na ang mga pimples nya that easy. Very effective talaga ng breast milk! This one of those moment na wini wish kong may breast milk pa ako :(
Today's James' 5th month birthday!!! It seems like yesterday lang na para pa syang manika lang kasi he only sleeps and drink his milk lang. Time flies so fast. Until now, I can't imagine na I carried this wonderful baby boy in my tummy for 36 weeks and 1 day tapos ngayon? it has been five months na pala ang nakaraan nung hiniwa ng OB ang tyan ko para lang ilabas ang cutiepie na batang to?!
Talaga Mama? You bought a cake for me?!!
So eto na pala yung cake na sinsabi mo mama? Ano namang flavor nito?
Bakit kaya ganyan yung design ng cake?! Masarap kaya yan?
Anyare sa mukha mo bebe? Hahaha!
Please excuse may sobrang fat na cheeks!!

Parang better ang anggulo nito ano?! Hehe.

Hayy.. Ang lapad ko lang talaga!
 At this stage, James can now:

- Move from back lying position going side by side
- He smiles at people and seems like he's talking to them
- More and faster kicks
- When held up, he can hold his head and back (but still have to be careful. He sometimes loose his balance still)
- He's laughing out loud if people is laughing at him.(I'll have his video laughing uploaded soon.)
- Mas mabilis na sya nakakadapa from back lying position
- He now knows how to scratch his head
- He can sit longer with guidance, while held on his arms, he jumps and show his step - like - walking.

Dear James,

You are definitely growing so fast. Everyday, you master different tricks to a point na nagugulat na lang ako sa dami na ng alam mo. I have witnessed you full time when you were born until you were two months old. Ngayon, you grew so big na. I can't identify which of those things you have just learned. I hope I can watch you grow everyday but Mama has to go to work for your own sake. Yesterday, I was watching you while you were trying to roll from your back to tummy, you were struggling. I wanted to help you but Nanay always reminds me to let you do it yourself. Don't help you often kasi you were a boy and someday, it will be you who will shoulder your own family. I have to let you learn independence, Anak. After a while, I saw you made it on your own. It was more fulfilling to see you did it. It may sound that I am not lending my hands on you when you need me, I just want you to learn how to be independent. I want you to learn to do things on your own, to have that pride and courage to stand on your own. Influence you is the farthest I can go to make you the strongest man alive, it's up to you how you can make it possible.
I want you to always know that Mama is here. I love you from that moment I had that pregnancy kit to prove your existence, I will certainly love you from the rest of my life. Happy 5th month baby! I love you! :)


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