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Feeding Bottles Review

Disclaimer: This is a review of the feeding bottles my baby is using as of the moment. Any comments herein are not influenced by anyone or anything. This is based on my experience and how I see it in general.

When James started drinking his formula milk, I started cramming about milk bottles. I have told you I only bought 2 two ounces (2oz) for him since I was planning to have him breast fed. However, due to some reason, my milk has gone so fast even I am drinking and drinking a lot of fluid. There was a story behind that which I will tell you in some other time.

What I have used for the mean time was my nephews’ old milk bottles. I had 6 of them from both of my sisters’. Even though it was 3 years old, those bottles still looks good. I had 4 bottles from Babyflo and 2 from Pigeon. They were all 4oz bottles since James started drinking 3oz at 2 months old. I used it for the mean time habang wala pa akong budget para sa feeding bottles. Up to now that James is consuming 4oz, I am still using those Babyflo feeding bottles.

After a while, I had different brands of feeding bottle which if you may eh gagawan ko ng mga review. It is my first time to do so, kaya please bear with me. Heheheh!

Born Free

I had those 8oz classic feeding bottle from Daryl that he brought to our house but till now, I never get to use them kasi James has been consuming 4oz pa lang naman. I bought their Deco Bottle in 5oz. I just want to try it out. I want to compare it other anti-colic bottles in the market.
Colic - severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered esp. by babies. (source)
I also bought a replacement vent kasi yung mga dinala ni Daryl sa house eh mga walang vent.
What I like about it kasi it is somewhat effective in avoiding those bula na madede ng babies. After we shake the bottles, there were foams or bula na nasa ibabaw ng milk and if you are using the regular bottles, it will be consumed by babies on the latter part. With the Born Free bottles, almost all foams are being left on the sides of the bottles avoiding it to be consumed.
Handy because of its shape
The cost of the 5oz bottle was Php350; the larger ones are around Php700 ata.

What I don’t like about it was the nipple. James I think is having a hard time with it eh. Maybe because the base was so wide while the upper part of nipple was short and he can’t suck it. Honestly? I.don’t.know why he doesn’t drink his milk with the nipple. Kakaloka 3 months pa lang eh marunong na mamili.
At the same time, the nipple looks like it will easily break kasi nga parang ang nipis lang.
Also, the cap doesn’t easily close kasi you have to turn it several times bago mag close so if your baby is crying at nagwawala na eh natataranta ka na, hindi mo pa rin masara yung dede. It often happens to me during bed time or if James woke up in the middle of the night.

I would rate it 8 out of 10.

The First Year Breastflow Bottle

I don’t know why I bought this one, maybe because of my frustration of breast feeding James. The bottle was so cute and useful even they become a toddler. Nagiging drinking bottle din kasi sya dahil it has a cover where you can store the milk in the fridge or if say you are travelling to avoid leaks, you can replace the nipple with the cover along with it.
I tried it but again, James doesn’t like it for the same reason – nipple. It mimics the flow of the milk from mom’s breast along with the nipple itself so baby will have a good transition from breast milk to feeding bottle. The sales lady also said that it was anti-colic din daw.


I love the style and the future use of the bottle.
Very handy if travelling
Affordable. Php 250 only for an anti-colic bottles

It is too wide. My diaper bags were small kasi and sometimes, it occupies more spaces than it should be.
James doesn’t like the nipple either; it was different from the nipples I have seen in the entire department store. Hehe. It has a vent inside which was cone shape. From the name itself of breast flow, it really looked like a mom’s breast.
I have not used it as much talaga. Ayaw kasi ng mudra ko. Nakakaloka! Sayang lang. Even though, I kept the bottle kasi it was so handy when travelling nga.

I’ll rate it 7 out of 10.

Dr. Browns’

I had one of the 4oz wide neck bottle. I often use it because James is about to drink more in the coming months so sayang naman kung hindi mapakinabangan ng husto. I like this bottle kasi like Born Free, the foam/bula will be left in the bottle so the possibility of our babies to consume it is less. It has a vent and a tube-like reservoir inside was cute din naman.
Effective in reducing colic
Cute bottles
Handy din because of its shape
My second favorite bottle

Takes time to assemble kasi it has the vent and the tube-like reservoir
Several turns of the cap before it closes tight
Since I had the wide neck, it also occupies more space din but I would like to try the 8oz din na payat lang. They have it din kasi and it looks adorable din. J

I’ll rate it 8 out of 10.


I remembered that time where I often visit the baby section of SM Department store just roaming around and the sales lady who introduced me to this bottle. She was following me since I was looking at Dr. Browns’ feeding bottles. She said that it has a promo of buying 3 and get free 1 plus additional 10% off. O diba bongga? I looked at the bottle, opened it and I don’t know what I got in mind but I bought it.
Effective in reducing colic
Cute bottles. I had the 8oz but wasn’t too wide nor too tall
One turn of its cap and it securely lock
James loved its nipple and I loved it too. It doesn’t have a vent because the nipple itself serves its purpose of reducing the colic.

Nipple breaks easily. I was cleaning one of the nipple but the nipple brush went straight to the hole and tadaaa.. Instead of small hole, it became X hole.
You have to make sure that the nipple is securely placed or else mag le leak.

I’ll rate it 9 out of 10.

I changed the nipples of born free and Dr. Browns’ of the Pigeon because James likes it so much. Every now and then kasi kapag yung mga regular nipples ang gamit nya, kinakagat nya hanggang sa mapisa at wala na syang madede. Kaloka.

That’s it folks. 

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