Monday, March 3, 2014

First trimester of our Journey - Together

I have not realized I am having morning sickness until I was 6 weeks pregnant. During those times, I have decided to leave the company I was working with since I am no longer happy. I don't want to be rude or anything but whenever I see my bosses, my day is ruined. Haha! Believe me! I even want to hide whenever I see them to avoid their presence and to save my precious day every day. Lol! 

I never get to believe people saying they had morning sickness until I had one. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I have to surely eat heavy meals to avoid myself getting dizzy and nauseous. I read online about 'it' and found out that I have to keep a biscuit anywhere I go, on my bag, on my bedside etc. since morning sickness often occurs when your stomach is empty. I've read that on

I really had trouble on my first trimester as it was not obviously what you usually feel. It was definitely new. I even remembered asking my mom to cook Afritadang Manok for our lunch since I was craving for it big time. She asked me to prepare the carrots and potatoes which I did but right after, I felt so dizzy, as if my head was so heavy. I just wanted to sleep - while eating if I can. Lol.

 It was summer time when I had my first trimester and I really did have a hard time. I don't want to do any chores. I felt so warm all over my body plus the changing mode I had while pregnant. I would say that it was really something new and it wasn't as easy as I thought. All I can say was that, you really have to be careful for the entire 9 months of your pregnancy as things can change so easily without you realizing it. It happens so fast, and once it does, there's no turning back.

 I loved reading things about pregnancy and how my baby grows inside me. I am so amazed whenever I watch videos on as it was really helpful. You will learn in every aspects of your pregnancy. I remembered playing the song "Samson" by Regina on my phone and placing it on my belly while lying down. I just think that whenever I play the song, he responds to it. I seldom feel it though since I was told that you would feel their kicks when you are on your fifth month but based on, as early as 8 weeks, your fetus is moving, you don't notice it yet since they are too weak to make you feel it.

 To sum it all up, it was not easy during my first trimester. I know it’s different in each one of us but definitely now that I gave birth, I missed those times that I am pregnant as it made me feel somewhat special and blessed given a chance to carry a wonderful person in the future.

Xoxo :P

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